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5 years later Love has grown-up into a very beautiful/handsome deity. He likes going and visit the Human World, he enjoys watching and observes humans, and he likes to watch them because they are full of flaws they are not perfect even though they try very hard. While he was still laughing while watching suddenly someone comes and disturbs him… “What you’re watching?”

Love: father!! Hmm…You know I like to watch them and what brings you here?

Berg:- I am here because I missed my child

Love:- you mean me or your other child Rain?

Berg:- I am here because I want to see you…

Love:- I am glad that you want to see me not him… Father, do you think your son Rain still hates me?

Berg:- Yes! Your mother gets the news that your brother had won the duel against Snow in a male form… he has won many male deities…you know what this means right?

Love:- is he still after me?

Berg:- your biological father said Rain has to turn into what his grandmother wants him to be…he is full of hatred and anger…his power is great that everyone obeys his words…he was looking for you

Love:-  …I know I cannot win against him since he is your blood, and I am just your adopted child… I am just your stepson… will you save me from your son I am afraid of him and I never want to meet him will you block him for me?

Berg:- as long as you stay in Addicate I will help you but I cannot protect you if you are in Makedonia…so come back to Addicate with me

Love:- (smile) thank you for coming to take me home but I would like to stay for sometimes

Berg:-  I can’t Protect you here called your mother or your father.


Rain in his heavenly kingdom stand from the side of his grandparents and listen to the order that they pass to the other high-rank celestial beings…heavenly subjects can’t get their eyes away from the most handsome elegant deity in the Heaven’s Kingdom, even the high-rank celestial beings were enchanted by his beauty. After the meeting dismiss they all go in separate ways Lady Star and her friends were so obsessed with his looks

Lady Star:- Rain was so handsome I want to marry him

Lord Star:- but you already promise to marry me…

Lady Star:- that’s before I see and know Rain… I am going to seduce him I will show him my talent

Lord Star:- don’t waste your time on him! He is not interested in some low rank like you…

Lady Sun: I agree with Lord Star…look at Snow beauty and Lady Nebulous they are so beautiful but still he has no mercy on them

Moon: Look here…you are all young in ages and you don’t know the reason why he is being cold like that

Lady Star: – what’s the reason?

Moon: – Unrequited Love…

Star: – you mean he loves someone? (Every one Surprise)

Moon:- Snow tells me that he loves someone who he should not

Sun: – yes I heard it too from Lightning…that his son Rain turns out to be like that because of his selfish Brother…his brother turns his son like that

Moon:- I remember how  Little Rain looks at his uncle.

Sun:- Yes he always stare at his mask…I know Rain falls in love with that strange smelling Mask…what a waste of his beauty to hide that beautiful Sky face under a smelly mask

Moon:- he didn’t fall in love with the mask he falls in love with the person Not the Mask

Sun:- how can that be he never had a chance to see his uncle’s face…after Rain was born a few years later Sky wore a mask

Lady Star:- my parents used to tell me that Prince DarkSky was the most handsome deity but I never get to see his face too…I once met him when I was just a child but he already wore a mask…so Lord Moon since you have aged and have seen Dark Sky face would you mind tell us who is more good-looking Rain or Dark Sky?

Moon:- they both have their own extraordinary beauty handsome face, I can’t compare them…

Snow:- Rain does not look like us he resembles someone I know…I doubt he is pure Makedonian…he must be the son of that Barbarian deity, I remember that face and that strength, Rain possess the same strength and beauty… even though Lightning calls him his son I had a feeling that he is the son of Addicate

Nebulous: – yes that’s what I am thinking too, it’s impossible for him to defeat us with his young age…he is the son of that Barbarian deity… while duelling with him I see the face of his father, they resemble so much  and he gets the same fragrance as him

Star: – so you are saying he is an adopted son of Lightning and an outsider?

Lady Star: – why does it have to be the blood of the Barbarian that runs in his veins? (Sad)

Then the rumours about Rain starts in the Heaven’s Kingdom and it spread far and wide it reaches the world too…Lightning tried his best to stop it.. He doesn’t want his son to lose the trust of Blue Sky and mighty Thunder.


In the moral world of Makedonia, Rain was looking for his Brother Love he senses the presence of his brother a few moments ago, “He couldn’t have left already” he searches and looks for him already he was mad that he can’t find him he strikes anyone who comes in contact with him. A lot of Makedonian People (humans & fairies) suffered and die…he sucks their lives away… His brother Lord Love comes to protect the people he asked his brother to stop what he is doing. Rain was happy to see his enemy who stole Dark Sky away from him.

Rain:- thief alas you appear

Love:- Brother please Stop you have destroyed the lives of these lowly beings…and I am no match for you

Rain:- you should have thought of this before you stole him away from me…I am going to get rid of you now

Love has to fight with all his might, and he had a chance to escape when their Mother comes to save her weak child from his murderous brother…Lady Lost their mother was surprise and shock that Rain become so strong she just can’t believe he is so much like Berg…Lady Lost fell down and Rain binds her to his spell…

Rain:- don’t you dare break that spell! If you do you are no longer my mother

Lady Lost:- Rain! Please spare your brother…it’s Dark Sky who comes after your brother; it was Dark Sky’s Scheme…Rain wakes up! This is part of Dark Sky’s Plan he wants to break and destroy your brotherhood…you shouldn’t let Dark Sky win… I meant you shouldn’t let him blinded you by your obsess of him…Dark Sky is evil he loves no one he hates you the most… You are his enemy he is jealous of you…he doesn’t want you to be happy

Rain: – Why would he be jealous of me?

Lady Lost:- because he sees your divine power that you are much stronger than him…and you will replace him from his position…

Rain:- mother you’re wrong! He told me to become strong and serves grandma with all my heart and might, he wants me to become the strongest God, the best (rain went away to search for his brother Love)


Blue sky was sleeping she wakes up when she heard soft footsteps

blue-sky:- who is there?

After a few moments “It’s me your son” he walks towards her, and she wants to touch and see him close

Blue Sky:- Sky my child! You’re home


I am novice both in story writing & grammar my first language is not English so forgive me if tenses or grammar is not correct HOPE YOU LIKE

Thanks, For Reading it >//W//<


  1. great they growth can’t wait for Rain and Sky to meet again and for Love to meet Dark Sky…I am so impatient to know Whom D.Sky going to choose among the them both i’m confuse who should i support T.T


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