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Chapter 7

I don't own the picture credit to the owner, the artist
I don’t own the picture credit to the owner, the artist

Wakatenai (God of Death) was playing his sad melodies with his flute from the top of the mountain of Makedonia while he watches the humans & fairies die at the hand of Lord Rain… “I will play for you, my beautiful song …Rain stop killing those fairies and people…I am full now I can’t eat their soul anymore! soon my stomach going to explode” Wakatennai was worried. ..While playing and looking at far distance someone approaching him a soft gentle voice “it a very sad and beautiful song you play” Wakatenai turn around and was surprised to see Dark Sky! “I am very honoured that you listen …I am very happy actually I have always wanted to play because I want to seduce and impress you with my talent” but Rain always comes in my way…

Dark sky: – I am here because I hear your song… Please continue to play your music it gives me peace.

They both watching the death of the fairies and humans after sometime Wakatennai can’t stop asking Darksky “it’s it true that you have gone to your long sleep because of Rain?”

Dark Sky: – I don’t want to wake up but he won’t let me sleep peacefully he comes in my dreams day and night and that makes me alive because I gave him my word a long time ago, I promise him that if he becomes the champion of the Deities I will come to see him…he has fulfilled my wish…

Wakatennai: – So you are awake not because of my song? (Disappointed)

Dark Sky: – I am here because of your talent (little smile) your song give me peace and Rain give me Nightmare…I make my promise to him because I never thought that he will become of who he is now. If I knew what he can accomplish I won’t make that Promise to him.

Wakatenai: – you regret it?  Why? Shouldn’t you be happy that he is your child?

Dark Sky:- he is not my child. It’s my brother Lightning

Wakatennai: – I know!  But I heard rumours Rain was not Lord Lightning Son…

Dark Sky: – you believe that? They are just jealous of him.

Wakatennai: – My mother (Nebulous) and Snow too feels he has the blood of the Barbarian God/ Deity runs in his veins

Dark Sky (Angry):- That’s not true I know the god of the Barbarians and Rain was not his son, your mother and everyone else were just jealous and they can’t accept that they lose to him at his young age…my mother raises him personally when he was a baby and later my brother Lightning raise him up and trained him.

Wakatennai:- everyone says Lady Lost has an affair with the Deity of the Barbarians’ (Addicate)… everyone said Rain was not of Heaven’s bloodline, he is not your brother son! He is not your nephew! We can prove that to you

Dark Sky (Scream at the top of his lung):- LIAR! I will kill you this instant

Wakatennai: – Please calm down… forgive me if I offended you (After saying this he runs away from furious Darksky)

Darksky to himself “this is not true! Why will he be that monster son! Why will he be in my Palace my Kingdom! This is all false accusing him because of their jealous of him! He is the son of Lightning! Child of Lady Lost! He is of Sky bloodline, Lightning is my brother….Damn that Death Lord (Wakatennai) he dares to anger me on my first day of awakening (living) again” after thinking for a while he disappears into thin air from the place he stands


Rain returns to Heaven’s Kingdom Blue Sky was very proud of her grandchild…she rules the kingdom proudly everyone submitted to her they don’t want to get into trouble with her she is merciless and more powerful her favourite grandson spare no one who dares to talk ill to his grandmother…Rain ones nearly kill Lord/Lady Wind for going against Blue Sky Order…Rain has mostly defeated everyone except his father Lightning, Uncle Darksky and his grandparents in Makedonia…everyone were astonished by his power and strength he has except his Father Lightning and his mother Lord lady Lost knows the truth where did he inherit his strange power, his extreme genius, and the most unusual handsome face among the deity of Makedonia.

BlueSky:-Rain I have good news for you

Rain: – ….

Blue-sky:- your uncle Dark sky has returned he’s awake

Rain (extremely happy): – Alas! He acknowledges my hard work!  Where is he?

Bluesky: – he went down to Makedionia World, the mortal world… He told me he wakes up because of the promises he made to you…you did it (smile with joy) you bring my son back…Thank you! If you were not here and be of what you are now I will never be able to see my son again

Rain: – I did it (happy) but I am going down to Makedonia mortal World to look for him

Blue-sky:- No wait for him here

Rain: – no I don’t have the patience to wait for him here I will go find him (full of joy)

Rain left heaven’s kingdom.


I am novice both in story writing & grammar my first language is not English so forgive me if tenses or grammar is not correct HOPE YOU LIKE

Thanks For Reading it >//W//<


  1. I just discover ur site I am so glad I gave this a shot! such amazing Story I can see in my imagination they are very good looking…sooo good


  2. Thank-you the for translation. So, basically, the story has human’s emotions/feelings, Greek mythology personification, weather’s elements, heavenly celestial elements bodies and Japanese’s or is it Norse mythology’s deities into a mix. Is this a historical or modern fantasy story? Because if it is a historical one, I was LMHO at the mentioning of headphones & iPod. Which direction does the author headed toward to (historical or modern) because it seem like he/she is doing the 360 because my eyes & brain were doing the 360. But it is a very interesting story so far.

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  3. Haha I remembered how he want the baby Rain to love him. He wants the baby Rain to love him but now seems young Rain hate Waketennai . So will Rain and him have romance later ?

    Liked by 1 person

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