Introduction of Characters

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Sorry, no update for Chapter 10 on ” The Story of Sky” but I have put the introduction instead of the Characters which I will add later. I know this is wrong I should have done this before I begin with the story. But I do this only after some friends advise me that I should have put it so it will make them easy to understand..haha like I said it’s my very first time so I need more to learn and thank you for advising me.  let me say this the pictures I am using are random and the credit goes to the artists who drew it, & I don’t own any of it:-


1.Lady Lost:-Deity name Lost from Land’s Kingdom, she can change gender. Lady Lost decide her gender to become a female after meeting and married to Lord Lightning from Heaven’s Kingdom and later married to Lord Berg from the Addicate Kingdom. She has two kids one from Lord Lightning and one from Lord Berg. She is a deity who makes people and fairies forget. Inside her, there is another life called Zebed the Lost who used to be Zebed the feather. Lost let this person comes out of her when it is needed. The original home of Lord/Lady Lost was full of a wild beautiful flower that makes people forget what they were doing by watching them and sometimes people and fairies die just by watching its beauties and forget to eat and die of weakness or falling from cliffs. After Zebed joins and becomes one with Lady Lost the magical beautiful feathers start to falls in the land/ home of Lost which added more mysterious to the place

credit goes to the artist ~ this image is for Lady Lost
Lady Lost

2.Blue Sky:- Goddess the Queen of Heaven’s Kingdom, mother of Lord Lightning and Lord Darksky. she hates her eldest son and she hates a deity name Lost  She was the force to marry to Lord Thunder. She hates her husband  Thunder because he kills her lover.

-   Ladybluesky

3. Thunder:- God and the ruler of Heaven’s kingdom of Makedonia, he married his wife BlueSky because of her beauty and he is the father of Lord Lightning & Lord Darksky

credit to the artist-  I am using this picture for Lord Thunder
Lord Thunder

4. Prince Lightning:- the eldest twin child of King Thunder and Queen Bluesky the ruler of Heaven’Kingdom of deities, fairies and the land of Makedonia. His father loves him and blessed him. All the deities that live on land love him and many of them want to marry him because of his looks and of what he is, he is gentle and kind not like his younger brother Darksky. Prince Lightning has a Child Name Love from Lady Lost who was raised in the Addicate Kingdom with Lord Berg.

credit to the owner the artist - this image fits the character of Lord Lightning
Lord Lightning

5. Wilherm Berg:- he is a deity of Addict Kingdom, he is known to be the most handsome and the strongest deity, he can make himself comes into three people. He can transform himself into Dragon. He is the only deity of Addicate and he can make himself into three individual persons 1. Lord Gagan, 2. Lord Gagantic & 3. Lord Tic.    Berg has a son name Rain from his wife Lost and his son was raised in Makedonia in Heaven ‘s Kingdom as  Lord Lightning Child.

credit goes to the artist ~ this image is for Lord Berg the Dragon, he can transformed into person or Dragon
Lord Berg the Dragon, he can transform into a person or Dragon

i. Gagan – Gagan is Dragon tribes, they love to be in dragon’s form and they are not friendly but they are very justice being, they have clean pure heart

credit goes to the artist- this is how Gagan's tribes looks
this is how Gagan’s tribe’s look

ii. Gagantic – they have the  scaled skin of snakes and half of their body of Human, they prefer makeup than changing into a dragon, they are mischievous being

credit to the owner the artist~ so this picture is like for Gagantic tribes prefer to be in mostly in human form than ugly dragon form
Gagantic tribes prefer to be in mostly in the human form than ugly dragon form

iii. Tic:- Tic tribes are the cleanest and gentle types of Dragon, they prefer to fully have a clean face with light makeup to draw the scale on their body they don’t want others to be scared of them, they are the most friendly tribes in Addicate. They look more human and more like the looks of Makedonian people but their heart is the dragon they love justice too just like Gagan but Tic love to dress in white not Dark colour like Gagan

credit to the artist-  I am using this picture for  Tic's tribe like love to wear only white and in a forms of human
I am using this picture for Tic’s tribe like love to wear only white and in forms of human

6. Darksky:- Younger twin brother of Prince Lightning. He is more good-looking than his brother, they are not identical, all deities like his looks but not his heart he is cruel and arrogant, he always looks down at others deities especially deities from the Land’s kingdom. He is the enemy of Lord Berg

credit to the owner the artist - this image fits the character of Lord Darksky
Lord Darksky

7. Love:- Love was the pure blood of Makedonian he is a child of Lady Lost and Prince Lightning,  Love can change gender easily, he/she was raised by God Berg & Lady Lost in Addicate. Love was mostly loved by all

credit goes to the artist ~ this image is for Lord/Lady Love
Lord/Lady Love

8. Lord Rain:- handsome and strong deity just like his father God Wilherm Berg Lord of the dragon the Addicate. Lord Rain was raised in the Makedonia Heaven Kingdom. Queen BlueSky thought he was her grandchild from Prince Lightning. He was raised like their own. Lord Rain was arrogant and cruel just like those people whom he thought were his family. He is so obsessed with Prince Darksky, he trained and practice skills, martial arts, spells so hard just to win the cold heart of Prince Darksky. He was happy to know Prince Darksky was not blood-related to him. He wants Darksky to fall in love with him any deities, fairies whom Prince DarkSky talk they become his enemy.

credit to the owner the artist - this image fits the character of Lord Rain
Lord Rain

9.  Prince Adonais:- A handsome fairy and a Prince of Poison. He was hated by both humans and fairies of Makedonian, he plays with their hearts and lives. He is a father of a Death Lord a demi – G0d name Wakatennai. Planet Earth is his favourite place he often stays on the Planet Earth. His heart and mind were so dark that he can’t differentiate right from wrong, his son wakatennai becomes the God of Death

this is random image that I take from the net..the credit goes to the Awesome  Artist ~don't you think he is so beautiful and strong..I just feels like he is more like Adonais Lol

10. Nebulous:- Deity name the Nebulous wife of a fairy Prince Adonais. She is a deity from the Land Kingdom of Makedonia. She is beautiful and kind people of Makedonian worshipped and adore her the most.

credit to the owner the artist - this image fits the character of Lord Wakatennai and Lady Nebulous
Lord Wakatennai and Lady Nebulous

11. Wakatennai:-  a demi-God, he is God of death. Son of Nebulous and Prince Adonais. He loves human from the Planet Earth he loves to visit planet earth and copy them, he learns to play music instrument from the human World ( planet earth). His favourite instrument was a flute.

12. Zebed:- Zebed used to be human of Makedonia which is known as” the feathered tribe” and he is a leader of the Feathers’ tribe and he is a well-known doctor he too like Lord Wakatennai loves to go to human world Planet Earth. He is very smart but after his son was imprisoned and capture by Prince of poison Adonais because of his godlike look he went to sacrifice himself to Lord/ Lady Lost to grant him a power to be able to free his son name Oranaz. Deity Lost did not eat him because of his unique good look which is a celestial being. Lost makes him as part of him/her. Zebed added more beauty to the Deity Lost and mysterious feathers start to fall in her/ his home/land. Zebed is a deity now and he is called Zeded the Lost no longer Zebed the feather. God Berg met Deity Lost through him when Zebed asked help from God Berg the Dragon to free his son before his son died. Berg falls in love with Zebed and since Zebed has no freedom nor power to come out of the body of Lost he married Deity Lost instead. Zebed and Deity Lost are one. Zebed comes out only when Deity Lost needs him.

credit to the owner the artist - this image fits the character of Lord Zebed the lost
Lord Zebed the lost

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