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this is random image that I take from the net..the credit goes to the Awesome Artist ~don't you think he is so beautiful and strong..I just feels like he is more like Adonais Lol
this is the random image that I take from the net..the credit goes to the Awesome Artist ~don’t you think he is so beautiful and strong. I just feel like he is more like Adonais Lol.. ~ CHAPTER 8












Rain was looking and searching for Dark sky everywhere in Makedonia, he was disappointed for not finding or senses Dark sky present in this World. People were looking at him for his strange and grand looks, they avoid him afraid that he must be an evil fairy they have no idea he was not fairy nor Human but a deity,… he then disguises and tries his best to be like a human (Makedonians’ people). No one knows who the person he was looking for. A few days later he accidentally bumped a man, that person holds his shoulder “you…you have to pay me for bumped me”
Rain: How dare you touch me you, lowly smelly man!
Stranger: – Smelly Man! How dare you called me lowly… I am a Prince of Makedonia Prince of Poison (he still hold tight on Rain’s Shoulder, this time, he put more force to hurt Rain)
Rain:- In my eyes, you are still lowly being and smelly…
Stranger:- that’s not…I know what you see I am the most handsome man in the World and the strongest, the bravest the most beautiful fragrance body you ever feel.
Rain:- Little human you surprise me.
Stanger:- you fool I am not human I am an immortal being and I know you are not human either, so stop pretending to be human…it’s disgusting … (they fight since they know they are both immortal)
While they fight people were enjoying watching and cheering for the strongest man. People were crying out to kill the Prince of Poison.
Rain (while fighting):- didn’t you tell me that you are Prince of Poison of Makedonia but why these people want to kill you? What have you done… are you a thorn to them?
Prince of Poison:- you are so stupid haven’t you heard of me before or are you just pretending?
Rain:- you are the most arrogant being I ever come across in my life
Prince of Poison:- and you forget to mention the most handsome being ( Prince of Poison was defeated by Lord Rain and he was pushed to the ground)
Rain:- yes you are good-looking compared to others I have met before?
Prince of Poison:- YES! And you must be the ugliest immortal being since you covered your face
Rain:- you have a nasty mouth!
Prince of Poison:-  why are your hands so beautiful than mine?
Rain (Surprise):- I am of a royal being unlike you!…this time I will forgive you for touching me and let you go but the next time you lay your dirty hand on me I am going to chop it off
Prince of Poison:- hmm…as if you can…I am not that easily no one able to harm this Prince Adonais.
Rain:- So it was you that the so-called Prince Adonais…now I know why I hate your fragrance body so much…you are the same just like your Child
Prince of Poison:- so now you know me and you seem to know my child as well
Rain:- your child is the worthless being in our immortal world ha-ha…
Prince of Poison:- how can that be? You even remember Wakatennai…So tell me what’s your honourable name?
Rain:-  RAIN
Prince of Poison: – no wonder why can’t I defeated you… so you are Rain,  my Child’s enemy
Rain: – seem like you already know me from Wakatennai… Ah!  I heard rumours that your child knows the whereabouts of my uncle … If you want me to spare your child ask him/her where is my uncle?
Prince of Poison:- so you are this weak in your sense of ability you can’t even track your uncle? My son knows where ever his family is…he looks like you are worth less than my son
Rain was angry but he says nothing since it is true he has been in this world now for a few days and could not find him
Prince of Poison: – I am dying to see your reaction now. You are probably red- beet from anger…why don’t you do me a favour by removing the veil from your face and I might think and ask Waketnnai on behalf of you the whereabouts of your uncle.
Rain:- How dare you to speak to me like that after knowing who I am?
Prince of Poison:- I  Prince Adonais afraid of no one. The rumour you heard about my son met your uncle is true…your uncle love my son flute playing he can easily help you meet him but only after you remove your veil then I will help you
Rain:- why do you only want to see my face?
Prince of poison:- At first before knowing who you are I thought you are the ugliest deity but now I know that you are Lord Rain…Wakatennai and my wife Nebulous tells me that you are the child of the Barbarian Deity of Berg an illegible child of your mother Lady Lost…your mother hates you and throw you to her enemy Darksky to be adopted by him and later you were rejected by Lord Darksky and adopted by Lord Lightning …I am dying with curiosity about your looks…I once fell in love with the most handsome and beautiful looks of your father Berg… I am so obsessed with his looks that I am crazy because of his beauty
Rain:- So looks like you are really interested even with the rumours about me
Prince of Poison:- Yes I am interested in you because of your father…I am older than your father…I have seen him grow I have met him when he was the same age as your age right now…so this must be fate again that I meet you this time
Rain:- Well to tell you the truth I am a child of Lord Lightning ( in his heart he asked forgiveness from his biological dad for lying)
Prince of Poison:- you can’t-fool me…like I said I am older than your father both of your fathers…I am wiser than them because I am Ancient and older than them even though they are deities…but your aura and your skills, your talents your air is similar to that beautiful handsome Deity of Barbarians…I still remember the first time I fell for him when he was at the same age as you
Rain:- I am not him
Prince of Poison:- so you are his child…yes I know you are not him your hair is longer than him your father’s hair has the length only at his back but your hair grows down to your angle this is just a proof that you are a Deity of Makedonia since you are the child of Lady Lost.
Rain:- why can’t you talk about something else, not about my rumours?
Prince of Poison:- okay I will stop but promise me you will not hurt my child
Rain:- I am not promising you for that…but only if you asked your son to play his flute so I can meet my uncle then only I will promise not to hurt him for spreading  rumours about me not being the child of my father Lord Lightning but the Child of the Barbaric Lord
Prince of poison:- thank you for excusing my child wrongdoing about spreading the rumours ..I will talk to him on your behalf…it’s an honour for me to meet you son’s of Heaven, so now I will take my leave.
Adonais went without having a chance to see the face of Rain…Rain too was looking at his back… “that arrogant lowly man dare to fall in love with my most honourable father Berg! who did he think he is..that my dear father will spare a time to looks at his ordinary face of a fairy…did he think he is more good-looking than my mother Lost…his son is far good-looking than him.”
I am novice both in story writing & grammar my first language is not English so forgive me if tenses or grammar is not correct HOPE YOU LIKE
Thanks For Reading it >//W//<

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