Story of Sky (Bl, Romance, Supernatural) Chapter 12

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Chapter 12

Darksky was in Addicate in the province of Tic, he likes the place, people were kind and helpful they respect Makedonian a lot. He likes it after his stay there now for more than a month, there is a news that Lord Love and the emperor of Addicate will come down to Tic to visit the people of Tic. “It’s been for years that I have seen him I think I too should go and see how that young Lord Love has become now”.

When the day comes Darksky goes and wait like ordinary people did, waiting for the emperor and for Lord Love. People were talking a lot that they want so bad to have a glimpse of Lord Love “ Love is the child of Berg our protector” people were talking about so many good things about him.  Darksky hate the name of Berg “Let’s see how long your protector your guardian can keep you safe, I Darksky will make your God Berg confuse and lost in me..hmm ..Lord Rain was stronger than Lord Love…soon Lord Love is going to die in his hand anyway…if the rumours about Rain was true that he is the child of Berg that will be so good for me, brother killing brother..but that’s impossible how can Rain be child of Berg, he is my brother’s child..I adopted him once but I have never seen him in Gagan’s form! not once since he was a baby…Wakatennai must be lying to me…Rain is my brother’s child..he is stronger like my brother”  while Darksky was thinking about this to himself someone one pushes him

Darksky:- why did you push me?

Gagantic boy: – you ugly you should not stand here only good-looking and attractive men and women can stand here, like me

Darksky (Shocked):- you! You think you are good-looking?

Gagantic boy (touch his own half scary makeup face which he painted with the scales of a dragon):- yes like me…I am fit to stand here than you so move…Move mask man..Don’t stand near me you an eyesore

DarkSky:- do you know who I am? (angry)

Gagantic Boy:- don’t bother telling me I am not interested to know you I am more important than go and stands with the ugly group with TICs Group

Darksky:- I am from are suppose to respect me

Gagantic Boy:- this is Addicate why should I respect you when you are in our kingdom you should be the one to respect us for not beating you up

Darksky:- you! I will kill you

Gagantic Boy:- you cannot kill me, my protector Lord Love is nearby…you don’t know him right, you Makedonian have no idea who he was..if you touch me he will come down here and swallowed you

Darksky:- you think your little god your protector can swallow me? hmm I am not a mortal

Gagantic Boy (not believing D.Sky):- ooh so you know him our Lord Love is so popular even to Makedonian like you ..hehe… I am not human I am Gagan…I will bite you

Darksky:- I am not a fool I know you are not…you are so annoying  (he left the  Gagantic boy and went to the other group of people)

Darksky was still mad at the Gagantic Boy he was about to curse the boy then a sound comes and tells all the subject to bow down for the emperor and for Lord Love. Darksky did not want to but he forced himself since he pretends to be Makedonian human, after performing the ceremony Darksky curse himself for following the rules.
Stranger:- “Why cursing yourself? I am happy to see you again” someone said to him.

Darksky (surprise):- why are you here? And what are you now this time?

I don't own the art the credit goes to the owner artist who draw it - I am using it for Zebed the feather
I don’t own the art the credit goes to the owner-artist who draw it – I am using it for Zebed the feather

Zebed (Happy):- you still remembered me?

Darksky:- don’t tell others that you saw me what I did just will be a shame for me

Zebed:- why did you come here?

Darksky:- you yourself you didn’t tell me why you here

Zebed:- I am here to look after Lord Love, Lady Lost send me she feels that Lord Love will be in the eyes of the enemy..she was afraid of Rain

Darksky:- Then why did you left Lord Love and come to me?

Zebed:- I am too happy to see you..this is the first time I am free on my own after I babysit Rain…I have locked up again in darkness now for 24 years (Zebed has been lock inside of Lord Lady Lost body, he becomes one with LordLady Lost)

Darksky:- You smell more like Lord Lady Lost

Zebed:- sure you will smell me like LordLady Lost I am with ‘Lord Lady Lost’ all those years…I missed you I always thought you are dead,  your sickness is serious and you never accept my help…So how’s your hand?

Darksky:- Rain has healed it for me…when he was just a boy he used to comes secretly when I am sleeping and apply for the medicine to me. I am not sick anymore and I don’t like it

Zebed (Smile beautifully):- that’s good news Rain did something good I see…I missed Rain too

Darksky:- Last time when Lord Wakatennai beats you  I see your blood turns into feathers, I collect some, I remember Lord lady Lost has no feathers before falling in his/her place but now lady Lost has…Did Lady Lost lock you inside of him/her?

Zebed:- why did you suddenly become interested to know about me?

Darksky:- I can free you!

Zebed:- Free me?…where will I go…I have no place and moreover, I am already dead I lost everything

Darksky (touch Zebed’s face):- you are not death I can free you and live your life-like are too beautiful to be Lost’s slave

Zebed:- I am not a slave I am part of Lord Lady Lost…

Darksky:- no you are not! You can’t decide what you want, and you get no freedom of your own Lord Lady Lost control only adding more beauty to Lord Lady Lost

Zebed:- it’s been too long I don’t even know how to become human again, I lost all my human feelings.

Darksky (smile):- I will teach you, I will give you back your human feeling…

Zebed:-what is this? Did you try to hurt Berg through me? know I am part of Lord Lady Lost..and you know well that when I am  Zebed, I become weak

Darksky:- Yes I know! you’re weak and fragile when you are just Zebed and that the reason I want to free you from Lord Lady will never be lock inside of her/him

Zebed:- I am afraid…please Darksky don’t ever come to me with that thought in your head

Darksky:- you are the one who comes to me

Zebed:- yes I did..bye!… I hope you live well (Zebed walks away to be by Lord Love Side again)

Darksky:- Zebed was too smart I should use Lord Love again to accomplish my goal. Zebed was too handsome to be human, I should have told him I will make you into Fairy..hmm human hate fairy…I am going to find out more about Zebed


Love:- where have you been?

Zebed:- ah! Just here

Love:- you look strange? What’s wrong?

Zebed (smile):- nothing

Love:- you smell so nice…Did you meet a masked man? I remember that scent

Zebed:- how did you know his scent?

Love:- I have met him once, he is the reason that my younger brother hates me…

Zebed:- what did he do?

Love:- Rain loves him…he thinks I stole his lover

Zebed:- Lover? No, he is his uncle

Love:- just in a name…Zebed do you know about that masked man?

Zebed:- yes a bit he is called Prince Darksky… Prince Lightning and he were twin..but they hate each other.

Love:- so he is my uncle..did he looks like my father Lightning?

Zebed:- No they don’t look alike… your father Lightning was stronger than him

Love:- why did he wear a mask? Did something bad happen to him?

Zebed:- I don’t know…but all the Heavens’ praising his beauty (smile lovely)

Love:- Zebed if a mother knows how you look right now she will surely lock you inside of her and become Zebed the Lost again.

Zebed:- how did I look?

Love:- in love! You smiling so beautiful when you talk about Mask Man…you have seen his face too right?

Zebed:- Yes I have…When I was a doctor and babysit Rain…I always want to see him, I always want to see Darksky…I get jealous when he was around Lady Cloud

Love:-  where is he I want to meet him too

Zebed (excited):- you do? Okay let’s go and meet him

Love:- no we are not going anywhere..we are going to invite him here.

Zebed:- I will go to invite him

Love:- No stay here with me…Let the servants go…It’s not your duty to do that don’t forget your place…You are Zebed the Lost!

Zebed:- yes Master!

Love:- I am just reminding you! you cannot have a feeling for Darksky you are my mother prisoner..your duty is to add more beauty and to attract more people to are suppose to kill and to feed my dear mother.

Zebed:- you don’t have to tell me I know..I am Zebed the Lost…I have sacrificed myself to your dear mother to save my only son Oranaz ..hmm your mother did not save my child but your father Berg was so good and kind to me, he helps me see my son before he dies, I am great full to your father Berg…both of your fathers are kind to me but your mother had never been kind.  (Berg & Lightning, Lightning was Lord Love biological father)

Love:- I am sorry my mother did not give you freedom…I tried my best to asked her to let you come out of her.

Zebed (smile):- thank you for helping me…

Love:- Please don’t betray my mother and me…promise me you will be Zebed the Lost forever.

Zebed:- I cannot promise you that…I am just a prisoner, your mother controls me and my fate…

Love:- Do you hate my mother?

Zebed:- I don’t know

Love:- I will try my best to let you have your freedom..please don’t hate us…I am your child too are part of my mother

Zebed:- No you are not my child…I am Zebed, you are the child of Lord Lady son is gone, your mother did not save him she lied to sacrifice of myself to her was in vain in the end my son die.

Love:- you hate me? do you want to revenge for what my mother did?

Zebed:-  I have no power to do that…

Then a servant inform them they had brought a visitor, the servant let him in

Love:- we meet again friend! Have a seat

Darksky:- I see you are grown up now

Love:- yes! And you still looks the same..still wearing that mask

Darksky:- this is a new one…

Love:- please have something

Darksky:- I am not hungry and don’t bother cause I am not taking my mask off

Love:- why? There is no one here except me and my doctor Zebed

Darksky:- hmm…A doctor or your mother…

Love:- ………..

Darksky:- you don’t have to hide I know Zebed is part of Lord Lady Lost..the feather

Love:- well yes he is and I am glad that you know it…there is no more secret between us friends…

Darksky:- …..

Love:- why did you come to Addicate..and why did you help me win against Rain.. did you plan to make my brother hate me just like you and your brother hate each other..mother tells me that you are my father greatest enemy

Darksky:- yes your mother tells you the truth I am your father’s greatest enemy..and now Rain hates you right because of me…hmmm

Love:- you’re happy?

Darksky :- …you and Rain still alive ! I have not accomplished anything…


I am novice both in story writing & grammar my first language is not English so forgive me if tenses or grammar is not correct HOPE YOU LIKE!

Thanks For Reading &  I Wish India  a very Happy Independence Day  >//W//<

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