Story of Sky (Bl, Romance, Supernatural ) Chapter 10

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Lord Evil Rain I don't own it the credit goes to the artist who draw it
Lord Evil Rain
I don’t own it the credit goes to the artist who draws it

Lord Love sees his mother talking to herself he comes and asked her what happen “what’s bothering her?”

Lady /Lord Lost: – From now on you should run and hide

Love: – mother why should I run and hide? I am not going anywhere,  father said as long as I am here in Addicate I will be saved he is going to protect me. This is my home, my country and I heard Rain words too. I will stay here and try my best to protect Addicate from him. I know even father went to his sleep he will never abandon me if I can’t stand against him

Lord/Lady Lost:- my child I never want to see your brother hurt you…Please listen to me go and hide from him just go to sleep and never wake up as long as Rain awake.

Love:- I am not a coward I am not doing that I will stay and face him

Lord/ Lady Lost:- your brother hates you

Love:- I know and I love him,

Lord/Lady Lost: – you are his biggest enemy

Love: – I am aware of that, don’t worry mother I will take care of myself, and father too had promised me he will protect me from my younger brother as long as I am in Addicate.

Lord/ Lady Lost (cry): – why don’t you just listen to me?… I had a feeling that one of you will die if you live together in these times, this ages and I don’t want that to happen…If you only listen to me…Please, child, I only want to save you both..I can’t say this to Rain but to you.

Love:- Mother I am sorry if I do that I will be remembered forever as a coward and I don’t want to go away from Addicate, I will take my father’s place when he went for his 500 years sleeps I will be the God the Protector of Addicate. I will ask my father to bless me

Lord/ Lady Lost:- Love he is not going to bless you! You are not from his blood, Rain was..Berg is your stepfather.

Love (shocked):- why did you hide this from me all those years? That he will never give and passed me his power?

Lord/Lady Lost:- Lord Lightning is your father…now you know you will never be able to be the God of Addicate now please do as I say

Love:- I can’t accept that…to me Berg is my father and I am going to ask him for help and to bless me. Rain is no longer his son I am!  He and you raised me together. Rain was raised by the Heavens’

Love walks out of the chamber where his mother was.


Rain was back in Makedonia he becomes crueller and hurt everyone who comes in his way. If people make mistake he crushes them like a fly. He cares for no one if people can’t give him the answer to his question he slices them. All the deities were worried that human and fairies of Makedonian will die under him, they want to stop him, and they went to report this to Prince Lightning. Prince Lightning tries his best to make him understand. But the more he talks the wilder Rain become, as days and times pass Rain was in total control of Gagantic’s behaviour who enjoyed only killing and do dirty things. Soon he was known with a new name Evil. Rain’s look has changed now he no longer looks innocent like before,  his face looks cunning and mischievous, the face and the eyes of an Evil.

(Note: – Berg can split himself into three gods into three persons 1. Tic’s God 2. Gagantic’s God and 3. Gagan’s God. )

Lightning: – my son why are you behaving like this? You don’t look like Rain I know

Lord Rain (smile arrogantly):- Father don’t you know YOU GET A VERY SPECIAL SON, there are three persons within me…You are very blessed to get me.

Lightning:- who are you?

Lord Rain: – hahaha father you scared? Don’t worry I am still Rain but the evil one

Lord-Lightning: – where’s my son Rain?

Lord Rain the evil: – hahaha…I am Rain but the gentle Rain you used to know is being controlled by me…Berg did not help him and guide him now I will control that innocent Rain

Lightning: – if Berg did not teach you to come into three persons how did you learned to become like this?

Lord Rain:- he told me that I can split into three deities since I am his biological son,  I practice it on my own and here I am that weak Rain free me…I will do my best to not let the other two of me comes out…I will lock them inside of this one body and not let them comes out into deities in front of me …hahaha I am a very selfish being and I like the name they called me evil. My name Evil Rain

Lightning: – what do you want?

Evil Rain: – First I will kill all your enemies

Lightning:- I have no enemies…will you stop killing now

Evil Rain:- No…I still want to kill those who can’t give me the answer why did the rumours about me saying “Rain was trained so hard to get the attention of one person?” Who is that person?

Lightning:- hmmm…you tell me that you are Rain but you don’t know why you trained so hard and for whom you are doing it?

Evil Rain:- yes! I don’t know! The one who gets to live before was not me but the weak and gentle Rain, now the one you are talking is me the Evil Rain now you know why I don’t know who the person is but all I know and feel is that rumours about me were right I must have like and have been obsessing with that person very much…I just can’t bring the memories of the gentle Rain into me about that person. Gentle Rain was selfish he keeps it all to himself

Lord-Lightning:- how can that be when you are Rain?

Evil Rain:- this person that Rain loves must be very special and beautiful…I wonder who IT WAS? She must be the most beautiful?  So now a father who is the most beautiful lady?

Lightning: – you already know Lady Cloud, Lady Snow and Lady Nebulous

Evil Rain: – I don’t feel anything when I see them my heart did not flutter it must not be them… Can it be that I like Lords not Ladies in my past life?

Lightning: – Pass life you mean Rain was dead?

Evil Rain: – No! He is asleep with the other two of me…but I know one thing for sure why I am here! I need TO DESTROY ADDICATE. The evil me will destroy it and the protector, for the reason that I personally don’t know but it must be something very bad since Rain goes to the length to look for his other selves.

Lightning:- you can’t destroy Addicate. You will bring your own death.

Evil Rain: – Let’s see who wins if I am able to destroy it!  You Prince Lightning have to Worship me

Lightning: – Evil Rain how dares you address me by the name I am still your father

Evil Rain: – you are just my stepfather…I suddenly feel like I want to be out of your hand, I have long come to an age to be independent and not to be controlled by you. Stop looking for me from now onward. It’s time for me to walk and stand on my own I am not a child anymore. I am 23 years old and I will search for the person I am looking for but before I go please tell me who is the Person that I am looking for?

Lord-Lightning: – I don’t know

Evil Rain: – heh…Liar its does not matter soon I will find it out on my own, I am Smart, a genius Rain

Lord-Lightning: – Don’t forget Addicate has a powerful protector

Evil Rain:- you have told me that,  I will wait till I become stronger to face him but right now I will go and search for my mysterious  unknown lover


I am novice both in story writing & grammar my first language is not English so forgive me if tenses or grammar is not correct HOPE YOU LIKE

Thanks For Reading & it Happy Friendship Day >//W//<

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