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Chapter -9

Everywhere young Lord Rain went their falls rain as he was desperately searching for his uncle Dark Sky. Darksky was still in the Human World (Makedonia mortal World) he fell drops of water falls on his body he looks up and close his beautiful long lashes eyes as he feels the raindrops fall and hit his body, then he opens his umbrella that he stole from Gagantic man ( part of Addicate country that belong to people of Berg) “lucky me I stole that Gangantic man umbrella if I don’t have this to protect myself you will find me, but I don’t want you to find me…I fail to keep my promise to you ..Sorry I don’t want you to meet me…I nerve thought that you will really become this strong…I HATE YOU you finally stole my place from my mother’s heart” he stands there for a long time and watches Rain from a far distance as he was in the human’ World ( Makedonia human).


the credit goes to the owner the artist who drew this picture ... this picture fits the story it was jut like Lord Dark Sky.
the credit goes to the owner the artist who drew this picture … this picture fits the story it was just like Lord Dark Sky.

Rain gets tired and suddenly he missed his biological father Mighty Lord Berg he feels like he wants to go and visit him in Addicate ( Gangantic/ Tic country) “I have spent so much time in search for him, have I not become strong enough? I can’t even smell or sense him hmm! I am still armature I need your help.”

Rain decides to go to the Addicate Kingdom to meet his father and Lord Darksky was still watching him under the beautiful umbrella.


Lord Berg Senses his son present in his Kingdom he transforms himself back to a person form from his dragon’s look into a handsome clean face and he comes out from this favourite dark room to meet him and welcome his son. “My Son, you have grown so tall and look just like me when I was young”

Lord Rain smile and was happy to see and hear his father “Really I am as handsome as you? Then soon the world of Deities will fall for my looks but why not grandmother Bluesky never once mention of your beauties”

Lord Berg just smiles and says nothing “are you here just to see me or you have a favour to ask of me?”

Lord Rain – Dad I missed you and I am here also to asked help from you…I want to be just like you I want to be strong and smart as you I want more essence from you

Berg:- then stay here in Addicate with me and  rule my kingdom along with me

Lord Rain:- but father you know I am the heir of Makedonia the Heaven Kingdom, I can’t ! you have your another child from mom. Let Love Rules with you

Berg:- yes you right Love can rule with me but he is not as strong as you Soon it’s time for me to sleep for 500 years and you know very well my kingdom needs you more than Prince Love…Love cannot split himself into three persons, he can’t become Gagan (people of Gagan can transform into dragon, they are the cruellest tribes in the Addicate’s Kingdom), nor Gagantic (gagantic people can transform into dragon as well but they don’t look dangerous like Gagan, they prefer to be in human form than dragon) and not even Tic (Tic tribes cannot transform into dragon they are the most kind being in the Addicates Kingdom)

Lord Rain:- But I am more worst than him I can’t even transform myself into a Lady without the help of  mom’s spell

Berg:- that’s because you belong here not in Makedonia,  I too can’t transform into a Lady! only pure Makedonian  deities can do that, but you, my child you can split into three beings, three-person, into three male deities of Addicate and your form of Gagan is the most powerful and the strongest than the two, your Gagan form will control the two

Lord Rain:-  you know I am not here to help you rule your kingdom I am here because I have my desire and not this! I want you to help me grow and become strong like you…I want to find Pince Dark Sky I don’t have any desire to rule since I was a child I only want to grow up for Prince Darksky not for your people and not for you!

Berg:- your mom was right you have really become evil…I will teach you nothing

Lord Rain:- Are you going to teach Lord Love and pass your power to him?

Berg (angry with the voice of Gagan):- I will not teach nor pass my power to any of you, he does not have the ability he is not my blood but you! And you choose Dark Sky more than me, I will never teach you nor pass my power to you I will go to my long sleep with my power not passing it to you! You will remain a fool throughout your life, and as for Lord Love, he will be loved by all.

Lord Rain:- you blessed Lord Love and you cursed me your own son!

Berg left his son alone and Lord Rain was desperate again Lady Lost comes to talk to him “you are stupid you should never have angered him, now you lost your father trust for you, he will never pass his power nor your brother. You disappointed me”

Lord Rain: – mom go talk to father please asked him to forgive me, I know I had angered him and he never wishes to see me again. Please asked him I will do whatever he wants me to do, I regret what I said

Lady Lost: – you’re willing to take your father’s place; will you stay for 500 years in Addicate and never go back to Makedonia when your father sleeps?

Lord Rain:- I… don’t think so! but I will do anything except to stay here but I promise I will stay if I capture Prince Darksky and make him my prisoner in Addicate

Lady Lost:- you crazy! You want to capture Prince Darksky and make him your Prisoner, do you want war among deities, you want Addicate to go against Heaven’s Kingdom and that also you will be the only immature god of Addicate to protect it.

Lord Rain:- father will be there won’t he?

Lady Lost:- NO! He wouldn’t your father will be sleeping like death you are the only one to rule Addicate you are their god and your father will wake up after 500 years later that’s the reason he was mad at you…he wants to pass his power to you so that you can rule while he was asleep he wants to protect it from enemies especially us Makedonians deities and that is Heaven’s Kingdom he hates BlueSky and Darksky..Dark Sky is your father’s biggest enemy

Lord Rain:- I will make Darksky my prisoner I will torture him

Lady Lost:- you are you really think we believe that?

Lord Rain:-  father said it was you who said that I am evil.

Lady Lost:- I will never talk to your father for you

Lord Rain:- fine! I will become strong like my father, now I know I can make myself comes out into three great beings. I am the son of Great Berg the Dragon so I am going to find out on my own, I should have never asked your help the both of you disowned me since I was a baby you hated me for a long time ago, only Heaven’s deities love me

Lady Lost:- you are stupid!

Lord Lost:- I will never become your child, and Addicate will never be my home…I too will become Addicate biggest enemy I am going to destroy the people of Addicate..hahaha! I will show the world what I can become and I will surely make you regret not talking to my father about forgiveness. (He disappeared into thin air)

Lady lost standing alone and feels greatly uncomfortable with his last words to her “ he will make me regret! What will he do, is he going to harm Lord Love too? I should go and asked Lord Berg to protect Lord Love from his evil younger brother”.


credit goes to the artist- this is how Gagan's tribes looks
credit goes to the artist- this is how Gagan’s tribes look
credit to the owner the artist~ so this picture is like for Gagantic tribes prefer to be in mostly in human form than ugly dragon form
credit to the owner the artist~ so this picture is like for
Gagantic tribes prefer to be in mostly in the human form than ugly dragon form
credit to the artist-  I am using this picture for  Tic's tribe like love to wear only white and in a forms of human
credit to the artist-
I am using this picture for Tic’s tribe they like and love to wear only white and in the form of human
credit goes to the artist ~ this image is for Lord Berg the Dragon, he can transformed into person or Dragon
“Credit goes to the artist ~
this image is for Lord Berg the Dragon, he can transform into person or Dragon”


I am novice both in story writing & grammar my first language is not English so forgive me if tenses or grammar is not correct HOPE YOU LIKE

Thanks For Reading it >//W//<


  1. Is this novel still continuing? Is it a sad ending or a good ending ? Can someone give me a link of the Raws this story is really interesting.


  2. Is this droped?Is it a happy ending or a bad ending?I really want to know but who will end up with sky. can some one give me a raw to this novel or spoil some stuff for me, this story is intresting.


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