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credit to the owner the artist - this image fits the character of Lord Wakatennai and Lady Nebulous
“Credit to the owner the artist –
this image fits the characters of Lord Wakatennai and Lady Nebulous”

Emperor Thunder (angry): Sky! Why don’t you carry Rain, looks like the baby is hungry!

Dark Sky: I don’t know how to feed him

Thunder: Try! You a mother & father of Rain.

Dark Sky: father you hold Rain and I will feed him (he try but fail the baby didn’t swallow anything)

Thunder: go bring Lady Lost back. Rain wants his mother

Dark Sky: Maid! Go get that Slave here

Maid: which one?

Dark Sky (cold eyes): Lost!

The maid when to bring Lady Lost to the room

Lady Lost: you call me?

Dark Sky: Feed rain!

Lost was happy to carry her child, Rain stops crying at Lady Lost touching…

Thunder: it’s good that you are still around (gentle smile)

Lady Lost: father! What will Sky going to do with Rain?

Thunder: don’t worries he doesn’t seem to have any bad intention to Rain.

Lady Lost: Please protect him from them

Thunder: sure! I am by his side no one can harm Rain

Lady Lost was please to hear this…Thunder left and Dark Sky has been listening to their talking secretly. Dark Sky enters and claps his hands

Dark Sky: you seem to gain favour from my father you even dare to ask him to protect your child

Lady Lost: Sky I want to return back to being what I am…

DarkSky: returned?

Lady Lost: give me my freedom!  I will go back to my land my home…I don’t want to be your slave nor your servant.

DarkSky: Humph!  you will never see your baby are you okay with that?

Lady Lost: yes!

DarkSky: you are free Lord/Lady Lost.

LadyLost: thank you! I will remain grateful to you Prince Sky

Lady Lost went back to her Land. After a few days, she went to search for Lord Lightning and spent time with him and a week later she went to the Addicate Kingdom to spend time with Lord Berg and her child Love.

Lady Lost: Zebed goes to Sky’s Kingdom I want  you to protect Rain in place of me…give rain as much love as you can

Zebed (worried): I have to go to Sky’s place…but Blue Sky hates me…she has seen me before when I save you

Lady Lost: Dark Sky can’t raise him…I don’t want my child Rain to suffer from loneliness and know no warm of Love.

Zebed: can I stand against them…how will I approach them?

Lady Lost: you can do it I believe in you

Zebed: do I have to take a risk?

Wilherm Berg: we believe in you that you can do it you are smart and we have faith in you that you will live

Zebed: How long will I have to be in their Kingdom?

lady Lost: as long as it needs…Rain needs me so that’s the reason you have to be there as you are part of me…nobody knows that you are part of me

WilhermBerg: you better be careful and alert not to let them know that you are part of Lost you have to be Zebed the individual soul…this is the only way not to let them suspicious of you

Zebed: so I am Zebed the feather again? (happy) I am Zebed! Not Zebed the Lost…wow! it’s so wonderful to be me again (Tears) I am Zebed!

Lost: Zebed the Slave

Zebed: SLAVE? (Not Zebed the great! That’s too cruel)

Berg (Smile): remember you have to be individual! You are Zebed the feather! But a Slave!

Zebed (sad): why do I still have to be a Slave?

lady Lost:  go to Heaven’s kingdom and do anything you can to be close to Rain

Zebed: anything I can even if I somehow offend you?

lady Lost: yes anything you can to be close to Rain…I will forgive you if it is for baby Rain

Zebed: what a cruel fate for me that I have to go back to that Kingdom…I am so afraid of Skys’ they are very cruel and everyone else in their place from master to their lowly servant they all look down on me…I hate that place the most. And now I have to be merely a slave.

Zebed was transported to Heaven’s Kingdom with the power of lady Lost. Zebed wakes up and realizes he was in the names list of the new arriving slaves. His name was called and worked were assigned to him…he was surprised to hear that he was assigned to work in the outside Sky’s palace as the cleaner, not as a babysitter of the little Rain

Zebed: Lady I think you mistaken…should not I be in the Sky’s Palace

Lady in charge of work: who are you?

Zebed: I am Zebed! I heard only the handsome people can work in the Sky’s Palace and I think I am fit for that…

Lady in charge: do you think you are handsome? (Stern voice)

Zebed: well I guess since people always comment that I am very handsome…

Lady: Are you sure you are handsome and fit to be in the Palace?

Zebed: ……………maybe not! But I am fit to be a slave in the Palace

Lady: Why are you so insisting to work in there?

Zebed: Because I hear Skies are very hard to see…and I have heard they are the most beautiful being.

Lady: you are to work here!

Zebed:  O! I don’t even have a chance?

Lady: don’t you know LadySky prefer women slaves and servants to do the work inside the palace

Zebed: you mean there are no man workers in the Sky’s place

Lady: there is but they do a different job…but at present, they don’t need men they want female inside the palace.

Zebed: what a cruel fate… (I used to be a doctor, a messenger, a leader and now I am just a slave! why do I have to be this inferior.) ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………

Zebed had been in the Sky’s Kingdom now for 3 months and he hadn’t got the opportunity to be near the Sky’s Palace.

Zebed: I can’t believe this I am here now for 3 months.. And I haven’t seen even the outside gates of Sky‘s palace…how I wish they will send me to deliver something to the palace.


Slave: if you really want to go that bad then you can do my work if we exchange works

Zebed: But they will know

Slave: just for today I don’t think they will find out I pity you…you want to see the outside gate right? I happen to have an errant today which happens to be near the Sky’s Palace.

Zebed: aren’t you afraid if they found out you will be punished because I’m not strong, I will blame you and tells them it’s your Idea you force me into this because you’re lazy to go.

Slave: HA HA…you are very straight…good that you tell me this beforehand and you are honest…I like you…BTW I am cyclone…and I am a very strong wind

Zebed: you are wind’s Brother?

Cyclone: yes you can call me Cywind…And may I know your name?

Zebed: I am Zebed and I am not strong like you…(Smile) you are Wind’s brother but why are you here?

Cywind: you mean why I am in this position?

Zebed: yes why are you a slave?…for me I am a slave, to begin with, but you, you are royals of the Heaven kingdom

Cywind: O I have offended Mighty Thunder a week ago and this is my Punishment for three days to be a slave

Zebed: (jealous) just for 3 days! Didn’t you just said you offended Mighty Thunder! Why is he so kind to you?

Cywind: Actually he doesn’t want to punish me but his wife did, she wants me to suffer from humiliation by becoming a slave to Noble’s family…

Zebed: tomorrow will be the last day for you as a slave?

Cyclone: Yes and if you really want to see the outside gate you can go in my place because no one dares to raise their voice and hands against me…everyone knows me except you

Zebed: are you that popular among the royal deities and among their heavenly people?

Cyclone:  each and everyone knows me from the mightiest to the lowest being know me

Zebed: what makes you think that you are that popular?

Cyclone:………..I would love to chat with you but don’t you think you will waste your time if you don’t go while I am kind enough to do your dirty work.

Zebed: yes I better go…thank you

Cyclone: don’t thank me I am not doing this for free…

Zebed: I have nothing to give for you in return.

Cyclone: of course you do…you are very strange and good looking I will like you to accompany me when my punishment end

Zebed: how can I do that I am just a lowly slave…they won’t allow me to step out from this mansion.

Cywind: I will give you freedom.

Zebed: (Happy) really you are so kind! I never dream that me being a slave would come to an end…If only I have met you faster, I think I can get my freedom  (smile so beautiful which comes from his inner self) Cywind looks at him and feels happy when he sees Zebed’s happy.

Cywind: you are strangely beautiful…who are you?

Zebed: Zebed the Slave. Now I am going (wave) since you can take care of the troubles later

Cywind: Sure I will do anything for handsome, beautiful being like you (Zebed had long gone)


Zebed was looking at the beautiful gate while passing to deliver the things. And someone was watching him too

Zebed: wow! What a heavenly beautiful gate

Stranger: yes it is

Zebed: who are you? (Surprise to see a Mask man)

Stranger: A puppet!

Zebed: (surprise) A puppet? Even heaven’s people know what a puppet is?

Stranger: do you have business here?

Zebed:  No

Stranger: but you look like you really want to go in.

Zebed: yeah! who don’t want to! (Carrying a small box in his hand)

Stranger: what is that you are holding?

Zebed: ah this! I was here to deliver this but the owner ( he reads the addresses, but while reading someone calls Puppet’s name, Zebed looks at the direction)

Someone calling:- Puppet!

Stranger: that is me!

Zebed: I’m sorry I thought you were lying to me when you said that your name is Puppet. (He seems to be a cold person; I can feel it even though I can’t see the man face, just listening to his chill icy voice)

Stranger: do you want to come along with me to the Palace

Zebed: I am just a slave..& I don’t have a pass

Stranger: I know…you are wearing slave clothes.

Zebed (look at himself & laughing): ah yes! My dress (hit his head with his hand)

Stranger: since you are here why not comes in and deliver it your self

Zebed: ……………

A stranger called at the watchman to open the gate for them to go inside the Palace, the gate opened and Stranger just pulled zebed in from his sleeve and said: “come in you give it yourself to the owner”.

Zebed’s heart racing as he steps into the Palace and he keeps his eyes fixed on to Stranger’s hand and he steps into his own dress and stumbles. The stranger dint help him up,  Zebed gets up on his own and his face get Redden with embarrass

Stranger: what’s wrong? Go on and give this to the owner. He is inside

Zebed: you are not coming in?

Stranger: No! I am kind enough to bring you here so that no punishment befalls on you…this should be Cywind’s task. (Zebed get pushed in)

Emperor Thunder: you are not Cywind?

Zebed: (bow down) forgive me…I am a slave from Air’s mansion Cywind asked me to deliver this instead of him

Thunder: I know you! last time you are a messenger and now you are a slave! And you even able to get in the Palace, how did you get a pass?

Zebed: Puppet helps me.

Thunder: who’s Puppet!

Zebed (confuse): I don’t Know I just met him and he introduces himself to me he is called Puppet. I think the Watchmen know him.

Thunder: there’s no one by the name Puppet here.

Zebed: I’m not lying that man helped me in, he pulled me by my sleeve see even my sleeve got torn from the shoulder because I stumble.

Thunder: now handed me the Box. (Thunder carries Rain)

Zebed (see the baby): the baby looks sick let me examine the baby.

Thunder: you are still the same as the last time I met you, your behaviour dint change a bit. Why did he suddenly stops crying when he sees you

Zebed: well maybe he knows who I am.

Blue sky suddenly enters and angry at the sight of Zebed.

Blue Sky: you! how dare you come here? (Ready to kill)

Thunder: you know him?

Blue sky: yes I have seen him last time with Lost he saves Lost…did Lost send you here?

Zebed: please don’t hurt me, I am not here because of Lord Lady Lost. I did save Lord Lost back then when I was calling myself a doctor but now I am just a lowly Slave and Lord Cywind send me here.

Thunder: what exactly are you?

Zebed: Originally I am a Doctor, a healer but later I become a slave, a messenger, and a slave again.

Thunder: did you met Lord Lady Lost when you are a doctor?

Zebed: yes! Lady Blue Sky was about to kill Lord Lady Lost that time and I manage to save Lord Lady Lost from her hands…My Lady, you must know I am not trying to go against you. But since I am a doctor I can’t help it it’s my duty to save someone who is….

Blue Sky: shut up! (About to kill him)

Dark Sky: mother wait! Don’t kill him yet…look! this child Rain seems to like him.

Blue sky: what do you expect? Rain felt the presence of his dear mother in him

Zebed (was surprised): why will Rain felt his mother present in me?

Darksky (walk closely and sniff Zebed): yes why do I feel it the same as mother said?

Zebed: that’s easy because I was stained with her Blood while I carry and save Lord Lady Lost  that time and you still feel her sense in me because of your strong grudge for her you are holding..but now like I said I am no longer a doctor  a healer I am just a slave I hope you will forgive my past mistake ( bow down)

Blue Sky: I don’t know why but I still hate you

Darksky: and you strongly smell like LadyLost to me…

Zebed: I am a doctor once and if you want to save Rain let me check his health.

Thunder: Well sure please take a look at my grandchild and save him.

Bluesky: whatever lie you make I strongly believe Lord Lady Lost send you here

Zebed checks the pulse of baby rain and his eyes examine like every doctor do. While doing this he happens to look at the beautiful white hand of Darksky. He gazes at Darksky’s hand. Darksky sense that Zebed was looking at his hand

Darksky: what are you staring at? (cold)

Zebed (don’t tell me that voice and that hand belong to that Masked Man): ah let me see your hand I might able to help you Prince DarkSky. You shouldn’t take your hand’s injury lightly. It will cause you a major Problem latter on.

Bluesky: my son who hurt you? I mean how did you injure yourself? (Panic)

Dark sky (avoid her from looking): it’s nothing.

Zebed gives Rain back to Thunder after making a medicine for him. Blue sky was worried and asked Zebed what’s going to happen to her son if he is not treated

Zebed: he is going to get sick and die from it.

Bluesky: I can’t let that happen to him do something to help my child, I can’t let him suffer, I don’t want him to be in pain he is too young to die

Thunder: Please save my son!

Zebed was moved when Thunder ask him, he doesn’t want to ignore his plea to save his son.

Zebed: I will try my very best if Prince Darksky allows me to touch him…he seems to avoid physical contact. If only he allows me to check on his deep wounds

Thunder: stay here! And help my son I don’t want to lose my handsome beautiful son just because he is too weak to protect himself from whoever that causes him.

Bluesky: it must be Prince Lightning who injuries my son. If my child suffers I will never forgive your son Lightning for hurting my precious Child.

Thunder: DarkSky is my child too and Lightning is your Son too…and I too wants to protect my children, if you happen to lay a hand on Lightning  I will deal with you and if you happen to change your mind when you find out that your precious child is of no use to you then if you dare raise a finger to hurt my other weak beautiful son I will kill you myself. I will never let you hurt DarkSky either…He is what he is now because of you.

BLUE Sky: what makes you think I will hurt DarkSky, my precious son

Thunder: you never love him, all you want is to used him to avenge me…you don’t have a motherly love for my Child Sky…you pick him because you find him weak and easy to manipulate not like Strong Lightning

BlueSky: Sky Love me not you…you don’t have a place in his heart…

Thunder: I bet he now understand you better, he knows that you never love him…don’t forget he didn’t allow you to touch him and he dint allowed you to see his wound. You better be prepared for your lost…he might already hate you now

BlueSky: I don’t care if it is love or hate as long as he has me in his heart.

Thunder: you are a monster in disguise of a beauty… (BlueSky leaves Thunder and Zebed)

Thunder: Please save my son…I think she starts her move she wants to get rid of my children…I a father of my child I sense his pain…She wants to blame my good son Lightning for her doing…I underestimate her I thought she will never be able to do to her the child she personally raises but I was wrong…she now touched my innocent foolish son…I will never let her have her way. I will kill her if she dares to annihilate my children.

Zebed: you really do care for your children!

Thunder: I pity my son DarkSky for his blind loyalty to his mother. I want to hide my child away from his mother. She hates me she can’t kill me but she was capable to kill my heart through my children…she now knows Darksky was no longer needed she now have Rain. She is just waiting for the right time to get rid of my son DarkSky when Rain has grown up…she dares used her dirty trick on my innocent child. I can’t forgive her if his body was poison…this is how she kills my sister and my parents she poisons their swords…I spare her that time because she carries my children at that time and later I forgive when she becomes a mother of my beautiful handsome children…I forgive her because she cares for my son Dark sky.

Zebed: she is alive till now because of Prince Darksky loves for her!

Thunder: Yes! If only it was Lightning I might already kill her a long time. Lightning doesn’t need her but my other son did he can’t survive without her he is so weak from the time he was born. She was the source of his living.

Zebed: what you are going to do with Rain?

Thunder: I will protect him from mother and Son..they are both evils. She raises my child to become like her..I can’t blame my Dark sky it’s my failure to protect him. ***************************************************************************

Zebed watching Darksky secretly, he waits till he fell asleep to come closer to him. He takes Darksky hand to examine it and to check on his physical condition

Zebed: please don’t wake up…( he rolled up his long sleeve and was shocked to see  DarkSky was seriously very sick, his left arm was very weak) poor Sky! Your arm is disabling…

Dark sky (Suddenly open his eyes): why are you so close to me? Do you intend to kiss me secretly?

Zebed: why will I kissed you…I am not Lord LadyLost your wife

Darksky: you smell like Lord lady Lost. ( close his eyes again)

Zebed: very kind of you to compare me to Lord Lady Lost (Lost appear in Zebed, and bend over to Darksky and kissed him gently) please don’t die…

Dark sky: why should I not? In the end, not a single person love me nor wants me, not even my mother needs me (hurtful smile)….why do I feel like you just stole my first kiss just now?

Zebed (Lady Lost just left him from his body & shocked): Did I?…you are dreaming Why will I kissed you

Darksky (open his eyes again and find Zebed’s reaction funny): Zebed! It’s okay…I won’t get angry, I know you thought I was dead and you just trying to save me by giving air through my mouth…I once see this act in the human world trying to save someone.

Zebed (Becomes red): yes you sleep like you are death (I can’t believe Lost appear even though it’s a risky move he/ she dare to come and kissed DarkSky). a doctor always do that to save someone life

Darksky: Then you must have kissed many people?

Zebed: Yes a lot & I bet you will be the last…(My heart is racing and flutter right now) don’t look at me like that you  are making me uncomfortable

Darksky: Zebed I can hear your wild heartbeat! Looks like you are sick too Zebed turns around to hide his red face, did I suddenly like him, I bet it’s not my feeling it must be of Lord lady Lost. He turns to looks at Darksky sleeping eyes again, I can’t believe every time I look at him my heart goes wild this is the first time I had this feeling. No this is not my feeling it must be of Lord Lady Lost.

Dark sky: Zebed what do you think of my child? Is he stronger than me?

Zebed: he is a strong child but you are much stronger than him… please let me check your health

Darksky: I don’t like people to touch me.

Zebed: I will not touch you but just to treat you (while checking) may I know how many lovers you have?

Dark sky: NONE!

Zebed: None! ( I can’t believe I am happy that he had none)…but what about your ex-wife Lord LadyLost?

Darksky: she is just a memory of my younger days..Lord LadyLost too have no place in my heart only one person I keep in my heart

Zebed (anxious to know): may I know who that person is? (Don’t tell me it’s Lady Cloud your childhood lover)

Darksky: it’s my mother… I can’t imagine life without her…I will leave everything behind to follow her…she is my life.

Zebed remains silent and hates to hear this from Darksky.

Wakatenai was busy practising his new hobby

Nebulous: why is my child practising so hard with that foreign thing?

Wakatenai: mom! You have no idea how much this means to me!

Nebulous: do you care to tell me why it is so important to you?

Wakatenai: it’s a secret!

Nebulous: since when did you start keeps secrets from me?

Lightning: he was practising it for DarkSky! Lord LadyLost tells me that Wakatennai really gets the Emperor Thunder and DarkSky attention last time; he played in the Heaven’s Palace.

Wakatennai (jump with excitement): Dark Sky did listen to it? I can’t believe my luck, did he like it.

Lightning: Lord Lady Lost told me that he listens and he even went to seated by the window to watch you played your flute…I think they enjoyed it since they even asked what’s the instrument called

Wakatennai: Did they know what it is called!

Nebulous: didn’t you said last time you are after Lady Cloud? Why are you practising so hard for Prince DarkSky!

Wakatennai: Oh mom after I see and met him close DarkSky is even better looking than anyone in this World…I think no one beats him in beauty, not even that handsome WilhermBerg. If I have to choose between them I will go for Dark Sky even though he is not strong.

Nebulous: shush! Don’t say that aloud! What a shame if someone heard you pick Beauty than power.

Wakatennai: I am not ashamed…well now I will try even harder to make him wants to see and hear my playing. Mom, I know I decide I will go to the human world to learn music…I am going to become a musician (stands up to leave)

Nebulous: you really leaving?

Wakatennai: yes but first I am going to look for my father, he will help me

Nebulous: Does your father know music too?

Wakatennai: I am not sure but he has a lot of Ideas since he mostly lives there… the earth is the best Place to gain unique talent. (excited) bye, mom, I’m not coming till I acquired my goal, but inform me if anything happens to Prince DarkSky. Since I am doing this for his sake.

Lightning: DarkSky was sick you better learn quickly, according to Lord Lady Lost he might not live long

Nebulous & Wakatenai (shock): What! (Unbelievable)

Lightning: I haven’t seen him myself but Lord Lady Lost has seen him, DarkSky was very weak, she doesn’t think he’s ……

Wakatennai: Mom saves him! You can cure him, right?  your power is for healing

Lightning: it’s not that he cannot be healed, it’s him! he doesn’t want to heal…he doesn’t wish to live any longer. He welcomes his sickness with pride.

Mother & son: why?

Lightning: he had his reason! I too can’t imagine the World of Deities without him…I hate him but I don’t want him to be gone…Life will be very boring without him

Others were sad to hear this bad news.

Wind: I too hate him…but…to think DarkSky will disappear forever from this beautiful world which suited him the most…I don’t like it

Snow: if DarkSky was gone…that means I am the most beautiful and  Lightning is the second most beautiful…

Lightning(angry): how can you say such a thing when my only greatest enemy which so happen to be my younger brother was headed to his death

Fire: shouldn’t you be happy Light…you will be the only heir to the Heaven’s Kingdom and you will get back the ThunderBolt Sword everything…Sky is just a hindrance to your succeed

Lightning (hit Fire and they were fighting): even though I hate him I never wish for him to disappear if I could I want to trap him and save his soul…I will never let him go. ************************************************************************

Adonais:  this horrible thing! It’s suit you  son

Waketennai: oh it’s not for me it’s for someone else

Adonais: for a deity or for man? (Makedonia man)

Wakatennai: it’s for a deity…(turn to seller) how much is this?


Seller: that suited you like your friend said but we still have more if you like to see.

Wakatennai: sure please bring it here

Seller: just a minute I will bring it to you miss

Wakatennai: did he just call me Miss?


 I am novice both in story writing & grammar my first language is not English so forgive me if tenses or grammar is not correct HOPE YOU LIKE Thanks For Reading it >//W//<


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