Story of Sky (Bl, Fantasy, Romance, Supernatural ) Chapter 11

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I don't own the picture the credit goes to the artist who draw it ~ this image  for Daia
I don’t own the picture the credit goes to the artist who draws it ~
this image for Daia

Darksky went to the Addicate Kingdom in disguise as a human, in Addicate he sees a young girl she is from Black’s Tribe she is beautiful he looks at her wonderful eyes she looks strong and clever. She senses that someone was staring at her and she looks back at him

Daia:- you have been looking at me for quite a while do you need any help from me?

Darksky:- Yes I see your clothes and your looks are different from these Addicate people here, you dress all in Black what are you?

Daia:- I am Daia  from Black we are under the Gagantic ruler

Darksky:- Gagantic was big I see they have Green, Black and White and more…Can you tell me about Addicate

Daia:-  You look suspicious when you ask me about my Kingdom, who are you and why wearing a Mask?

Darksky:- I am Makedonian and I wore this mask cause I want to hide my ugly scars

Daia:- Scare? Let me help you I am a healer I can heal any type of scare

Darksky:- No need I like it this way so it will be my memory of who I am

Daia:- why do you want to know about Addicate?

Darksky:- I am planning to stay and become a citizen of one of this big Kingdom of Addicate but I don’t know which part is the Best for me, should I stay in Tic Kingdom, Gagantic Kingdom or the Gagan Kingdom. I know when combined all these three Kingdoms it is called with one name Addicate. That is the only thing I know about Addicate

Daia:- yes when the three big Kingdoms combine together it’s called Addicate. It is better for you to stay in Tic. Tic people are kind and they love foreigners. Tics wear a white colour dress. They don’t have difficult rules and regulation like the other Kingdom of Addicate

Darksky:- what about Gagantic? Do you belong to Gagantic?

Daia:- yes we Black tribes fall under Gagantic, I think you won’t not like Gagantic, Gagantic people mostly are hot-headed people and arrogant and as for Gagan you cannot choose, they are very strict. There is no outsider in their Kingdom you have only two Choice Tic or Gagantic

Darksky:- what colour do they have in Gagantic?

Daia:- Lemon  Green, Orange, Black, Violet and more

Darksky:- And Gagan?

Daia: they mostly have Brown colour and they are still cannibals now you know why they allow no outsiders except on some special days and occasion…they still drink human blood and eats their flesh

Darksky:- that’s disgusting

Daia:- yes they are and they are very strong and the most beautiful being of Addicate…but people never see their real faces without their scales on their skin only a few have seen them and I have seen one too

Darksky:- how did you see when you said people never saw their real clean bare face without their scale

Daia:- Remember I told you I am a physician, I have treated one low-rank soldier of Gagan and he makes his scale disappear from his body and face, I see him fully inhuman. I fall in love with him and he too loves me back but his superior know this, we both got punished and he was killed and turn into a statue and crack him

I don't own the art the credit goes to the artist who draw it
I don’t own the art the credit goes to the artist who draws it

Darksky: – you are not allowed to fall in love! You both belong to Addicate!

Daia:- yes we belong to Addicate but I am Black from Gagantic, we are so different, we Gagantic and Tic live on ordinary food and Gagan live on human blood…They are like monster…we cannot marry to Gagan, Gagan marries their own kind.

Darksky:- now I have decided I will live in Tic’s kingdom can you help me get a place

Daia:- yes I have friends from Tic I will ask them to help you…but you still have not told me your name?

Darksky:- my name?

Daia:- yes your name…don’t tell me you don’t have one

Darksky:- …………. I am Sky

Daia:- for real your name Sky?

Darksky:- is there a problem with my name?

Daia:- No, I like your name..SKY and I like everything about you

Darksky:- what do you like about me?

Daia:- your long hands, your voice and your figure except for your face now come on let me take you to my friends

They went to meet Daia’s friends and Darksky get a pass and he was allowed to live in Tic’s Kingdom.

Daia sees Darksky sleep in the garden and he has been lying to her. His face has no scars, and he does not look human at all “is he a fairy of Makedonia he must be, since he’s been lying to me…why did it always have to be me to see the forbidden face to behold…this is a bad omen for me I should run and avoid him from now on, I don’t want other troubles..He must be a runaway fairy of Makedonia. I will warn my friends as well to avoid him.

Since that day he never met Daia nor her Tics’ friends but he still lives in the house they give him “this is nice no one disturb me”


I am novice both in story writing & grammar my first language is not English so forgive me if tenses or grammar is not correct HOPE YOU LIKE

Thanks For Reading it >//W//<

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