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Adonais: – it suits you, but why are you keeping on buying those?

Wakatenai: – it’s not for me

Adonais: then for whom?

Wakatenai: why don’t you guess?

Adonais:- to scare Rain?

Wakatenai: No…It’s for the father

Adonais:- Why did you want to give DarkSky with a Mask? (Beautiful decorative mask)

Wakatenai:- I too, I don’t know why he likes it…but last time I forget my Mask in their garden but when I go back,  I saw him puts it on and went outside with it…I watched him for a while and he seems to enjoy wearing it. He lied his name to a mysterious, beautiful Messenger of Wind last time…

Adonais: – what did DarkSky call himself?

Wakatenai:- PUPPET…can you believe that and I even play along, I called him Puppet while hiding my face. I bet he too wants to know who I was since I disguise myself as a commoner (deity).

Adonais: – that sound interesting. (After they do their shopping they went to Musical Class both father and son)

Adonais:- come-on, let’s cut your hair first so that you will not look weird most people think you are a girl. (they are on planet earth now)

Wakatenai:- no I prefer it like this…I am a Deity of death. I can’t cut my hair I might want to be a she.

Adonais:- I prefer you a son. What instrument you want to learn?

Wakatenai: flute! Since it produces the most beautiful sweet, sad, lonely sound, it goes so well with DarkSky’s character.

Adonais:- then I will learn the Violin or Piano maybe I will learn all, I love music.

In the musical class, everyone was looking at them in awe. People were asking who they are. Their good looks were so out of the world. Inside the class, teachers were smiling kindly at them. Everyone, their eyes were on them, both father and son smile back and was about to introduce themselves to others, old students

Wakatenai: I am Wakatenai and this is my close friend Adonais and we are from Califonia. ( they are on Planet Earth)

Adonais (Makedonia language):- I am your father!

Wakatenai (English):- he is my only mortal friend he is like part of me (smile)

Adonais:- he likes to talk nonsense! He is my child.

Teacher:- are you joking? Is he really your daughter?

Adonais:- yes! He is my son

Wakatenai:- I am his daughter and his son

Adonais:- nonsense! My child likes to cross-dress. Please don’t hate him for that.

Students:- we love you both. You are too beautiful.

Student 1: But we still don’t believe your word that you are a father and …

Wakatenai:- that’s the very reason I don’t like to introduce him as my father to you I already know that no one will believe that this handsome man was my father and that’s reasonable since we don’t look alike.

Adonais:- you do have my lips thought

Wakatenai:- and your deathly cold eyes which really suited me…thanks for bringing me to this word even though you never like a woman.  (Adonais prefer men than women)

Adonais: – I do fall in love with your beautiful mother. (Smile)

Teacher:- we really want to see your wife too since your child is extremely beautiful…

Students:- we have never seen such a celestial beauty like you…

Teacher: – you seem to come out of the painting from some strange fantasy beautiful world…

Student2:- it’s like you come out of the fantasy movie.

Student1:- from painting

Student3:- No! No…It’s like you both comes out from dreams…no one can draw such beauties out of their pure imaginary.

Wakatenai:- thank you for flattering us.

They both went to take their seat and the class begins. Soon father and son become the hot topic in that musical institute.


(Planet Mutdur)

Thunder:- How is my son?

Zebed:- He didn’t want me to touch him

Thunder:- I don’t want to hear your excuse! (Angry) you must do what you can to save him.

Blue Sky:- if he dies you will answer with your life.

Zebed:- Oh please Lady BlueSky don’t threaten me…I tried so hard to get close to him but he keeps on avoiding me…See I even get injured because he hit and pushed me down…Oh great gracious Lady please have mercy on me…a lowly slave (cry)

BlueSky:- since you are just a lowly slave there is no need of you now die! (Strike him and Zebed dodge it)

Zebed:- I’m sorry…but I don’t want to die…Please give me a chance to prove to myself that I can help your son.

Emperor Thunder:- I will spare you since you told me last time that you are a greatest and wonderful Doctor full of miracles

Blue Sky:- DIE! (Strike again) How dare you run away from my rage…come here you lowly slave

Zebed: – you can’t kill me yet! His mage gives his word that he wants me alive. Please!  save me from her she is going to kill me…I swear I will save your sick son

Thunder:- since you say it in that way. I am willing to protect you (thunder block his wife’s attack)

BlueSky:- you really believe his word? DarkSky doesn’t even allow him to get close to him…we don’t need this slave anymore.

zebed:- I can take care of Rain if he gets sick and I can be more helpful to you too…it will be a waste of my talent if you kill me.

Thunder:- Yes it will be a waste and a great Lost to the world  (deity) to kill such a talented and a wise deity.

Blue Sky:- I hate him more since he is a wise deity. What will we do if we get trick by him? You said it yourself he is wise.

Thunder:- we need him…it’s better for him to live than die.

Zebed keeps on thanking Thunder for saving him. Zebed went out limping because he was hit by Blue Sky.

Zebed:- what an unlucky guy I am…ill fate keeps on happening to me first Dark Sky beat me and now Blue Sky…why both mother and son be so cruel!

(He found a place to sit down and to treat himself) looks like I will not be able to look after Rain but have to deal with Sky instead huh! Huh! *sob* I don’t know how long  I  will live…I am afraid of Lord lady Lost and Prince Lightning anger of me if I fail to protect Rain. After a while, he stands up from the seats and went to look for Dark Sky. He was surprised to see a Death Lord was there with Prince Dark Sky. He stands and watches them from afar.

Zebed: why is Wakatenai here? …oh! He is showing off again… I can play too…that piece is not his original I know that song should I sing to ruin his plan of winning Prince Dark Sky attention. I have a beautiful voice.

While Wakatenai was playing beautifully, Zebed just sings a song.

Dark Sky:- dint you just said to me this is your music you compose? How come that lowly slave knows this song? (Anger)

Wakatenai:- yes I too surprised…( deathly glare at Zebed for ruined his plan) he must be a talented slave you have…I believe he just composes the lyrics while listening to my playing…

Zebed:- I am very honoured my Lord for your knowledge of me as a talented Slave..( eyes on Wakatenai) but I think I don’t deserve your praise since I have heard it from someone else…I believe you know who my Lord Wakatenai?

Wakatenai:- you are just a lowly slave how dare you want to stand against me? Do you want a death wish?

Zebed the Lost:- I am just clearing it for Lord Dark Sky for believing you it was your Original.

Dark Sky:- is it true it’s not your original but you just stole it from someone else? (Angry)

Wakatenai:- you are not just a slave who are you?

Zebed:- I am Zebed!

Wakatenai:- ZEBED! I know you…you are my father obsession ZEBED THE FEATHER! But somehow I see you look mysteriously elegant and beautiful just a few seconds ago, who exactly are you?

Zebed:- your demon father still alive? (Hateful way)

Wakatenai:- do you really believe that a weakling slave can really kill a  powerful deity husband and a demi-deity father?

Zebed:- I killed him when I was just a mortal being.

Wakatenai:- Ah! You really are just too beautiful to be just a mortal being I am very jealous of your perfect beauty figure and your dreamy face, it’s good that you are no longer belong to the world but part of us…but I still hate you for your unbeaten beauty and you are just slave and you somehow more good-looking than me. I can’t stand you and on top of that, you are my father’s enemy!

Zebed:- do you forget I even try to kill you once while you stay in the mortal world…but your people come to save you…too bad now you have grown up…I know I will never get my chance again…but I will make sure I will always stand in your ways.

Wakatenai:- now you mentioned it, now I recall you! You are that mysterious beautiful messenger…I have met you when I was just a child…you and that fairy who lost his life…you killed him when he chose to be on my mother side. You want him to be on Lord Lady Lost side! Why are you a slave on Heaven’s Kingdom, you don’t belong here…you belong to Lord lady Lost (He is no doubt Lord Lady  Lost’s man)

Zebed:- I am no longer Lord lady Lost’s messenger I am wind’s messenger and a doctor of Prince DarkSky.

Dark sky now recalls Lord lady lost place was filled with the feather “Wakatenai was right Zebed belong to Lord LadyLost! How dare the Lord lady Lost play this trick on me?”

Wakatenai:- Prince DarkSky you better not trust this guy who claims himself to be your Doctor I know him too well he is a very cunning man…in the Human World he is a dangerous man who wears a sheepskin…

Dark Sky:- Sheep Skin? What is a sheep?

Wakatenai:- it’s an animal! I mean to say he is a bad person he just pretends to be a good one to get your trust…I believe he is here on Lord Lady Lost’s mission on him, he is a very loyal aid of Lord lady Lost…since the day I know him he never betray his Lord  Lady Lost.

Zebed:- I am not Lord Lady Lost man (Dark Sky suddenly cuts his arm in anger)

Dark Sky: I believe what Death Lord said! you are one of Lord LadyLost man…you even smell strongly like Lord ladyLost..even your blood smell like a pure royal deity, not a slave and look your blood even turns into feather (they vanish into thin air and one Dark Sky had it in his hand) …I have seen this feather once… it’s true you are Lord LadyLost!

Wakatenai:- LOST THE FEATHER! He is their leader once! But he died in Lord Lady Lost Place…I bet you are who you are now because of your extraordinary beauty and your intelligent

Dark sky:- you are ‘Lost the Feather’! That makes sense! Now I know why Lord Lady Lost place becomes like that it’s because of you and your skills.

Zebed:- that’s the Past I am just Zebed the Slave.

Dark Sky:- are you denying and abandoning yourself Lord Lady Lost, just like you abandoned your only child Rain to my care…

Zebed:- …..

Darksky:- hmm! You don’t know what to say now?

Zebed:- I am Zebed! The doctor…

Dark Sky:- what about this evidence I have (blow the feather from his hand and catch it back)

Zebed:- yes you are right I am ‘Zebed the feather’ and I used to work for Lord Lady Lost I charmed Humans and fairies till they lost their sense while admiring me…but now I am just Zebed…Zebed the Feather and your doctor…you don’t have to kill me, do you? I work for any royal Deity who wants me.

Wakatenai:- then come work for me be my slave

Zebed:- That doesn’t count you on my list you are not a royal deity in my eyes (harsh tone)

Dark Sky: – I will see what I am going to do with you! You are very arrogant; you even dare to look down on Death Lord! I must say I still don’t believe your word…it’s just like what the Death Lord said you are a loyal servant of Lord ladyLost…what even surprise me, even more, is that your blood is a royal deity…I must be on guard.

Zebed: Prince Dark Sky I am not a threat to you! I don’t have any grudge on you I don’t even know you personally…just a few days ago I come to know you and that was when I notice you really are sick and need help…

Darksky slap Zebed, Zebed fells down and Wakatenai triumph face was all over his face…

Wakatenai:- allow me Prince DarkSky to punish him on your behalf it does not suit you to touch this lowly slave. You are to touch only the high ranking deity…after all, you are almighty handsome beautiful Prince DarkSky.

DarkSky:- sure since you are more suitable for this job you can revenge on him for dared to try to hurt you once and touched your father…but don’t kill him.

Wakatenai:- thank you! But I just hope that he is not like what you suspect him to be…I hope he is not Lord LadyLost himself/herself.

Darksky:- if he is… this is between you and Lord lady Lost and you better prepared for two more strong deities…Don’t forget Lord Lightening and GodWilhermberg is Lady Lost Lovers.



LORD lady lost:- Wakatenai how dare he touch me! I am going punish him for daring to raise his finger on my poor body Zebed.

WilhermBerg:- don’t go! You can’t ruin his plan if you went Dark Sky will know that you are Zebed!

Lord lady lost:- I am going to hurt Adonais in his place I will do exactly as he did to my Zebed!

WilhermBerg:- you don’t have to go..Just ask someone to do that.

Lord LadyLost:- you want me to ask Lightning ?… I think I will ask Zebed himself to hurt Adonais again. He is much perfect for that.

WilhermBerg:- our child Love has grown (the baby start to play) I wonder what Rain was doing?

Lord lady lost:- he is not a very strong child like our baby Love…Zebed was unable to get close to Rain. He lacks love I better make Zebed revenge on Adonais since he is of no use in the Heaven’s Kingdom…I can’t believe Zebed fail to get close to my child…

WilhermBerg:- at least he is much better than you, he still gets to hold him a few times while performing his check up! If it was you I bet you will not even get a chance to touch the hem of his clothes.

Lord lady lost:- yes you are right he is much better than me in so many ways…I mean I am better at Zebed’s blood. Skies still allow me to get close to Rain not like I personally present there with my own body.

WilhermBerg:- just wait and see what your other self can do…you must trust yourself, his ability.

LadyLost:- yes! But I must hurt Death Lord too! Zebed I want you to hurt Wakatenai too…hurt his heart as he did to me.


Zebed:- just wait and see Death Lord what I am capable of? (in great pain and humiliation, his hair has also been cut short and his drops of blood which turns into feathers have been steps under his enemy foot)

Wakatenai:- dint you said that you regret you lose your chance to hurt me when I was a child…too bad for you now that I am grown up which also means I am much stronger and powerful than you…since you are born to be just a slave and  just a top ranking messenger of the deities. You can’t compete against me! Slave!

Zebed:- just wait! You Death Lord! You Just Don’t KNOW ME YET.(difficult to speak since he was weak, he have to use all his energy to speak)

Wakatenai (feels a cold threat and feels uncomfortable but didn’t show it on his face):- Can you really Hurt Me! I will wait.

Zebed (smile in anger):- I assure you it won’t belong. (Pass out)

Wakatenai (Kicking and spitting on him):- he speaks so bravely and confidently as if he really can stand against me…how jealous you made me even you have been treating this way you still a feast for the eyes.

DarkSky returns back to see these two.

DarkSky:- he fainted already?

Wakatenai:- Lord DarkSky I think you have to overestimate him…I can’t believe that you even get the idea (*foolish idea* which he did not dare to say it out loud) that he is Lord lady Lost! He is just a slave to the deities.

Darksky:- yes seems like I over-estimate him. You are satisfied now that you get your revenge?

Wakatenai:- Yes! Thank you for your kindness.

Darksky:- now throw him out I don’t want his blood in my place.

Wakatenai:- You carry him (calling for a servant)

Darksky:- I want you to throw him

Wakatenai:- Me?

Darksky:- yes this is between you and him no others should include his blood is in your hand I don’t want my men or any of my slaves to do with this.

Wakatenai:- okay! I will throw him

Wakatenai carry Zebed and Dark Sky was watching at them he notices Zebed finger’s moving, Dark Sky looks at the blood around which has transformed into feathers, that lies on the ground and he picks the entire beautiful unspoiled one with his magic they flew and landed on his beautiful long hands.

Darksky:- humph! Lord lady lost you must be in so much pain now (looked at the feathers) I see your tolerance is stronger now you even let that weak stupid young demigod hurt you…just to fool me but your blood and your sense cant lied…these unique mysterious beautiful feathers were created by your blood.


Wakatenai:- where did Sky want me to throw him?

Lightning:- throw him here

Wakatenai:- why are you here? (Surprise)

Lightning:- I am already here before you arrive.

Wakatenai:- really?

Lightning:- yes You didn’t see me?…he must be heavy let me help you.

Wakatenai:- you very kind (happy) everyone sends me away but only you are willing to help.

Lightning:- then if you find difficult to find a place to throw him, why don’t you throw him in your own place?

Wakatenai:- well, to be honest, I can’t stand this lowly Slave is more outstanding than me even when he is in this pathetic condition.

Lightning:- Ah I know how you feel

Wakatenai:- good! Then I will leave him here…

Lightning:- don’t worry I am very kind, unlike Dark Sky…

Wakatenai:- but please remember DarkSky asked me to throw him away and he doesn’t want him dead…if he dies I will be in trouble…Will you help him? I don’t want him dead after I throw him if he dies I will be in serious trouble.

Lightning:- just leave him here I will make sure he is alive.

Wakatenai (smile):- thank you! I am very grateful to you! But why don’t you ask me who he is?

Lightning:- do you usually see me asking people when I am helping them?

Wakatenai (think for a moment):- No! You never ask (he left)

Lightning caresses his lover and protected him. He evens give his life essence to Zebed the Lost. To help him recover from his serious injury. Soon Zebed regains his consciousness and was happy to see he was by Lightning Side. He opened his eyes and sleeps again comfortable in Lightning arms. ***********************************************************


Adonais becomes the most popular guy. Soon some people come to invite him to join their band. He agrees since he loves to be popular. He was treated so well and warm among the band. They start to gain popularity since he comes to join them. They become super busy in their schedule since they have to attend various types of interview, photo shot, magazine, concert etc. But his band had no idea he already had a child they were shocked when they heard him tells the media that his child is more talented than him. His friend tells the press they have no idea that Adonais was a father and they never seen him had a picture of his child. They keep on asking him did he had a son or daughter but he never tells them he just tells them it’s okay for them to think whatever they want. His friend and fans were confused and remained in darkness about Adonais child. They concluded that may be Adonais was lying about he had a child to avoid some of his crazy fans. After the interview his friend asking him why have they never met his child? Adonais asked them if they want to meet his child that bad then he will introduce them. Adonais now move in with his friend, which they bought as the band resident. They all have their own small house before but at present they all staying in this new big mansion to get close and for better practice as the band. Adonais still loves his old habit of gardening. So in the morning, he watered the plants and flowers outside. While he was focusing on his job he suddenly feels the sweet beautiful scent fills the air. Adonais breathe in and close his eyes, he stops from what he was doing; he keeps on breathing in that strange scent.

Adonais:- wow…what a beautiful scent…today I feels this scent again…yesterday during our performance also I feel this scent but today it gets even stronger and I feel so good.

Liam (one of the band member):- yes but I thought it was from you…I meant to ask you what brand you are using

Adonais: – it’s not from me…Ouch! (He dropped the scissors down on his own feet)

Liam: – are you okay?

Adonais: – yes! If it dint felt on my foot I don’t even remember that I was gardening…

Liam:- yes! Why are you like this yesterday too you forget to play your part and you even forget the lyrics.

Adonais: – it’s strange this is the third time I am like this…every time that scent fills the air I seem to forget what I was doing…just like what I am doing.

Liam:- yes it gets even stronger (breath in) I love it …where does it come from? I better go and check around. (he leave)

Adonais:- so strange! (after a few moments someone talks to him from behind “ I see so you still love gardening”)

Adonais (turns around):- who are you? (Surprise)

Stranger:- you don’t know me?

Adonais:- have I met you before?

Stanger:- ha-ha…have we met before?! This is just like you! You never remember your weak enemy, do you! And I happen to be one of them

Adonais:- what a beauty! This is strange how did I forget such a face like yours? (Smile) and your strange beautiful scent?

Stranger:-how disgusting your smile! (angry)Adonais know this I am here to payback

Adonais:- I don’t care about our past but can we start over again?…come-on tells me who you are since you know I have a bad habit of forgetting people face and names? Too bad I forget such a heavenly beauty.

Stranger:- listen well I am Zebed and I am here to vengeance my anger against your hateful son and for you for hurting my child once…you better remember my child name oranaz…and you better be ready to be humiliated just like you did to my late son.

Adonais:- Late son! Did I kill him? (Laugh)

Zebed:- don’t be mistaken you didn’t kill him because you are unable to, he is too clever for you but you did hurt him and humiliated him and I am here for that to add more hateful feeling to you!

Adonais:- ha-ha that’s the most ridiculous excuse! You just give this excuse to meet me! I know you want to see my handsome face

Zebed:- Yes I want to meet you and hurt you to my heart contents.

Adonais:- then bring it on I am ready to fight if that is what you want a pretty face

Zebed was about to fight but suddenly stop! “Damn why is Death Lord already here! I must retreat for now *talk to himself*”

Adonais: – why are you distracted? Are you scared of me? (Proud)

Zebed (I better make him forget my name, I can’t let the Death Lord knows I am here): – Adonais Maybe next time! I have some other important things to attend to, I can wait for my vengeance next time be prepared for my next visit. The next time we meet I will not go easy on you like I did today and the other 2 days…the next time you see me you…

Adonais: – I will be waiting for you…but don’t make me wait too long or I will go to look for you that will be a shame for you since you are the one who wants to challenge me.

Zebed: – humph! As if you can find me.

Adonais:- oh you must be a fairy…I will go look for you to the forbidden places. I will go and search for you in each and every corner of the forbidden land and places.

Zebed:-  I will come for you since you love to be admired and praises by this human…it will be no fun to kill you in our world this is your world. I will come!

(Zebed disappear and after sometimes latter Wakatenai comes to meet his father, Adonais forgets Zebed’s name when his son asking him what he was doing there? Wakatenai did not ask him anymore but he just turns and looks around as he too feels a faint sweet scent which he was not clear whom it belongs. But he tells his father that the air seems to fills sweet scent Adonais still can’t remember what he wants to say but he just smiles at his son. His son forgets it what he wants to ask. Adonais introduce him to his friends and they went on chatting on different topic & they all have fun)


Every one love Adonais’s son but they find his son is kind of weird he put on weird clothes which are always grey and he really has very long gorgeous hair. They all think Adonais’ don’t look normal and now his son, which they now think Adonais’ family don’t look like they belong in this world. His friends get scared when they see Wakatenai touched the flower that his father watering it withered away and turned to ashes and disappeared when he put the tip of his fingers. Adonais keeps asking his son not to scare his friends. Wakatenai he enjoys to watch at their shocking expression, he keeps on doing it and not bothering what these people think of him.

Friend:- how did you learn all this thing?

Wakatenai (Proudly):- I was born with this power…

Friend: – can you kill people just by touching? Like you did to that flower?

Wakatenai: – Come who want to assist?

Liam: – can we use bird or animal?

Wakatenai: – you scare?

Liam: – yeah! Your word seems serious and we don’t want to act stupid to try such thing…

Wakatenai: – is that so… (Suddenly a moth die and falls down while it flew and the moment it lands on the ground it turn into dust, his clothes turns black too) Human is impressively strong and clever not like our people…they remember what is dangerous even when they are in the moment of extremely shocking, overjoy and exciting.

Everyone was too shocked and they were all unable to speak they all were afraid of him now. Wakatenai smile at them as he enjoyed seeing them scared. After a very long time one of the member asking him “who are you?”

Wakatenai: – I am called a Death Lord if you must know (a cold voice which really suited his looks and behaviour)

Liam: – Ah! … (Scared out of his mind)

Wakatenai:- Liam you don’t have to be afraid I will not hurt any of you…I can control myself see he touched him (Liam’s face) you didn’t die…I killed only what I don’t like but I like all of you…I don’t kill Humans.

Liam:- Human! (Short of breath)

Wakatenai:- Yes I don’t kill Human of this World. I kill fairies and humans in my own dimensional world.

Liam: – you an alien?

Wakatenai:- No! Maybe Yes I am a Deity and my father is a low-rank fairy. (Gentle friendly slap on Liam’s face)

Liam while thinking of what Wakatenai telling him his friends exclaim all in surprise “Liam yours scars gone!”

Liam went to look in the mirror “Yes it’s gone! And I even look more handsome, my skin is smooth! Wow! This is amazing thank you!”

Wakatenai: – now you know me! …I heard you want to meet me so I came since I felt my father feeling that he wants to introduce me to you people

Adonais:- so you are here for them?

Wakatenai:- I don’t want them to think you were lying about me.

Adonais:- thank you for coming!

Wakatenai (Smile at his father):- Liam that is my gift for you for what you did for my father…thank you for taking care of him. Please continue to look after him in this world…he can’t differentiate right from wrong on his own. I had a strong feeling soon my father will be in danger without a good friend around him. Please take care of him

Adonais:- I will be in danger?

Wakatenai:- Father! I had seen that you lost few of your recent memory… I feel a faint sweet beautiful scent too it’s a bad omen I too don’t know what it was but I know you will be much saved with their help! (Turns to his father’s friends) Please take good care of him in the future, I see you all are very strong and kind I will grant you any wishes you want.

Friends:- we are friends we don’t want anything we only want trust and our friendship to remain forever.

Wakatenai: – you are truly kind I am blessing you to be successful in everything you do (blowing sparking dust at them) that my gratitude for you all.

After he talked with his father he went to the house to check the house and the surrounding and he spends times with them for few more hours and when the times for him to go he disappeared in front of their very eyes after he bid them goodbye. After Wakatenai has gone they ask Adonais if he was in danger and who was his enemy. They ask does his enemy to have power like his son. Adonais tells them that he too doesn’t know why his son said that I will be in danger! And he doesn’t know why his son said that I can’t differentiate what is right from wrong! But still, I will remember what my son warns me I will be expecting my unknown enemy. His friends worried now what will his enemy be, they all hope that he will not possess power like Wakatenai but someone like Adonais. As they all know Adonais was no different from them maybe he has just a little magic like another kind wizard of this world do. A month later after Wakatenai visited his father and asked his father’s friends to take care of his father they see there is nothing weird happen to Adonais. Then the band decided to open a concert around the world they asked Adonais if he is okay with that since their global fans want them. Adonais said he is okay with that. He loves to perform on stage with large crowd numbers of fans to cheer him and call his name, he loves the noises of his fans calling his name. Then their managers do his duty to promote them. Times for them to fly around the world has come Adonais was full of pride and happiness when he sees his fans love and go crazy of him, his friends too had more fans than they used to have, now people are interested in them equally like they love Adonais. They all were a surprise at these big changes they get lots of gifts from their Fans. They all remember in their heart this has happened to them because of Wakatenai spells that he puts on them to be successful in everything they do. They get lots of commercial offers from different types of company which helps them to gets more money in their bank account now every one of them becomes billionaires. Liam who was their band leader said to Adonais “Johnny, Sam, Mark, Simon and me we are very glad to meet you Adonais, and we thank full and great full to your son for making us who we are now…so today will be our last tour for this album we hope all our tour, our journey with you will be our best memories of our lives forever…”

“I will never let that be” a beautiful stranger appears suddenly in the room in the backstage.

Sam:- who are you?

Stranger:-  I am Zebed! & I am here to end your happy journey & I will make sure this day will be your horrible memory of your lives (Smile with a triumphant face)

Adonais:- Zebed! What a beauty! But tell me how to do you plan to do this? (He don’t have a memory of Zebed)

Zebed:- just wait and see Adonais the beast!

Adonais:- I am not a beast Zebed! No one calls me that

Zebed:- Oh yes you are you, you even have a hateful child the Death Lord! He was who he is because of your darkest soul, your dark heart and mind Adonais.

The crew member knocked at the door and tells the members inside to get prepared as they only have 10 minutes to go on stage.

Liam:- then it must be you that Death Lord has been warning us

Zebed:- (Smile) Yes! Humans are bright that’s the reason I too want to be Human but unlucky me I ended up being a topmost high ranking fairy at present. ( he was just Zebed at present, so he is not Deity, but still have Lost’s blood )

Mark:- we only have 10 minutes to tell us what do you intended to do?

Sam:- are you here to curse us on our show since you are an evil top high ranking fairy?

Zebed:- I really like your boldness and straightforward questioning me Sam

Adonais:- why are you liking him aren’t you here for me?

Zebed:- I don’t like you I despise you but I LIKE Sam…Sam come to be my assistant

Liam:- who are you evil Fairy no one is willing to be your assistant now be gone you evil

Zebed:- Aha-Ha-ha…what to do I really enjoy and feels alive to be around lovely Humans but Liam, I don’t like you a bit, how dare you called me evil. I never want to be seen as evil in the human eyes but you seem to know too much of me so I will get rid of you first.

(He turns to looks at Adonais and smile in a seductive way) Adonais don’t you want me?

Adonais: – want you?

Zebed:- I know you still want me! Even though you think we just meet for the very first time… (comes toward Adonais and speak close to his ears) this is not our first time meeting, actually you used to be my stalker in the past, you even abandoned your honest loyal lover for me (smile) Adonais you asked me what I want didn’t you? If I tell you will you do it for me?

Adonais (confuse):- Zebed! I will do anything if I get you

Zebed (looked at Liam in the triumphant face and speak to Adonais):- Adonais if you want my attention & my cold heart kill this strong man Liam for me!

Adonais:- I gain nothing if I kill my dear friend Liam it will be my greatest lost to kill my very own friend since you have a cold heart that means you are a cold fairy an evil fairy, that confuses us lowly fairy and I don’t believe your word that I had abandoned my honest loyal lover for an evil cold heart fairy like you.

Zebed (burn in anger and turn to Adonais):- you!  dares to call Me Evil and ha! you don’t believe my word that you are really so head over heel for me even though I myself don’t understand why you like me so much

Adonais:- I still don’t believe a single word you said! (outside people were calling & screaming for them to come up on stage )

Liam:- looks like you can’t win this time…you better try hard to make him believes that he used to fall for you.

Johnny:- now come-on guys let us make this our happy memory let’s go! (They run out of the room)

Fans were happy to see the band on stage and they give their best performance.

Zebed was still in the room he was too shocked at the new changing Adonais “Did he not like me anymore?” turns and look in the mirror ( he hears the noises from outside that the fans making they all love them)

Zebed (anger voice):- this won’t do, the human cannot love him, I am kind and gentle, not him humans admires and trust me not Adonais he is evil not me, I am not an evil man (break the mirror)

Zebed looks at the pieces of the broken mirror on the floor “this is funny how this turns up? Adonais I will spoil everything I will make you regret for calling me evil and for you daring to turn your back on me you lowly lowest of the fairy who cannot even differentiate right from wrong on your own while I still have so many things to say to you.” Stamped the pieces of the mirror that reflect his reflection “you useless Zebed! I can’t believe I fail, I will go and spoil their Performance, I will not allow them to have their best memory” anger at himself “I will make the fans to disappoint at them, I will show you”. He went out. The crew was surprised to see this beautiful stranger coming from the band’s room and he went on stage, at first the manager, the crew didn’t allow him to go & Zebed doesn’t want to fight or anger them because he doesn’t want to be seen as a bad man.

Manager:- are you Adonais’s wife?

Zebed (happy to hear this word & feels he has a chance to be on stage):- Yes I am Wakatenai’s mother (damn me why did I bring Wakatenai’s name and Did I just claimed I am a mother, I can’t believe this! did I really become this low to be a mother of that damn Death Lord)

Manager:- you really are a heavenly beauty as he described you, his fans will be very surprised and excited to see you! Go!go!

(He pushed Zebed on the stage; Zebed didn’t like the manager either since he feels like he was being ordered by that manger. Zebed unknowingly he is on stage and the manager asked the cameraman, TV &sound crew & the hosts to introduce Zebed in the most beautiful way, they introduce him as Adonais most beautiful wife & a mother…Zebed was surprised to hear this! Adonais and his band was surprised to hear and see Zebed was really on stage and to be introduced as his wife, his friends too now recall that they haven’t met Adonais wife now they starts to think she must be Wakatenai’s Mother in their heart now they all think Zebed must be really Wakatenai’s mother now they look at Zebed surprise shocking face which makes him look even more beautiful than they see her (him) before

Johnny:- so Zebed is Wakatenai’s mother now I see they kinda look similar he has her beauty don’t you think.

Liam:- Adonais is Zebed really your wife?

Adonais (smile):- I will love Zebed to be really mine (Adonais goes towards Zebed and he talks to the fans in a mic ) At last my dear lovely…

Zebed (angry):- Don’t you dare bring another disgusting word from your dirty mouth…

Adonais (in Makedonia):- why don’t you play along since we both are interested to be seen and looked at as the kindest people by the humans don’t we

Adonais went and suddenly grab Zebed and kiss him in front of the crowd, the crowd  clapped at them even his friend joined the crowd, Zebed pushed Adonais away in furious and about to kill Adonais but suddenly someone stop him by holding his hand “mother you can’t treat father this way”

Zebed:- you! why are you too here & I AM NOT YOUR MOTHER, I am Zebed (ANGRY)

Wakatenai:- mother everyone knows you, that you are Zebed see how the crowd love us especially you since you are so beautiful which really does not suit my father. (The crowd cheer again as they can’t believe he was Adonais son, the one he use to tells them about)

Adonais:- what do you mean your mother does not suit me I am the most handsome man in the universe I am the most perfect for your mother or does this mean you too like…

Wakatenai:- yes I love Zebed after all who does not love their mother (kissed the hands of Zebed, Zebed was about to slap Wakatenai but wakatenai suddenly said to him in their  language “don’t do it or they will see you the most horrible mother who slaps her own child for showing his love for his mother, you don’t want that do you, Mother,!”)

Adonais:- this is the small family that I have been telling you. Aren’t my wife and my child the most beautiful being?

(the crowd agreed they are and they start to play now a happy love song, Zebed don’t get a chance to spoil the show because of Wakatenai’s present. Zebed can’t believe his hand has been held tight in Wakatenai strong deathly grip, Zebed can’t move his hand nor use any spells he has been limited by Wakatenai. He just obediently goes and sits at the seat that had been prepared for them to watch the show. *********************************************************

Wakatenai:- why are you so angry, don’t you think you are in luck to be my mother in this world even though you are just a slave in our world and I am very happy that they think this beautiful Zebed was my mother…

Zebed:- I will tell them that I am not your mother and not his wife I am a guy.

Wakatenai:- no one will believe you, …a guy? you are too beautiful to be one…now since we are holding hands like friend I Wakatenai will want you to forgive me for what I did to you last time which you have to forgive me since I did not kill you, I even save you by carrying you from that heaven’s Kingdom which you have to be grateful to me because I take good care of you by asking Lightning to take extra good care of you.

Zebed:- Forgive! I haven’t got my revenge yet, but you had on me, I still had an unfinished business I can’t forgive you yet Death Lord.

Wakatenai:- you really are too beautiful to be just a slave! Why don’t you marrying me or be my lover to raise your rank to become mine…Be my lover I don’t mine to be a woman if you willing to become mine, I see how it hurts your pride to be called the wife and a mother.

Zebed: – never (try to let go of Wakatenai’s grip) I prefer to be a proud slave than to be with you! Why don’t you go back to Dark Sky he seems to enjoy your company (angry)

Wakatenai:- wow! Your tone of voice tells me that you are jealous of is it that you like and love me, that you are jealous of others seeing them being with me…

Zebed:- who will be jealous of others for being with you!

Wakatenai:- than you are jealous of others for being with that beautiful Dark Sky…too bad he does not like you, he does not even spare his time to look at your extremely beautiful face and your mysterious beautiful sweet scent (sniff at Zebed’s hair and neck)…now seems like I am the only one who is interested in you don’t you think ? you don’t have a choice except me…if you become my lover which I don’t mind that you are just a slave since you are too beautiful like sky I will give you my power equally with you so that you will become Death lord & I will become A LADY! I might give you more if you love me, I don’t mind if you treat me like Blue Sky treated her husband Thunder.

Zebed move bit away from Wakatenai he can’t believe both father and son were so much alike they are willing to give away their precious thing when they like someone or something…

Zebed:- I see your father has mature since now he is not falling for my trap like he used to and now you are in his old place you are willing to make me your enemy to be your lover and give your power to be equally…

Wakatenai:- yes will you now accept my offer beautiful Zebed?

Zebed:- No! I don’t want to be a dime husband or wife, I want Dark Sky…Help me get dark sky then I will become your playmate I am willing to have an affair with you, I will treat you well.

Wakatenai:- You are confusing me! If you are with Dark Sky then how can you become my playmate Dark Sky will surely kill me.

Zebed:- he will never kill you, did you forget Dark Sky don’t even like me and he will never love me, he only love one person and that was his mother.

Wakatenai:- yes you right he only loves his mother…then what should I do to make Dark Sky wants you? I hope you will not steal his mother’s place from his heart…

Zebed:- I can’t do that Don’t forget I am just a slave, I can’t stand against are the only one who wants this slave.

Wakatenai:- you wrong, Lightning wants you too I can see it in his eyes, Wind too wants you he even comes and beat me last time after he learns that I am the one that hurts you he nearly kill me last time if my mother didn’t come to save me from him…& I am afraid Dark Sky might have a feeling for you, he gives me strict orders not to kill you, he never does that, this is the very first time he spares someone not to mention that you are just a slave.. Why?

Zebed:- you don’t have to worry he spares me because he was not ready to die he hope I might find a cure for him

Wakatenai:- I see you are very strange you don’t even know how beautiful you are, don’t you! And you don’t see Dark Sky beautiful to you, you are pitying him…

Zebed:- yes I am pitying him since I am a doctor I want to save him, I don’t want him to suffer, I know if he let me help him I know I am capable to save him (every time he thinks of Dark Sky his heart fluttering & sad at the same time)

Wakatenai:- why do you want to save him? He doesn’t deserve to be saved!

Zebed (unconsciously):-.I know Dark Sky doesn’t deserve my help but I think this slave falls for Dark Sky & I don’t want him gone I am more than happy just to stand aside and watch him from afar I don’t mind him have lover or he stay single for the rest of his life if he is willing to live…that is all I want! I want to be able to see Dark Sky forever from the distant, I will be happy.

Wakatenai:- that is an honest confession you had for Prince DarkSky…yes I see you really have a deep feeling for Darksky I can’t believe you just said that you don’t mind him have lover or he stay single for the rest of his life if he is willing to live on…that is all you want! Not like me, I think I just betrayed him when I said to you He doesn’t deserve to be saved! I am such a bad spirit. I am jealous that you had this feeling for him but not for me.
Adonais comes to them “the crowd really believe that you are my wife and my son’s mother”

Wakatenai:- Zebed you should be a very honour that you get to be my mother in this world.

Zebed:- I am not in a mood to talk now leave me since I lose. But this doesn’t mean this is the end. Adonais family pictures have come out on newspaper, magazine and internet, Adonais chatting with his beautiful family which they took without their knowing.

Zebed: – Adonais I will not forgive you for kissing me.

Adonais:- why are you so worried I have the most beautiful seductive lips in the universe. You are very lucky to be kissed by me even though I know you are an evil fairy. I didn’t avoid you, I treated you well in front of those people, I treated you well like a wife & a mother were suppose to be treated in front of the world.

Zebed:- I don’t want to be…I can’t believe I fail, I will be back when I get my opportunity to harm you be ready for my next visit. (Zebed disappear and Wakatenai spend some more days with his father and friends and he tagged along with them on a vacation)



A little child was practising so hard to be a perfectionist in his work, he doesn’t have time to play or think like other children he was forced to grow up first and act like a grown-up people because of the condition and the surrounding he was in. He even does the experiment on his own small body when there is no one around him to find a cure for the one he cared the most. He was not a happy child every one who sees him they can feel & see this child was lonely.

Emperor“Rain what you are doing?”  Rain looks at him “grandpa!”

Thunder:- where did you get those?

Rain:- I guess it’s from my father, what is this call?

Thunder:- it’s a feather! Did you just said you think it’s from your father
Rain:- grandpa why do I never been allowed to get close to my father?  *tears welling up his eyes* did mother die when she gives birth to me? Did I kill my mother! is this the reason my father hate me?

Thunder:-  did your grandma says something?

Rain:- No…She just tells me that mom abandoned me. But I think there is something she hides from me, but now when I think about it of how my father avoids me I can’t stop thinking that I kill my father’s lover…

Thunder:- you wrong! now come-on, soon your father will arrive and I know he doesn’t want a weak child.

Rain:- today I will be 8 years old …I had never been hug nor touch by my father…and I know I had never had the love of my parents … mom too abandoned me.

Thunder:- your mother and your father love you it’s just that they are unable to show it

Rain:- I have never seen my father face

Thunder:- ……one day you will. Now come on (while they walk hand in hand) Rain don’t forget you still have me (look down) I love you (smile) grandpa love you

Rain:- Grandpa! Thank you for loving me!……….. grandpa! Will I be able to see my father face today?

Thunder:- ……… tell me why do you guess the feathers you have it’s from your father which is so unlike him?

Rain:- maybe I was just missing him too much.Every time I see his back I want… I want to reach him.

Blue Sky:- Rain where have you been everyone were waiting for you …Its time now, come-on lets us starts…

Rain:- No…Father has not come here yet

Blue Sky:- he never did remember? He doesn’t care for you, he never thinks of you as his…

Thunder:- shut up BlueSky…

Rain:- what did I do wrong that my parents hate me?

Thunder:- (hug him) your parents love you

Blue Sky:- rain don’t act like a child…today you will be 8 years.

Rain was afraid of his grandma so he obediently does as she told him after the ceremony ended he went to search for the place where he suspects his father was sleeping. After a while, he found a place where Dark Sky had his deep sleep. Rain run in excitement to see sleeping deity covers with thin transparent Dark clothes on him after he runs for a while he stopped suddenly “is that my father? (he saw something and went close to look) “A mask” he picked it up. He comes close to Dark Sky “Father Look like you are in great pain even though you are in deep sleep” after staring at him for a while “ father I heard grandpa was asking grandma of your condition, I heard she said you don’t want to live any longer”. He opened the small jar to take the medicine to apply it on Dark Sky’s hand “father I am sorry! …..Please allow me to apply this medicine that I prepared for you to ease and reduce your pain…please father don’t leave me like mom did”…

Blue sky was calling at a little boy Rain

Rain “father I will go now I don’t want grandma to find me here, she will punish me” he covers the medicine’s jar. He was about to leave and saw her coming furiously and angry he had no other choice but to hide under Dark Sky long hair and clothes.

Blue-sky “Where did that child go I am sure he is here”. She looks around and went out.
Rain feels relieved “lucky me that I am small I am so well hidden under my father’s dress and hair” after a while he raises his small head to check “phew! I was nearly caught…I am so sorry father I climbed into your bed without your permission and even used you…I will accept any punishment you will give me later, but I just hope you will never found out about this” he climbed down and climbed up again “father forgive me I want to sleep with you just this one I never remember that you ever hold me nor looked at me..this is my only chance to get close to you” his small arm embrace his father big body he keeps his eyes on his father face “father it’s you right who gave me these strange beautiful feathers when I was a baby…I keep on hearing your voice in my head to treasure it since it was my mother’s blood…did mother die because of me? …and this is the first and the last gift you gave me before you sleep…father please don’t die” little rain falls into sleep…Dark Sky opened his eyes and looked at this brave little boy who dares to disturb his sleep “ I hear everything boy even though you think I am into a deep sleep…I will forgive you this time & I am helping you just this once since you two had worked so hard to ease my pain” looked at his hand that the boy bandage him and look at that small child “ you are just like your parents…you look like Lightning & talented like your mother”. Dark Sky carries him back to his room his grandma & grandpa was relieved to find him already in deep sleep in his own bed.

Next day Rain was surprised to wake up in his own bed.

Dark Sky:- Rain you should not sleep in a dangerous place like that

Rain:- father I know I will never do that last night I did that because I know as long as I hold onto you nothing bad will happen to me (smile) at last I reached onto you & (excited) you are in my room.

Dark Sky:- don’t ever do that again now you are 8 yrs behave yourself …do you understand the dreams you see

Rain:- No…but I SEE IT

Darksky:- when the sky is Dark there will be rain and when there is heavy rain there will be lightning and thunder …and that is us.

Rain:- Lightning?

DarkSky:- he is my brother he is yours……………

Thunder:-  my son Dark Sky did you feel better (hug him tight) your mother and me we were so worried about you! We are so glad to see you. Let father see my son lively face (removed the mask). You don’t have to wear that.

Darksky:- I know but I like it this way.

Thunder:- my beautiful son…

Darksky:- please stops that I can’t accept myself to be beautiful…I should not exist I am only a hindrance to the peace of Heaven’s kingdom.

Thunder:- what?

Darksky:- Father I am tired…I have no purpose in life, I am only…

Thunder:- don’t say it but I will accept that you are tired and you want rest…but don’t forget Dark sky is needed.

Darksky:- who will want Dark Sky… Death Lord is better than me…

Rain:- Father I need you Dark Sky is needed so there will be rain and Lightning & thunders need you too We need you…you can’t abandon us you are very important and special to us…

DarkSky:- I am leaving.

Rain:- father!

Darksky:- I am not fitted  to be a father, I am weak go find someone else who is stronger

Rain:- no! I will never replace you…I accept you for what you are

Darksky:- then you are doom like me…wake up boy before it’s too late for you. I will pretend of not hearing anything of what you said…if I ever happen to wake up in the next distant times I will forget you as my child…(Looked at rain &break the bracelet of father & son/daughter relation ) Rain I AM NO LONGER YOUR FATHER you are free to choose whoever you like and love.

Rain:- I still choose you (cry) I LIKE & LOVE ONLY YOU

Darksky:- I will not accept you (look at Rain)…young boy listen well I am not your biological father, Prince Lightning was.

Rain:- you are lying! I don’t believe you…I KNOW it’s You

Darksky:- that’s the truth …even me I don’t know why he abandoned you…& your mother is still alive she is called Lady Lord Lost…its true I divorce your mother but I give her a chance to be with you if she is willing to be a slave but she chooses her pride and her husband’s instead of you…she abandoned you too, just like your father did & I am going to do the same…Rain I don’t know how to be a parent…but I will promise you this one thing I stay alive so the world will know of your coming..(smile for the first time at Rain) before its raining the sky will get dark…

Rain (run & hugs his waist):- I WILL HAVE ONLY YOU IN MY HEART! (cry)

Dark Sky:- I will pretend I didn’t hear that…father please take Rain away from me.

Rain:- I will never let go of you I will hold on to you like this forever…I will go wherever you go, I will sleep wherever you sleep…. (Dark sky forces the boy to let go…rain was too young to hold tight to the strong Dark Sky).

Darksky:- Stop crying I hate you right now for being weak & a crybaby…if you ever want to see me that bad become strong than anyone make my mother proud of having you then I might let you see me…if you become stronger & smarter than your sibling brother I promise you I will let you hold onto me again.

Rain:- Deal! I will become what you want to me…I will never let grandma down…I will do anything to reach to you Lord Dark sky. I love you please don’t forget that. I might never see you again; I might die while trying to reach to you.

Darksky:- Stupid Child it will be impossible to reach to me…You have to become stronger than anyone in this whole wide world to impress me…I will wake up only when you become what you promise me that you will be…then I might let you call me father again

Rain:- no! by that time I will become stronger than everyone I know I will be a grownup deity &  if I live & become what you want me to be. I don’t need a father’s affection anymore, I will need you to be my lover a grown-up relationship…

Dark Sky head was spinning when he hear this brave young boy words. Darksky lost words after sometimes “ you are just a child how can you say these words?”

Rain:-  you are no longer my father& Moreover you said it yourself I am not your biological son…now  I understand this feeling I have for you is not of father & son but something else…now I know this feeling…now DarkSky you have to keep your promise you have to show your face if I complete all your wish.

Darksky:- why did I suddenly see you like God WilhermBerg not like my brother Lightning anymore…I hope you will never be able to do what you said you can. (He went and disappears)

Thunder:- Rain your scared you poor uncle now we will never see him ever again.

Rain:- grandpa I am not …I am just being honest with my feelings…is it weird for me to say all those things to him?

Thunder:- yes you are only 8 years old but I understand you’re liking him he is way too beautiful  (brushed the boy’s head) now come on forget Darksky he is beyond your reach.

Rain:- you wrong!  Grandpa dint you see I cured his hand…even though I am only 8 years old I am able to cure him without him noticing it…I believe one day I will reach to him

Thunder:- I can see in your eyes you are even stronger than your father (smile) *************************************************************

WilhermBerg:- Love you must study and practice hard aren’t you afraid that one day someone might come and want to duel with you

Love:- father you know I don’t like to fight I am Love. Nobody will dare to challenge me I am a son of Berg and of Lord Lady Lost who will dare.

Lord lady Lost:- Love you shouldn’t say that I am afraid that you will get hurt in Makedonia your father can’t save you there

Love:- I will never go there this is my country ( playing with his father) I will always stay with father here…Everyone was respectful and afraid of me here.

Lord lady lost:- but still, you need to be prepared…Aren’t you afraid that one day you might get an unwanted visitor.?I am so worried about you.

Love:- don’t be, father and you are here to protect come let us play and have fun

WilhermBerg:- now come and study

Love:- I am tired I want to sleep I am only 9 years old stop making me study so hard I am already smart I am a deity and I don’t need to read something of this worldly people did. Mother helps me

Mother:- I am growing uneasy these days & I had a feeling that you really need to work and study hard ..I am afraid your sibling might have something against you…I can feel it in me that he is working hard to do something with you in the future.

Love:- mother why is my younger brother not here with us?

Lord lady lost:- because he is with his family

Love:- is not he our family too?

Lord lady lost:- I don’t know…

Love:- what you mean you don’t know he is your son, father why don’t you ask mom to go and bring him home.

WilhermBerg:- he is with his family

Love:- why are you both saying that he is with his family, his family is here with us. Didn’t you always say that he is my sibling I want him, I want to play with him to get him…why are you leaving him alone there?

WilhermBerg:- he is not alone, there is.

Lord lady lost:- then let us go and bring him back you and me

Love:- okay let us go

Lost:- but not now, if we go unprepared we wouldn’t be able to get in, first, you must practice your power let your father help you & I too will prepare myself.

After 6 months later lady Lost and love leaves Addicate’s Kingdom to go to Makedonia. She and her son had already reached Heaven’s Kingdom they were hiding from Skies.

Love:- mother is that handsome boy my brother?

Lost:- yes he is and how did he get those feathers did Zebed gives him?

Love:- who is Zebed? & who is that man mother?

Lost:- Lightning! why is Lightning there with him

Love:- wow! He is amazing.

Rain:- father did I do it correctly (practising)

Lightning:- yes your learning skill first looks like you will become just like me

Rain:- who is the strongest person in the world?

Lightning:- me!

Rain:- are you sure!

Lightning:- yes now let’s end this lesson for today here

Rain:- No father I still want to continue

Lightning:- we will continue tomorrow

Rain:- No I want now, I want to learn as first as I can

Lightning:- you are so young you should go and play.

Rain:- I am not a child & I don’t like you to think of me as one, I am a man.

Lightning:- you are really a strange kid.

Rain:- I said I am not a kid and I hate you if you call me like that again

Lightning:- my little young man

Rain ( strike hard at Lightning with the sword he had in his hand):- stop think of me little I am a grown-up man.

Lightning:- I don’t really know how did my brother raise you up but he really turned you strange…

Rain:- he didn’t raise me, it was grandpa and grandma who did but they have nothing to do with my behaviour now let’s do this seriously.

Lightning:- okay since you are so eager to learn, but tell me why? Why are you so determined to do this as if this is your last chance?

Rain:- I want to be the best among the best

Lightning:- does this mean you are going to challenge me one day

Rain:- yes! But when I am as tall as you but first I will fight the one they called Lord Love and later Death Lord and when I win him I will fight the one who is above him till I reach your level and grandpa and grandma

Lightning:- hahaha…I am proud to have a son like you… are you really going to fight your grandparents who raised you?

Rain:- yes…it’s a pure sport it’s not out of hate but just to prove myself that I am the best of the best.

Lightning:- okay! I like your courage and you’re confident I wonder where you got such courage and braveness is it from your mother or from the other person. ( WilhermBerg )

Rain:- it doesn’t matter where I get it…But I just hope I get it from you.

Lightning:- really?

Rain:- let’s not waste our precious time, after this, I have to study with grandma.

Lightning:- yes mother is really fun of you, I wonder where is Dark Sky I haven’t seen him for years.

Rain (angry tone):- WHO KNOW’S… now father please don’t be distracted

Lightning (smirk):- okay. I really feel like I am a boy now to be nagged by you. (Now they were practising) Lost from the hiding place with Love.

Love:- wow my brother is so cool! I am so proud to have a strong brother

Lost (disappointed at her child):- are you deaf didn’t you hear he is practising to fight you and you said you are proud to have him as your brother

Love:- yes! And who is that cool teacher mother?

Lost:- his father.

Love:- is my brother got adopted by them or did my brother got kidnapped by that cool strong guy? I wish I got to hold that amazing beautiful sword

Lost:- Rain is really amazing! I have never seen such power at such a young age…now when I look at it I think he has your father strength (WilhermBerg ) in him and (look at Love) you are very lazy not like Addicate.

Love:- mother I am young Lord Love..& I don’t like fighting I just want to hold that sword.

Lost:- if you want then you have to practice so that you can challenge him & ask for that sword if you win.

Love:- yes mother I will practice hard to, I want to get that sword

Lost:- now let’s go back home and practice…Now you have seen him practice with all his heart to be the best.

Love:- when you say it like that it sounds like you favour me more than him.

Lost:- Ummm…I never get to care for him more like I did for you…But I love him too, it’s just that I see he doesn’t miss me a bit

Love:- Are you sure? …mother sees he is holding the feather again

Lost:- yes he…

Lightning:- why are you so mad when I accidentally cut the feather off..if you want I can always replace it for you with a new one

Rain (angry):- No you can’t

Lightning:- yes I can I will ask your mother to give you a new beautiful one

Rain (pushed his father & yell):- No I said you can’t…I hate you! YOU ARE NOT FIT TO BE MY FATHER!

Lightning:- I am sorry. I know you missed your mother and I am sorry I cut the feather off…I forget that you are just a child and you can’t dodge my sword…

Rain:- I hate you for looking down on me..& I hate myself for being weak, how did I let this happen (pick the broken feathers his eyes were well up with tears) I know it’s my fault, not yours

Lightning:- let me take it to your mother and ask her for help.

Rain:- this has nothing to do with her…to me this feather does not mean her

Lightning (surprise):- then who does it represents?

Rain:- it has nothing to do with you (pick it and hold it dearly in his hands) I am sorry for blaming you!

After Rain left the training ground Lightning was standing alone and watch at his son’s back …after sometimes later “Lost I know you are there come out now”.

Lost:- you sense me!

Lightning:- you are my wife did you forget that!

Lost:- No! I don’t forget

Love:- did you just said my mother is your wife?

Lightning:- Yes I did and she is still my wife (smile gently at Love) you are a good boy not like my son.

Love:-  he is your son?

Lightning:- yes he is my son

Love:- you don’t look alike

Lightning:- of course not but he is still my child

Lightning:- And for your information, I don’t look like my twin brother either except our hair.

Love:- you are a twin?

Lightning:- yes but I haven’t seen him now for many years

Love:- you two are not close?

Lightning:- you are smart! But I am trying to be a good father.

Lost:- I am sorry Lightning that I didn’t do anything just now…I don’t feel he has any warm feeling for I didn’t do anything to help you

Lightning:- you don’t feel any warm feeling that’s strange but he holds it so dearly and he was on the verge of crying. Did Zebed give that to him?

Lost:- No..but the feather is of Zebed..even me I feel it’s strange…I know he really loves the feather but I dint feels anything…

Love:- who is Zebed?

Lightning:- Zebed is the feathers, he is the enhancement of the beauty of your mother.

Love:- I don’t understand

Lost:- Zebed is the other me…Zebed used to wait for your brother Rain

Love:- where is Zebed now?

Lost:- inside of me my child…

Lightning:- he is Zebed the Lost

Love:- Zebed used to be Rain’s mother?

Lost:- No he used to be the slave and a doctor of Rain

Love:-then mother why you don’t you fix the broken feather for my poor brother

Lost:- I already did…It’s just that he didn’t know because he is too sad right now.

Lightning:- Love!… my son wants to duel with you one day you have to be prepared…his strike and power are very strong you shouldn’t take this lightly okay. (Kissed the boy)

Love:- that sword you are holding before what it is called?

Lightning:- it Thunder Sword & it a very powerful one, do you too like it?

Love:- yes very much, can I hold it!

Lightning:- yes but not now only if you defeat him.

Love:- I will never be able to I am afraid I will never be able to hold it then

Lightning:- you are Wilhermberg’s child, of course, you can

Love ……………..

Lightning:- any way you should practice too so your parents will be proud of you.

Love:- Are you proud of him?

Lightning:- yes but I don’t like his attitude and his bad behaviour he is so wild and cruel like my mother

Love:- can I go and meet my brother?

Lightning:- yes you can but you must not let my mother see you okay.

Love:- is she that bad?

Lightning:- yes! (smile)

Lost:- I want to see him too if Sky allows

Lightning:- mother is not here…so it’s your choice to come or not

Lost:- I want to see him The three of them went in and they found Rain was still practising his charms & spells with his majesty Thunder

Lightning:- father Rain got visitors.

Thunder:- Lost! And who is this young sweet boy? (Rain stops for a second from what he is doing and looks at them from the corner of his eyes)

Lost:- my child Love.

Rain:- are you here to duel me, young Lord Love?

Love:- No I am here to meet you my little brother (smile)

Rain (cold glare):- humph! I am not your brother!

Lost:- son! How…

Rain:- I am not your son! (Stare hard at her& cold hard tone)

Lost:- …

Love:- how can you say that to mother she loves you she comes here to bring you back home with us

Rain:- Home? This is my home you fool..

Lost:- yes you are right this is your home but you can come and visit us at Addicate if you want to…Addicate had so many things to offer you to be a perfectionist.

Rain:- isn’t my father the best!

Love:- did you know your father can’t beat my father…there is a history in our country that sings for your country defeated at my father’s hand…No one can defeat my father, not even him (pointed at Lightning).

Lost:- Love don’t start it now he is not in a good mood

Rain fight at Love for looking down at his father…they both was good at fighting and in the end Rain win, his work hard has been rewarded.

Rain:- you lose.

Love:- yes I lost but that doesn’t change the fact that your father & your family lost at my father’s hand.

Rain:- you talk too much and you are very noisy. (Covered his ears)

Lost:- come now Love let’s go home before you make him mad  and hate you

Love:- Rain I want that sword so I will want to challenge you again in the future when you reach 12 years! Come to Addicate to compete in sports since we have both Makedonian and Addicate people there…That will be a pure clean fight

Thunder:- if you want the sword then your fight for the sword will be not at 12 years but when you reach  18 years old. This sword is not a child toy.

Love:- I know Lord Lightning had already told me that.

Thunder:- you are not of Heaven’s why do you want it?

Love:- why am I not when he is one? (pointed at Rain)

Thunder:- he is my grandchild.

Love:- then I am your grandchild too we are the sibling

Love:- I believe I still have a right to be your grandchild

Thunder:- yes you do

Rain:- Love I will never give the sword  easily to you so if you really want it you better try harder & I will see you in your country when the times comes

Love:- good then you better also remember to bring the sword with you

Rain:- sure I will keep that in mind.

Love:- swear it …I don’t trust Makedonian

Rain:- I swear.

Lost:- then we are leaving now…Rain I am happy to see you grow up and healthy father please keeps this a secret from Mother in law

Thunder:- yes I will

Rain:- why keeps a secret from grandma?

Thunder:- it’s for every one good

Lost:- Rain my dear! please keeps our visit to you a secret from your grandma.

Rain nodded his head “ Lord Love then lets us meet again in the future”

Love:- yes little brother I can’t wait for you to be 18 years

Rain:- don’t call me little brother

Love:- okay I will stop only when you defeat me in the future

Rain:- did you forget you lose just now?

Love:- that doesn’t count

Rain:- your voice is so irritating & annoying (covered his ears)

Love:- yes that is strange I was supposed to have a sweet beautiful voice since I am Love but then looks like you end up having my voice and I get your voice. Rain should be noisy not me (make cute faces)

Thunder Laugh: – yes you a right Rain should have your voice but it ended up the opposite.

Love:- but grandpa looks like you love my noisy irritating annoying voice.

Lost (Smile):- that because Addicate lands used to produce that scaring noise sound in the past

Rain:- looks like you really can make people get sick just by listening to your damn voice.I am starting to get a headache just by listening to you.

Thunder:- I am happy to meet you Love

Rain (angry):- Grandpa he is annoying

Thunder:-  I am really happy with Love. (Rain getting jealous)

Rain:- you never said that to me.

Thunder:- don’t be jealous of your brother…Don’t be like sky.

Rain:- I am going to practice.

Love:- did I do something! Looks like he can’t stand me

Thunder:- No you don’t do anything wrong  Love. It’s just that he is more like his grandma. But don’t mind him he will be okay after he went to practice his exercise (smile) Oh I really enjoy your visit I even forget all my failure

Love:- Really can I come and visit you again? (Happy)

Thunder:- only when you become strong you know your brother and your evil grandma doesn’t like you and your parents not even her own children so you better wait till you grow up and strong.

Love:- then you come and visit me when you feel sad

Thunder:- you are so kind! Yes, I will.

Lost:- let us go home now before the mother comes

Thunder:- yes you better go  (Love runs and give the old man a kissed on his cheeks before leaving)

Love:- grandpa I love you tells Rain too I love him and I will wait for the sword in Addicate.

Thunder:- I will make him carry the sword to Addicate even though if he wants to cheat on you.

Love:- thank you (they leave)

credit goes to the artist ~ this image is for Lord Berg the Dragon, he can transformed into person or Dragon
“Credit goes to the artist ~
this image is for Lord Wilherm Berg the Dragon, he can transform into person or Dragon”

In Addicate, Love starts to work hard Berg was happy to see his child change and starts to take seriously with his learning and training. “What happens there in Makedonia did someone bully him?” Bergs asked Lost.

Lost:- No..he saw the Thunder Sword and he was told that he can have it if he defeats Rain in the Sport here in Addicate he is working for that Berg. Rain doesn’t miss me a bit, he treated me like I am a stranger not his mother but he has my feather.

Berg:- did he get it from Zebed?

Lost:- no…I wonder who gave it to him…I know the feather does not belong to the feather group it’s mine but I don’t get it how did Rain get them.

Berg:- maybe he gets it from Uzal

Lost:- I better asked Uzal…but still I know my own feather

Berg:- you never know maybe Zebed did give for Uzal as his gift when he was on his own…Don’t forget last time he went to earth.

Lost:- even if he gave how did he get to give it to Rain.

Berg:- maybe rain runs into him or something like that.

Lost:- I know Lightning didn’t give him that Feather..who have my feather others than Zebed the lost.

Berg:- you go and ask Uzal and I want to meet lightning can you call for him

Lost:- sure! & I want to meet lightning too! you know last time I went to Makedonia I can’t have my sweet moment with him because of Love and Rain they were on our way.

Berg:- if Lightning is willing to bring the child too I am much appreciated

Lost:- about the child I am not sure if he is willing to leave but I will try (smile & kissed Berg) I want to do this to Lightning but Rain just doesn’t give him a moment to be with me…

Berg:- I want to see Rain with my own eyes.

Lost:- why? He is of lightning not yours

Berg:- I just want to meet him, Lightning had met Love it’s time for me too to meet the other child.

Love:- Father you will love him he is very strong and handsome but not as handsome as me…I know how jealous of him when he saw me

Berg:- is that true?

Lost (laugh):- rain can’t stand to hear my son Love voice he always covers his ears every time Love starts to talk, he gets a headache for my child noisy voice.

Love:- that was just his excuse because he doesn’t want to be next to me or else people will see that he is inferior to me.

Berg:- you behave so much like Makedonian my child.

Love:- what to do I am more like a mother than you.

Berg:- yes!

Love:- I know I am more like my stunning beautiful mother. (Berg kissed and carried him)

Berg:- it’s time for you to sleep now.

Love:- Love you! (he sleeps)

Berg:- Lost you can go if you want

Lost:- you are very kind Berg…I will come in 2 days

Berg:- don’t forget to ask Lightning to bring Rain here

Lost nodded and went for a hug and a kissed to both of them. *********************************************************

In the garden of Heaven’s palace…Rain was studying alone in the garden he hears and listens to the beautiful melody, he stands up to look at the person who plays the melody. Wakatenai was playing the flute to impress DarkSky.

Rain:- wow! That music was so beautiful

Wakatenai:-  thank you  & you must be Rain?

Rain:- yes and who are you? (powerful air in his voice/ Royal)

Wakatenai:- Ah! Me I am Death Lord?

Rain:- Wakatenai?

Wakatenai:- yes that’s me. (smile) you alone here?

Rain:- yes this is my favourite place to study…You can’t play here

Wakatenai:- Sorry! (This child looks cold just like BlueSky)

Rain:- hmmph! Apology accepted since you are a visitor and an outsider

Wakatenai (I don’t like the way he talks he treats me like a pest):- I see You have grown up…(I remember it was not very long he was just little baby and now even though he looks small in height but the way he talks is just like that damn old BlueSky)

Rain:- give that to me (order)

Wakatenai ( a surprise to see this boy looks down on him he shows him no respect at all, he is just a junior):- you want this?

Rain:- you are a slow old man?

Wakatenai:- WHAT? Wh..what did you just called me? (Rain snatched the flute from Wakatenai unexpectedly)

Rain (act high and mighty he went to sit again in his favourite place in the garden, he wipe the flute and do exactly as Wakatenai did):- now let me try it…(he produce the exactly like him)

Wakatenai (surprise):- did you learn it so first? This can’t be I have worked so hard to be a perfectionist and you just listen to me & learn it…that my original tune…

Rain:- what is this thing called?

Wakatenai (proud):- O good to know that you still have no idea what this instrument called ask me politely and I will tell you

Rain:- I am not interested in it very much… (Throw it away)

Wakatenai:- Damn you, kid, you are not like what I am expected you to be…you are so…

Rain: – yes (looked up at Wakatenai)

Wakatenai: – you are a naughty child you know that

Rain:- I am not a child old man

Wakatenai: – good at least you know I am older than you, you should show some respect to your elder

Rain: – I don’t respect people from Lands’ even though they are much…Much older than you…I only respect Heavens’

Wakatenai:- you damn arrogant child.

Rain:- Now leave I am studying

Wakatenai plays the flute again to disturbed Rain. Rain was mad at him “ are you deaf! Leave I said” Wakatenai play louder and make only noisy music. Rain snatch it from his mouth and break it.

Wakatenai:- I still have another one (play again)

Rain:- this is my get out from here (covered his ears)

Lightning:- Wakatenai what is that horrible music you are playing you are causing my father a headache

Wakatenai (Suddenly remember Thunder):- O Prince Lightning it’s you…Ah about the music I was just practice to find my tune you see…

Lightning:- you are playing so horrible…with that music you will scare away my brother

Wakatenai (smile):- Prince Lightning where is your brother?

Lightning:- I don’t know

Wakatenai:- when will he return?

Lightning:- sorry I don’t know..he is sleeping

Wakatenai:- Oh what a waste of my time & my energy…Then I am leaving, I didn’t sleep I have been working so hard to compose that piece of melody but now (turns and glare angrily at Rain) that little devil learn my melody so easily. Now I have to be careful next time I don’t like that little monster.

Lightning:- did my son do something to you that you stare at him like a wolf?

Wakatenai (conscious):- Sorry I forget your son is just a child..(Smile again) your son is very annoying, please take good care of him…

Rain:- did you mean it for Prince Dark Sky? (jealous)

Lightning:- Yes Wakatenai was Head over Heel on your Uncle (smile)

Rain:- then that song is not worthy to listen to him…It’s so poorly composed

Wakatenai:- you talk as if you know how to write & compose…You only a copy cat…& don’t forget you don’t even know what that instrument called?

Rain:- you better try hard next time to be able to wake him…The song you played would not reach him

Wakatenai:- I will remember that! (This boy looks like he was jealous of me, did he too have to feel for his own uncle, that disgusting)

Lightning:- Rain your grandpa wants you!

Rain:- Okay (he leave while he walks both Lightning  and Wakatenai looks at him, Lightning see in Wakatenai’s eyes that he don’t like his son and his son too don’t like Wakatenai)

Wakatenai:- then I am leaving

Lightning watch him go “did I just see in my son’s eyes that he was jealous of Wakatenai? Did he have feelings for his uncle for my twin younger brother? Hope this is not right I am just thinking too much and my son is only 8 years old he must love his uncle like he was supposed to love his very own father”


Lightning caresses the hands of his beautiful wife, they sit from a distance to watch Rain’s training.

Lost:- I can’t believe this that you get back my child from Dark you know why? Does he think my child is not powerful to be his

Lightning:- maybe it’s a father who tells him about me…Rain comes to me with my father and he calls me father.

Lost:- about the feather did you gave him?

Lightning:- No…Wasn’t you?

Lost:- No.. My poor child I want to hug & kiss my baby…

Lightning:- he doesn’t want to think of as a child, he is proud to be a grownup…You can call him a young man that will make him happy..but he never shows his feeling, don’t expect a smile from him.

Lost:- he looks sad, go help him (rain fail to achieve what he has practice)

Lightning:- No..He don’t want help, he will always find a solution on his own. I have seen him do that many times.

Lost:- why is he working so hard to hurt his own sibling? I don’t like it the way he holds his sword and his stance it scares me that he might kill his own sibling

Lightning:- he is not doing it just for the sake to win Love..he wants to be the best among the best even I am on his list can you believe that & he is going to challenge even his own grandparents too (smirk) that kid he really have a strong determination of Addicate in him.

Lost:- yes that’s the reason I don’t like him when it comes to his training I am afraid he might harm his brother Love.

Lightning:- don’t be afraid he can control so well. It’s just that his looks that make you scared. That child will surely become the strongest deity one day…

Lost:- that will be bad! He is of heavens’

Lightning: – No! It wouldn’t I am his adopted father now. Not my brother

Lost:- but he didn’t listen to you

Lightning:- yes that true…But when it comes to the lesson he did listen to me Rain comes towards them and he was out of breath as he was running.

Rain:- Father I need your help…Please guide me on how to become a girl…I want to train as a girl

Lightning:- you don’t need a guide that you just think what you want to be

Rain:- I can’t I have been doing that now for a month on my own but I can’t

Lost:- Rain my dear if you can’t then that means you are not born to be a girl

Rain:- I can’t accept that… everyone can why not me…Are you saying I am not a complete deity? (Frustrated & angry)

Lost:- No…You are a complete deity it’s just that you are …

Rain:- I can’t accept that…why can’t I? Even Wakatenai can, why not me?

Lightning:- you have WilhermBerg blood in you…

Rain:- you are not my father?

Lightning:- yes I am but…

Rain:- you are confusing me

Lost:- your biological father is not Lord Lightning

Rain:- Is he that weak? He can’t even transform? I hate to be like him (angry)

Lost & Lightning:- No! He is not weak

Rain:- then teach me with a spell so I can transform

Lost:- for that let me  help you

Rain nodded Lost was happy to get a chance to guide her child. Rain practising in a girl’s form.

Lost:- I never have thought he will allow me to help him..he is not that bad like I have thought of him

Lightning:- yes he is not that bad…now you have your share of guiding him in his grown up

Lost:- I am glad that he can’t change like us…I am so happy he will always remember me now for my help

They see Bluesky comes to looking for Rain, they watched her giving him a new lesson, she had no idea that rain can’t transform without his mother help (spell)… This is a secret of Rain and his parents. BlueSky was happy to see Rain was strong in whatever form he is

Bluesky:- okay now we will try something new

Rain:- yes (in girl’s form, now learning his/her lesson that Sky teach him/her)

Bluesky:- you are so wonderful, now let us stop here

Rain:- okay (transform again to his original) grandma I will go out today please don’t wait for me

Bluesky:- where are you going?

Rain:- just nearby

Bluesky:- where is Lightning?

Rain:- I don’t know

Bluesky:- is LadyLost with him? (angry) I sense her nearby

Rain:- …..

Bluesky:- if you go to meet her I am not allowing you to go

Rain:- why will I meet her she had abandoned me…I want to go and see outside this palace wall

Bluesky:- wait I will go with you

Rain:- grandma I am not a child anymore I can walk & go on my own.

Bluesky:- promise me you will not go to meet LadyLost

Rain:- I will never (rain leave and BlueSky was spying on him, she stops to follows him when she sees he was walking alone to meet cywind)

Cywind:- Rain why are you out here alone

Rain:- I am here to meet you I want to ask you who is stronger you or Wind?

Cywind:- me of course why?

Rain:- who is stronger you or my father?

Cywind:- me! But which one did you mean DarkSky or Lightning?

Rain:- my father is Lightning

Cywind:- I am stronger than your father and your handsome beautiful uncle…No one can defeat me

Rain:- is it true my father got defeated by WilhermBerg?

Cywind:- I don’t know but I heard Wind did mention that once

Rain:- Have you ever been in a duel with WilhermBerg?

Cywind:- let me think! Yes I beat him and killed him a long time ago you don’t have to worry; I save your poor father and your family from that Barbarian.

Rain:- father didn’t say to me that you saved him

Cywind:- oh, of course, he will never say such an embarrassing thing…I remember Berg cry when I cut off his long dirty nails…I cut his head off to see that’s Addicate that is where the Barbarian lives

Rain:- didn’t you say you have killed him?

Cywind:- yes I did that is the place where he used to live…Wind said its beautiful inside

Rain:- you have never been there? ( in his mind then how did you killed him?)

Cywind:- ah! No! But why do you want to know who is strongest?

Rain:- because I want to be ready to face the strongest deity in the future

Cywind:- oh that will be me …I will wait for you (touch the boy’s head)

Rain:- now tell me who is the weakest deity?

Cywind:- that will be Snow!

Rain:- who is stronger snow or Wakatenai?

Cywind:- Snow!

Rain:- then why did you say its snow the weakest

Cywind:- Wakatenai is a demi

Lightning:- Rain why are you here?

Cywind:-  wow! Lord LadyLost is here too…

Rain:- father is it true Cywind save you from that Barbarian

Lightning:- No! …

Lost:- he had never even seen him

Cywind:- don’t listen to your mother, she is too embarrassed to say it that I save your family from that Barbarian

Rain just watch cywind angry face at Lost…

Lightning:- son do you want to go for a tour out of Makedonia with me…it’s very different from our

Rain:- let me  go and ask grandma first

Lightning:- you don’t have to, I am here I want my child to go with me for his learning of some history.

Rain:- okay I will go since it’s my lesson..but I promise grandma that I will not meet LadyLost

Lost:- okay I will keep my distance from you (smile) I will walk beside your father if that is okay with you!

Rain nodded …..thank you for helping me before please don’t tell my grandparents about me not be able to become a fully Makedonian Deity. I don’t want them to hate me especially not grandma…I can’t fail to achieve my dream (the promise he had to Dark SKY that he will make his grandma happy and get what she wants) because of one problem I have

Lost:- you can trust me I am still your mother …I will keep this a secret from them

Lightning: – don’t worry I love you, my son…

Rain:- Dark Sky will hate me

Lightning: – DarkSky! (Remember the day Rain had a small argument with Wakatenai) your uncle will never find out about your one problem I will always be there to protect you…now are you willing to go with me and learn new strange things

Rain:- I love to learn

Lightning:- okay that is my man **********************************************************

In Addicate Berg was training his kid. Lost “Berg comes here and sees what I have for you”

WilhermBerg:- Rain (happy to see the boy)

Love:- he is not as good looking as me

WilhermBerg:- you both are beautiful on your own…

Love:- Little Brother welcome home…Come let me show you around

Rain:- I am not your brother

Love:- you will always be until you reach 18 years old

Rain:- don’t hold me (angry)

Love:- Sorry! I was just being kind to you…come let us play

Rain:- I am not a child I am here to learn

WilhermBerg:- don’t you want to rest? You must be tired

Rain (suddenly become calm & gentle):- are you WilhermBerg?(looked at his long nails and makeup)

Berg:- Yes, did I scare you? (look at his own hands & look at Rain again)

Rain:- No! But you are strange…I heard you are death Cywind killed you

Berg:-………who is Cywind?

Rain:- Wind’s brother he is the strongest deity in Makedonia

Berg:- really I don’t know about that but I know Wind, he is not strong like your father and Skies.

Rain:- why is your hand like that did you get a curse or hurt?

Berg:- No its makeup…(wash his hand) see its clean.

Rain:- what about your face?

Berg:- I will wash it…

Rain:- You are like us…

Lightning:- do you like Berg?

Rain:- I don’t know…this is my first time meeting him…are you, my new teacher

WilhermBerg:- teacher? If you want yes…What do you want to learn from me?

Rain:- you are my teacher I am willing to learn anything you teach me

WilhermBerg (smile):- can I look at your hand have a very strong hand …

Rain:-  I work hard for this

WilhermBerg:- I see…but how long are you going to stay here?

Rain:- I can’t stay, I have to go home by evening

Lightning:- if you are willing I will bring you here tomorrow

WilhermBerg:- are you willing to come?

Rain:- yes! If grandma allowed

WilhermBerg:- you don’t have to tell her about you visiting me

Rain:- then that means I betray her and I don’t want that

Berg:- okay just asked for her permission by saying you are visiting your people here, don’t tell her Lost and your brother are here

Rain:- please teach me today what you want to teach me I don’t want to keep secret from her…I am not coming here again till I am 18 years old

WilhermBerg:- you are a strong child (hold  his hand) I can see your future that you will become strong…you are like me you had a lot of power of your own, your power is not limited just to one…you will be the most powerful deity of Makedonia my child…you don’t need any guide you will found it on your own

Rain:- but still I want some guidance, please guide me

Berg:- okay watch me perform I know you are no different from me you can learn just by watching me…(Berg teach him a lot of things, Rain was grateful to Berg and pay his deep respect to him)

Rain:- I am glad to meet you…& this is the first time I feel like I get a warm light & peace within me

WilhermBerg:- this is your home can always come when you fed up with being in Heavens’ Kingdom of Makedonia

Rain:- I feel a warm feeling when I am with you…

WilhermBerg:- that because you found me (hugged him), my child

Rain:- why am I Lightning child?

Berg:- that’s because we are both your fathers

Love:- what about me?

Berg:- have the three of us.

Love:- father just now you said he will be the strongest deity in Makedonia then what about me?

Berg:- you will be below for every one child, Wakatenai will be stronger than you.

Love:- what if I work hard?

Berg:- still the same…but I hope no one will hate you since you are Lord Love and a junior.

Love:- what you mean my little brother hates me, he doesn’t even let me called him brother.

Berg:- Rain you should not hate your very own brother, you must protect him

Rain:- he is not little he one year older than me & I can’t stand his voice.

Berg:- promise me you will not harm him! But you will protect him in Makedonia

Rain:- Yes, father I will protect him

Love:- does that mean I am allowed to call your cool father my father too? (excited)

Rain:- he is my father, not yours

Berg:- Yes Love he is your father too…Rain I don’t like your behaviour I don’t want your gagantic behaviour to control you I want tic or your Gagan to be your personality

Rain:- I don’t know what you are saying?

Berg:- come let’s go to our study chamber

Rain was excited to see all the statues & models of the past people and kings…Berg explains him so many things, he was excited to learn about Zebed and Berg stories and when he finished he suddenly runs and stood “ Father this is Prince Dark Sky why is he here?”

Berg:- that is the time he loses to me…

Rain:- father can I have the model, please give him to me

Berg:- why do you want it? You see Prince DarkSky every time in your home

Rain:- I didn’t see him often but just two times I have seen him he always put a mask on and now he is sleeping

Berg:- if you want it I will give it to you but I don’t think he will like it…This will only make him hate you..this is his bad moment…he doesn’t want such memory to be seen again

Rain:- Oh Yes you are right I should not make him look bad in our kingdom

Berg:- (smile & cover Rain’s eyes) your uncle will have bad dreams if you stare at him that way (teasing him)

Rain:- will he? (stares again) this will be my favourite place in Addicate

Berg:- is it because of him?

Rain:- yes I can always see Prince Dark Sky here

Lightning:- you shouldn’t say this out loud near Wakatenai

Lost:- you mustn’t have this kind of feelings for your own uncle…don’t forget he is once yours adopted father and my ex-husband.

Rain:- I believe you never once get a chance to sleep with him

Lost:- Rain I am your mother…

Rain:- father (Lightning) let’s go home grandma must be angry by now


4 years later after Wakatenai visited Heaven’s Kingdom he now becomes a professional he can easily play anything he wants, Wakatenai loves to show off his talents to the other deities. He knows very well from Lightning that Dark Sky has not awakened yet so he dint goes to the Heavens’. Everyone was praising him for his amazing talents he was once again disturbed by an unwanted guest. “okay now I see your playing in music has been improved the music you played was  very beautiful and I can say that at present no one can challenge you but now lets us find out about your fighting skill”

Wakatenai: – what are you doing here in our Kingdom you don’t belong here in the land go back to your heaven’s Kingdom you are not welcome here

Water:- you must be Rain now you have grown up

Snow:- Grown up! He is only 12 years

Wakatenai:- Go away!

Rain:- I will leave only if you able to defeat me (arrogant & haughty speech like sky)

Wakatenai (Smirked):- do you want to die, boy?

Rain:- if you can

Wakatenai:- don’t talk big you stupid boy

Rain:- I am not stupid I am the smarter and stronger than you

Wakatenai:- Damn you! (Attack, him in woman form)

Nebulous: – Wakatenai you better not take this lightly…what a shame if you lose to a kid, be a Lord instead to save you from shame

Everyone enjoys watching them except Nebulous.

Snow:- it will be a shame and disgrace to Heavens’ if Rain lost to merely a demi…

Wind:- See how strong is our Heavens’ deities were…

Rain: – I am not doing this for you

Lightning: – I am so proud of you Rain…

Wind: – he is strong like you

Lightning: – you think so?

Snow: – he is but I don’t like him he is so damn arrogant just like Skies.

Wind: – you know we hate skies and now we are sorry to tell you, friend, we hate your child too

Snow: – hope you will still allow us to be your friend don’t take what we just said personally it just that we can’t stand your only child

Wakatenai: – I can’t accept that I get defeated by a child! (Cry) mother did I become so useless

Nebulous: – No…You are still more skilled than him…he can’t play you still have your pride my poor child now stand up and stop acting so desperately.

Wakatenai: – you are wrong he can play very well & I hate him for that he can copy just by one look…I hate him from the depth of my heart…

Lightning: – then why don’t you challenge him again next time when you are prepared, not like today you never practice your martial art but only music…

Wakatenai:- that will be more shameful if I lose again the next time after training …It’s better like this so that everyone will remember my defeated that boy because I lack training.

Rain: – Snow! Do you want..?

Snow: – boy I am more powerful & stronger than you; you better wait after you worked more to defeat me

Rain: – you afraid? Snow fights him and wins Rain easily “I have warned you, poor thing since you are so proud and arrogant I will not forgive you and let you easily I will take your power” (cuts Rain’s hair)

Rain: – I will get back what you take from me and I will take everything from you the next time we meet

Snow: – I will remember that I will not look at you as a child, the next time we meet I will fight you to death be prepared well, boy.

Rain:- I like that!

Lightning:- okay now looks like you lose to Snow my child lets us go home now

Rain:- yes we better (they left) *********************************************************

Addicate Kingdom 

In addicate Love was loved & deeply respected by everyone. He was excited to go to the most important ceremony of Addicate he loves the entertainment and the customs of Addicate he sits in the most important place next to the emperor (Prince) he represents his father, but his father & his mother watches from somewhere else which others can’t see them.

Emperor Prince: –  you came and watch the show

Love:- I love this kind of thing is very entertaining for me

Love didn’t talk to anyone but just watching and enjoying the show, Rain too was in Addicate but he was in his favourite place

Rain:- today I will accomplish my promise to you I will defeat Love and prove to you I am better and powerful than Love whom you fear that he is more stronger than me

Suddenly Lady Lost was there “did Sky asked you to do this?”

Rain:- no one asked me this is my own pride

Lost:- don’t forget he is your brother…

Rain:-don’t be afraid I am just testing my strength

Lost:- you don’t have to do this…he is no match for you…why do you want to do it so much? You already know that he is nothing to you, you even defeated Wakatenai

Rain:- do you forget he is the one who challenged me, he makes me swore to bring this sword here to defeat me in this sports

Lost:- …..Didn’t your father come here with you?

Rain:- he went to join Lord Love

Lost:- (happy) really? I better go and look for my dear husband

Rain:- hmmph! How disgusting! …he is your dear Husband when you can’t even decide who is dearer to you Berg or my father

Lost (shocked):- are you insulting me your own mother? Shouldn’t you be thankful to me that you are even born into this beautiful world because of my selfishness and you get these two great deities as your fathers which you shouldn’t forget I am the greatest too…

Rain:- why should I be thankful to you? You have nothing to do with my existent; you abandoned me a long time ago…

Lost:- I didn’t abandon you I was there with you but in a different form….and don’t forget I have your secret, be thankful for me for that

Rain bit his own lips in frustrated and angry when he recalls that he is not a perfect Makedonian Deities.

Lost:- hmm! It will be a disgrace to you if your secret leaks out you better behave and know your place young boy. (Leave him alone there)

Rain: – damn!  My mouth (slap his own mouth) I shouldn’t have said something to anger her and threaten me; I just hope she will continue to be generous with me and keeps my secret… (Slapped his own face and curse himself for being the shame of Heavens’ land)

Berg was watching him from the hidden place “ stop slapping yourself before someone see you and get interested to know the reason you react this way if you still want to save yourself from disgrace and humiliation of your kind”

Rain:- father! Did you know about this, that I can’t freely transform without Lord lady Lost’s spells she puts on me?

Berg:- yes I know dint I tell you last time you are no different from me? Did you forget it already my son

Rain: – (disappoint himself) why aren’t you feeling ashamed and lose face that you can’t even transform like every deity?

Berg:- I accept of what I am…you should learn to accept yourself so that you will be more secure and stronger…no one can threaten you in the future if you just accepted of what you are (touch Rain’s head) did someone cut your hair?

Rain:- yes it was snow

Berg:- do you want to know a secret which is a merit for you to be like me?

Rain:- yes!

Berg:- your power is still within you, your power doesn’t lie with your hair…Snow gets nothing from you

Rain:- you are saying my hair has no power? (Disappointed more)

Berg:- you do since you are Makedonian but your power will not help for Snow you are just baby compare to Snow but if you get Snow’s hair it will increase and boost your power.

Rain:- father can you please teach me how can I become stronger and powerful faster I want to win Snow within this year

Berg:- that will be impossible my child you need patient and time to become stronger you need to practice a lot, you can’t just say it like that but I am here to guide you if you are willing to stay

Rain (smile the biggest smile): – father, can I hug you?

Berg:- come you don’t need to ask you can hug me just like you did to your father Lightning

Rain: – I hugged him but I want to hug you more than him..I feel secure every time you are close to me…I love my father Lightning too but I don’t feel secure & powerful in his arm like yours.

Berg:- then stay beside me

Rain: – I want to but I love Makedonia more than this place…But father, can you please teach me instead so that I can protect my dignity & my honour. Everyone there now starts to treat me like they do to skies I am not welcome as friends

Berg:- they didn’t hate you they just being cautious not to treat you like a child they see in your eyes that you are not afraid of them & you will one day duel them.

Rain:- father do you think I can become stronger than them if I stay and learn under your guidance

Berg:- you have strong hand and heart but I can’t say that you are able to become stronger unless you work and struggle hard each and every second

Rain:- I am willing to do that to make Skies proud of me

Berg:- you want to do this for skies, not for the Heavens’ Kingdom?

Rain:- yes I am doing it for Skies but if I win I can bring glory to Heaven’s

Berg:- to what I know Heaven’s people are more powerful than Lands’deities…

Rain:- father I want to duel even Heaven’s deities not only Lands’deities

Berg:- you really are a Makedonian…I don’t know Why Makedonian only lives to fight and live haughtily & proudly never care much about the well being of their people…even this games of sports was invented by Makedonian People (look outside where they have the games).

Rain:- but father I heard from my father Lightning that Addicate is originally cruel and wild beings they are carnivorous. Your people (Mortal Addicate) are the same as you but us Makedonian our people (Mortal Makedonian) are more humane and kind then your people…they are only pretending and act to be Makedonian

Berg:- yes Addicate are like this because of Makedonians…We love them, we worship & serves them, we listen to them because we like them and we accept them, we even end up trying to be one but now I am born again & I choose what I only like from them…I am here to protect my Children (Addicate people) & I am here to protect them from you from your selfishness (Harsh cold tone)

Rain (uneasy):- Father! Do you hate me?

Berg:- I don’t hate you but I hate the fact that you are too loyal to the evil Skies

Rain (sad):- you don’t want to hate me because I am your Child but you can’t stand it that I am of Heaven’s…

Berg:- I don’t hate all heavens’ deities but some I hate and that were Skies, I don’t like Snow too but not as much as them

Rain:- …. (Glare at Berg he has never has thought that the usually modest and compassionate Berg could be ruthless.) Am I still allowed to call you father?

Berg:- Yes! (The chill in his Gagan eyes and the odium in his words shocked Rain.)

Rain:- you Scared me, father!

Berg:- this is my original form, this is what I look like before meeting and knowing Makedonian… I am too ugly to be your father now, is not it? Your father Lightning tells you the truth about me and Addicate

Rain:- father are you going to devour me now?… You really scare me, father, please don’t forget I am only 18 years (for the first time he accept himself to act as his age)

Berg (sinister and arrogant smile):- Rain now you accepted that you are just a child…I don’t like that, where are your Pride and honour?

Rain:- Father!

Berg:- Skies will be very disappointed to see you like this! You easily get scared when no one threatens you, what a joke! And for you to sing your early praise that you will surely be the best of the best.

Rain:- father I don’t understand why you suddenly become like this? (Trying his very best to stand strong & calm)

Berg:- to show you my true colour…… (after a long time Rain remain still and stand firm never show his back at his cold father)…………….you truly are my son you dint run nor collapse even though you see my other side of me…Love was scared of me to death that he fainted when he once saw my Gigan form…he loves me in tic form which is more like Makedonian…

Rain:- I am scared out of my wit too but I will not pass out…unless you are angry at me and show me your evil eyes (murderous eyes)…….like I said I feel warm and secure in your arms…I will stand like this even if you devour me alive

Berg:- I hate Skies more because I am jealous & HATE that you are loyal and love them more than your parents

Rain:- I love you…

Berg:- I know I can feel that but you don’t love your father  Lightning more than his brother and you have no place for your mother but for Bluesky, you try your best to please her

Rain:- Mother abandoned me

Berg:- she did but not completely she sends “Zebed the Lost” there to protect you…you should at least be grateful for her doing if your mother was not there for you, You will not be standing here, Zebed had taken good care of you when you are very sick and you should know she suffered a lot for you under Skies, she even have to become a lowly slave just to get close to you so you will not die…Skies dint love you they don’t deserve to be served by you…

Rain:- when you put it this way I start to love my mother…I didn’t know mother suffered for me…

Berg:- now you know why I don’t like them…I will guide you if you are not doing it for the sake of Skies’ glory but for your own glory. Rain (think “will father willing to teach me if he learns that I have made my promise & I have a desire to stay by DarkSky side? I am Doom…I hope Dark Sky will never wake up or I will lose my focus” guilty conscience) father I will do it for my own glory

Berg:- really? Then make your vow this is for your own glory not for anyone else

Rain:- I make my vow this is for my own glory and  for the glory of my mother and my fathers

Berg:- I asked you for yourself but to add more this is so like Makedonain.

Berg and Rain were still talking and discussing a lot of things. While Lord Love was enjoying the fun he hears his mother voice “be prepared my child your brother dint forget the promises you asked him he is here with the sword that you want so much”

Love:- Oh I can’t believe this he really came and remembered…Oh! He spoiled the fun (whining)

Emperor Prince: – Something Wrong Lord?

Love: – yes! He comes

Emperor Prince:- who?

Love:- Rain!

Emperor Prince:- Rain? (Look up at the clear sky) there is no Rain my Lord…

Love:- what you mean? Can’t you see the sky starts to get dark?

Emperor Prince:- I see the Sky is still clear and bright (continue to look up)

Love :- Your majesty! you are old you should go and have your rest…

Emperor Prince:- yes! I am tired

Love:- what to do I don’t even train I thought he had already forgotten about that…This is unbelievable… (While talking an awkward person comes and sit in place of Prince) Who are you, stranger?

Stranger:- you don’t have to know that kid! I am here to watch the sports (arrogant way )

Love:- I don’t know why I don’t like or love you a bit…you must be so hateful…that you don’t like your own name & you even hide your hideous face (hateful way of talking)

Stranger:- why don’t you go down there and get prepared yourself I heard that you will participate Child of Berg! I can’t wait to see your power

Love:- wow! What an honour for me to be watched by an arrogant haughty being like you…you even know that I will participate I must be very popular out there!

Stranger (hmm):- don’t be mistaken by my visit, no one knows you even exist, except me and your parents

Love:- you must be an evil being then (try to look at his face)…I can’t feel any warm feelings for you…Even your aura and your atmosphere are cold, dark and gloomy…who are you mask man? Your air is so cold…I mean your breathing too

Stranger look up & young Lord Love looked up too, the stranger disappear while Love was still looking up

Love:- you are here to watch me? O were he disappear..did you really think I mean what I just said that to you that your face is hideous? Well, maybe you are! but I was just joking a little bit with you, looks like I hurt you, Mask Man come back I was just joking around with you, I know you had your own reason to wear a mask come and watch me…You will see how strong I am I will not make it a waste of your time & energy for coming here. (Where did he disappear)

Lost:- Love who are you searching?

Love:- I was looking for my fan but I don’t know where he runs too after I tell him that he is hideous…I think I just hurt him and he runs away…Poor guy, I treated him so bad when he is here to cherish & support me

Lost:- let it be since he is hideous…come now and greet your brother

Love:- mother you look extra happy today

Lost:- yes I am happy today your brother for the first time called me mother and he even hugged and kissed me he thanked me for raised & protected him

Love (forgets about that stranger in his happiness):- then we are a complete family I am so happy now he visits us and he comes here as my brother.

Lost:- yes we are family but his mind has not changed yet he wants to accomplished his promise to you and he don’t want you to take back your promise to

Love:- Oh! He is too much…I already had forgotten that…(they reach his father’s room, Berg was now in his usual form) Brother! Welcome home! (Smile)

Rain:- what are you smiling at? Do I look funny to you? (Angry)

Love (stops smiling):- No! You look cold, unfriendly & arrogant and strong (runs and plead) Brother please don’t humiliate me in front of my subjects you know I am no match for you! Spare my honour, please…Please, dear brother please I beg you! I beg you to let me take back my word you know I asked you that when I was just a foolish boy but now I know my power and I know I will never be able to stand against you.

Rain:- No! I can’t! I make a promise to grandpa before coming here that I will be fair

Love:- then I have to get out there and be humiliated?

Rain:- this is the sword & I want to be fair and justify who is the owner of this sword in the future, we have to do this to know who is the master since we are brothers

Lost:- Love you don’t have to be afraid  if this sword choose you then you will win for sure by fate it doesn’t matter who is stronger…& I have a feeling that you will win I see your grandpa likes you more than him (last sentence whisper)

Love:- yes you absolutely right mother..Well, brother then let us go and prove ourselves who is the rightful owner of this sword.

Rain:- lead the way! (They went out)

Kings, queens, judges, courtiers, soldiers, the audience was surprised to see  Lord Love in the arena. People who don’t know Love were asking among themselves “who is that young man why he suddenly on the top level…that is cheating! He should be going according to rules” one of the low-rank soldier “ he must be of the royal family!”

addicate man:- so what! Even he is of the royal!  rules are rules we don’t accept this he spoils the beauty of the game, what do you say people let us oppose this…Come on raise your voice people”

People accept the idea and they all start to shout at Love and BOO him…They ask the Kings, Queens and the judges to be fair and asked them to treat the Royal Makedonian the same way they treated their Addicate Royals. The Royals dint dare to accept the request of the people as they know very well the boy who was in the arena was not an ordinary royal of Makedonia but he is the son of Berg and the Makedonian deity. They all stay silent while their people making their demands.

Love:- my beautiful people, don’t worry I will grant your wish since I too love to do things fair…I don’t have a problem with your demand but I think my competitor will not accept this you see the one who wants to duel with me was not from this Kingdom which goes by rules and regulation   so he doesn’t follow this worldly rule that you people have made…(people were all silent and listen to him) I hope you will not make any more demands when his time our time to be in the arena

Judge:- Yes! We will speak for the people (they turned and look at the people) People you must accept his wills…you can’t go against our divine guardian. (people were surprised to hear this, This Young Lord Love he was a guardian too and they feel sad with their foolish, selfish demands)

King:- okay lets the game started as our divine guardian wants it.

Love fight so easily with each and every best competitor, he just sat in one place and fight them one handed and with closed eyes, he didn’t even pay any attention to them…now all the best of the best lose to him

Love:- now I have granted your demands …So don’t asked the real competitors who is going to duel with me next to go the same boring competition as I do..this young man who going to duel me is a really strong and  powerful man, so I warn you all to be prepared and ready to seat and grab tight at the place you are seated  because he is a very dangerous young man whose power is too great for him and he can’t control it like I do.

Every one of them now wants to see this young man whom Love tells them about and they all were excited to see this rare interesting game to happen in the arena. They all feel lucky to be born and live to see this sport. Now people and soldiers start to make bet who will win.

A young boy appeared in the arena, and people were all surprised to see a boy not a young man as their guardian Love tells them.

Tic man:- it’s a boy, not a young man!

Gagantic man:- what do you expect? Our little guardian is of Makedonia so nothing honest will comes out of his mouth! He exaggerated his competitor’s age to make himself looks good and great that he is facing the great & much older opponent than him

Tic Man:- shhh! Shut up before he ripped your ugly mouth! Look he is looking at us!

Gagantic man:- he must be angry at me now

Tic man:- shhh don’t talk any more before he troubles us he doesn’t look generous and kind

Gagantic man:- yeah! Your absolute right he looks cold and evil too he is not cute even though he is just a boy

Rain (stare like a sharp dagger at him from the arena ground):- who do you called Boy (cold sharp word)

Gagantic man (bow down & beg forgiveness):- forgive me good Lord I was a fool and stupid man…Please forgive me (Rain wants to eat him & the people who involve with him that instant, but luckily Love was there he protect those poor fool men)

Love: – Rain you can’t kill my people..Don’t you said you are here to play fair…if you consume him that’s cheating

Rain (he restrains himself because he remembers his father words):- ………

Rain:- they are too ugly and dirty you don’t have to be afraid they are not of my taste

Love: – ….well! (Then the sport began Love tried his best to win against Rain, Rain can’t believe Love that Love was so weak “Love you are not fit to be Berg’s Child! Aren’t you ashamed of yourself?”

Love:- No…I don’t have to be ashamed…I am the youngest royal deities…you are older than me you should be if you lose to me (still fighting) (Love said Rain was older than him to make Rain happy & feels grown up even though Rain was younger than him)

Rain:- you can’t win! (He give with a powerful strike and break Love’s weapon and Love gets a minor injured) Now you see you are no match for me & this sword does not belong to you. I am the rightful owner. (He picks the Thunder’s swords from the stand)

Love: – I can’t believe this the Sword dint choose me

Rain:- hmm! Now you know you are not fit to wield this beautiful sword. (Admire it)

Love: – congratulation! Oh, where did he disappear that fool ! he didn’t even wait a moment to enjoy the glory he deserved.

Addicate and the Royals (Makedonian’s royal) were all sad and disappointed at the result they don’t want to accept that their Divine guardian loses to a Makedonian Deity. Love was in his private room he to feels bad and disappointed but he doesn’t want to show it he pretends like he never cares. Then he senses someone was standing behind him he turns around and was surprised “You again where did you disappear mask man?”

Mask man:-“Me! I am watching you’re boring…”

Love:- Oh I am sorry to disappoint you Masked Man I know how you feel!

DarkSky:- you know how I feel? Tell me! (Icy voice)

Love:- regret that you came and waste your time on my boring performance.

Sky:- I have no idea that you a child of Berg will be this useless…Why does it have to be Lightning child be more powerful and stronger than you

Love (jump in excitement):- well that’s because he trained so hard…he really wants to be the best!

DarkSky: – son of Berg it must really hurt you?

Love:- No…I am not I am proud that he wins now he knows how weak I am..He is going to look after me

Sky:- Look after you? Why do you say that?

Love:- well because he is my brother

DarkSky:- you knew you were brothers? That no fun!

Love:- yes! I knew since I was small but he only knows when he reached  8 years old…But it was this morning that he accept and forgive mom, he now accepts us as his family.

DarkSky:- is that so? Then Rain now going to live with you?

Love:- I don’t know (he looks at sky) why are you asking so much about him now? Are you afraid that your race will live and become Addicate?

DarkSky:- I don’t care!

Love:- um..may I know your name?

DarkSky:- I like what you just called me

Love:- a masked man?

Darksky:- yes you can call me that

Love:- why are you wearing that?

darkSky:- to hide my hideous unwanted face…I feel comfortable and nice to look unique and different from the others especially her

Love:- HER? Who?

DarkSky:- …………………….. Who trained your brother?

Love:- father and my stepfather

D.Sky:- they seem to get along so well! I don’t like this

Love:- why?

D.Sky:- Lightning is a friend of Berg…

Love:- you have no friend?

D.Sky:- I don’t need one

Love:- how can that be everyone need friend I can be your friend  I will wear a mask like you

D.Sky:- well yes you can be only if you are willing to do as I told you

Love:- you are not a bad deity are you?

D.Sky: Nooo! I am a pitiful deity just like you…I am the most useless, weak & inferior deity we are just the same

Love:- how can that be you don’t look inferior nor weak to me you look elegant and majestic

D.Sky:- that’s the very reason I told you we are so much alike, from your appearance you look powerful & majestic just like your father…heh! But today the world knows you are nothing you don’t even fit to call yourself a child of Berg.

Love:- ………..

D.Sky:- don’t worry you are not the only one I am the same but I can help you become strong if you are willing

Love:- how can that be when even for yourself you can’t

D.Sky:- well I can because you are still young I can help you with my spell

Love:- you can really do that?

D.Sky:- only if you are willing

Love:- yes I want to become strong if possible for you to help me win against my brother to get my heart desire I will do anything…

D.Sky:- you don’t have to worry about that when I need your assistant I will let you know…Now come! Closer boy (now this boy will be perfect for me to hurt Berg)

Love:- do I need to wear a mask since we are a friend  (happy)

D.SKY:- wait you can wear them after I cast a spell on you (he chant and Love tremble when dark spirits enter him, he fell down and lost his mind for sometimes…his voices changes and his eyes to transform into dark colour and lost the brightness of it. Sky can’t stop smiling inside his mask, after sometimes later Love was back himself and Sky act kind and friendly again)

Love:- Yes I can feel my power and energy within me are you think I  can challenge my brother again and win the sword

D.Sky:- Yes! You are ready now

Love:- ahh! Why are you willing to help me?

Darksky:- because you are Love ( weak I can easily manipulate you) and I know your power & your ability

Love:- Aww! That’s very kind of you, you are the only one who acknowledged my power, not even my parents, they don’t know I have really tried my very best to become strong but they just don’t see it they keep telling me I am lazy and useless not like my brother

Darksky:- I am here now you don’t need to feel alone now go

Love:- yes now I will go asked him for a duel again Love when out of his room he was happy and proud.

Darksky was happy too to get Love “Love was such a fool, looks like they spoiled him because of their too much love for him”. Love went to meet Rain and Rain was a surprise to hear Love asking him for another duel.

Rain:- okay you really looks confident this time! Did you eat something that boosts your strength?

Love:- maybe I did !but I am not telling you what it is

Then they both strike.  Rain at first he goes easy on him but he was shocked and surprise to see Love suddenly become so strong and he fight him seriously this time “Love! How can this possible! You are not strong before but now” they attack again both of them gets tired. Rain rest to breath the familiar sweet beautiful air for a moment he gets distracted by it as he lost his focus and attention on Love and Love gets his chance while Rain was looking around to the audience as he was searching for the air that comes to his nose, Love give a powerful strike at Rain and Rain just falls down on the ground and fainted.

Love:- Yeah I win Now the sword is mine (he takes it from the stands)

Rain:- huh! I think I was wrong you really are amazing…and the Sword is now yours I will never come after it are worthy of it…

Love:- I know I will never win against you if you are not distracted, mom was right the sword will choose her own owner…tell me why are you distracted, that fated me to get this?

Rain:- it’s nothing (why did I suddenly felt his presence in Addicate did he comes to watch this match) ….it’s too bad for me I lose to you…I will work harder to never allows you to beat me down next time.

Love:- today as well it was just by luck I win

Rain:- yes maybe but I can feel that your power are stronger than really hurt my body… Lord Love that scent is it from you?

Love:- yes

Rain:- where did you get it?

Love:- a friend give it to me

Rain:- can I meet your friend

Love:- yes, wait let me go and look for him

Rain:- wait I am coming with you

They both went out to search for Darksky but he can’t find him

Rain:- how does your friend look like?

Love:- I don’t know but he wore Mask

Rain:- Mask? Did he give you that power to fight me?

Love:- yes he did (happy)

Rain (angry & jealous):- is that so? (Push Love) what did you do that he is willing to be your friend?

Love (notice the change in Rain):- nothing I just have a friendly talk with him and he seems to like me do you know him?

Rain:- I can’t accept this he is helping you and even lend you his power why did he pick you and not me you don’t deserve to meet him you are the weakest and don’t he told me I must be the best but why is he helping you

Love:- Oh I forget to tell you he said he is helping me because I am Lord Love…but why are you reacting like this…It’s just a game now you know that power he puts on me is gone…you too feel the scent gone from my body when the air fills with his scent he puts on me.

Rain:- I hate you, Lord Love, you stole him from me!

Love:- you can’t say that I have no idea he is your friend and I still can’t accept that he is your friend he told me he never had a friend I am his friend

Rain and Love fight again they both get bloody this time this is no longer a game it’s a serious and deathly fight, Rain nearly kills his own brother, LadyLost block it and beat Rain, they both get beaten on her, she asked them why are they becomes like this they both stubbornly keep their mouths shut. Berg too asking the reason but no one tells him the reason, in the end, they think it was because of the thunder sword.

Lightning:- Son now come let’s go home

Rain:- Love you are my enemy I will not forgive you for stealing my precious

Love:- how dare you! You are the one who is a thief and now you blame me…

Lost:- Lightning you better take him back to Makedonia looks like they both now hate each other for real


I am novice both in story writing & grammar my first language is not English so forgive me if tenses or grammar is not correct HOPE YOU LIKE Thanks For Reading it >//W//<


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