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plot stories of gods/ deities/humans in a World of Makedonia. I am an amateur so forgive my mistakes and enjoy

credit goes to the artist ~ this image is for Lord Berg the Dragon, he can transformed into person or Dragon
credit goes to the artist ~
this image is for Lord Berg the Dragon, he can transform into the person or Dragon


Baby Rain was with his mother…The emperor Thunder comes in to see him and he smiles
Thunder: my grandchild! You look just like your father (Lightning)
Lord/Lady Lost: Do you think so? (Happy) I wonder what my son will think of his father when they meet
D.Sky: his uncle of course since I can’t hide that he is my eldest brother…
Thunder: my son why did you steal his son and his wife?
D.Sky: I did not! He gave them up on his own…I am only being nice & kind to them by letting them have a complete family.
Thunder: what did you do to your brother? (Cold voice)
D.Sky: I haven’t met him…I did nothing…I am only taken his family in.
Thunder: I don’t believe you!
D.Sky: I know you would not believe my words…But still, I am willing to waste my breath to tell you this that your son disowned his family she came to me with her child to marry her. Which I did!
Thunder (turns and asks Lost): is it true?
Lost: yes I ask DarkSky to take me in as his wife.
Thunder: why did my son Light disown you both?
Lost: Because he came to know I used to be DarkSky‘s Lover and he dints believe this was his…he believe it belongs to Sky
Thunder: how can that be?
Lost: it’s true I used to be Sky’s lover.
Blue Sky: why are you like this? Can’t you stand that your most favourite son does this to your grandchild and you’re only beautiful in law?
DarkSky stands by the window and listens to a flute play by Wakatenai.
Thunder: what a strange instrument he is playing
Lost: father that is called a flute… it commonly plays in the human’s world earth and in the Addicate kingdom
Thunder: Addicate is advance in knowledge
Lost (happy): yes they are…father allows me to raise Rain there… when he comes to age so he will learn more thing about the outside world as well
Dark Sky: so you will meet your another dear Husband Berg and let rain meet another new father
Lost (smile face faded): Lightning is his father. (Angry at Sky for mentioning Berg in front of her father-in-law Thunder she doesn’t want to lose her opportunity to meet Berg)
Dark Sky: I don’t care who the real father is…but Rain is my adopted child now.
When thunder left them Blue Sky ( Bluesky is the mother of Darksky & Lightning) reminds Lost to watch her mouth and her action if she values her son’s safety.
Dark Sky: you dare to bring his father’s name again?
Blue Sky: looks like she wants us to hate her child…do as you wish with her my son I don’t need her…we only need Rain. She is 0 value to us she’s only a hindrance to our plan
Dark Sky (a faint smile appear on his beautiful face): mom even I don’t need her to be by my side
Blue Sky: do you want me to kill her?
Dark Sky: No…I want to divorce her and send her away from our kingdom…now everyone believes I am the father of Rain.
Lost: you can’t divorce me! Rain needs me, you need me (about to touch his beautiful strong arms but he avoids her)
Dark sky: what makes you think that?
Lost: you love me don’t you?
Dark sky (expressionless): I no longer love you.
Lost: is it because of Lady Cloud now you change your heart?
Dark sky: maybe…
Lost (angry): sky! You can’t choose cloud over me! I give birth to Rain I am the real mother
Dark sky: if you care that much for Rain safety I will let you stay, but only if you become a slave.
Lost: anything as long as you will not throw me out…just let me in your place I will do anything just to see my child
Dark sky breaks the bracelet from Lost’s wrist…
Lost: is this the end between us? (Regret, lost picks the broken pieces)
Dark sky: why don’t you break this from me?
Lost: I don’t want to end our marriage..(Tears flowing down her cheeks)
Dark sky: we never truly married we are only doing for others to see it…this is just business…you belong to Lightning and Berg. You are free to go back to your lovers.
Lost: but still, we did married didn’t we?
Dark sky (break it by himself): why are you still crying? Aren’t you happy to get your freedom?
Lost: what will become of my child?
D.Sky: I will raise him/her as mine
Lost: I am afraid you will hurt him if you happen to have a child from Lady Cloud
Dark sky: he is mine, why will I hurt him.
Lost: please let me be your slave don’t send me away from my child…I won’t claim him as mine I will accept Lady Cloud as his mother
Dark sky: since you beg me I will make you a slave of my child…you cannot tell him he/she is your child.
Lord/LadyLost about to hug Darksky to thanks him for his generosity.
DarkSky: stay away from me…
Lost: okay I won’t dare to anger you, my beautiful Prince
DarkSky: why suddenly calls me beautiful it’s not like you.
A few days later everyone knows Sky and Lost get separated but the baby remains with Sky. Others deities were overjoyed by the news.
Lady Snow: What good news we have! at last Lady Lost get kicked out! haha… I’ m so overjoyed I can’t control my tears my people (Makedonian People) will get more Snow today.
Lord Wind: don’t be too happy,  Lady Lost is still a mother of Rain.
Lady Snow: I am going to replace her…now Lord Wind come to help me up, make me beautiful (asking for power and magic to become more beautiful)
Wind: you are already beautiful…and I am very handsome…I wonder who sky will look at?
Prince Lightning: why are you so obsessed with DarkSky?
Lady Snow: you jealous? If you don’t like it then I am not going, I will let Lord Wind try his luck.
Lightning: don’t go…Sky is not a person you can play…
Wakatennai: Light was right I heard him tell her too …
Lady Snow: what do you hear?
Wakatenai: I heard him said to Lady Cloud he will never fall in love ever again…he will not let even his wife touch him.
Lord Wind: do you have any idea why is he like that?
Lightning: he has always been like that he is unreachable…not like me, I am reachable and touchable.


credit goes to the artist- this is how Gagan's tribes looks
credit goes to the artist- this is how Gagan’s tribes look
credit to the owner the artist~ so this picture is like for Gagantic tribes prefer to be in mostly in human form than ugly dragon form
credit to the owner the artist~ so this picture is like for
Gagantic tribes prefer to be in mostly in the human form than ugly dragon form
credit to the artist-  I am using this picture for  Tic's tribe like love to wear only white and in a forms of human
credit to the artist
I am using this picture for Tic’s tribe like love to wear only white and in forms of human

I am novice both in story writing & grammar my first language is not English so forgive me if tenses or grammar is not correct HOPE YOU LIKE

Thanks For Reading it >//W//<


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