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plot stories of gods/ deities/humans in a World of Makedonia you will find upon reading  what is the story about   I am an amateur so forgive my mistakes and enjoy

credit to the artist ~ this picture is goddess Sun
credit to the artist ~
this picture is Goddess Sun


Waketenai was enjoying the beautiful scenery of the Heaven’s Kingdom
Waketennnai: so this is the Heaven Kingdom? It’s so beautiful
Nebulous: yes it is…but it’s not as lively as our Kingdom
Snow: that because it’s BlueSky’s doing she doesn’t like others to join them…His majesty Thunder use to allow me and Wind to come here when we were children to play with Prince Light but Prince DarkSky never stay and play with us…he looks down at us

Snow: I hate them…I can’t stand their heavenly beauties.

Wind: Ha-ha I remember how you got beaten by Sun for fighting with Moon over DarkSky
Snow:  you still remember that? It’s so long ago
Wind: it’s fun to remember it…haha…you always make us laugh you are so naive and clumsy and you dare to look at Beautiful Dark Sky
Snow: ah I remember how Star throws you so easily even though you tried so hard fight him…
Nebulous: yes I heard it from Lightning, Wind got beaten and throw by the star because he picks up his hairpin to return it to Dark Sky
Snow: haha…I remember it Star and Wind were fighting over that small hairpin, they both want to be acknowledged by D.Sky

While they were talking they were interrupted by unfriendly guests.

Star: but in the end, none of us gets his attention but a lowly being instead…how dare Lost snatched him away…I still can’t accept this (angry)

Everyone keep silent…

Moon: I can’t believe it either how they even met …I have never remembered Lord/ Lady Lost even exist before
Sun: Yeah I had no memory of him.
Snow: you mean her, the present Lord Lost is a mother…I am glad You sibling didn’t get him but Lord/ Lady Lost did
Wakatennai: your sibling?
Sun: yes & who are you?
Wakatennai: I am Wakatennai
Moon: ah! Did I sleep for too long now more nature (divine beings/ gods) seems to have been born and grows up…I don’t know Lady Lost before and now she happens to be the beautiful wife of my Dark Sky…Why can’t she be the wife of Prince Lightning…I hate her she does not suit Prince DarkSky she is compatible to be with Prince Lightning …I am more suitable to be next to Prince Dark Sky
Sun: She is not suitable for Prince Lightning either I am prettier and stronger than her…but I don’t want Prince Lightning he doesn’t have much power in this Kingdom
Wakatennai: but to me, I think Prince Light is much stronger than Dark Sky he can control the Thunderbolt Sword and DarkSky can’t
Then they all suddenly stop talking when a new beautiful guest comes to visit Heaven’s Kingdom all eyes turned at her…in everyone’s eyes and mind they love her because she was the gentlest spirit they have ever known. She bows a little to show her respect to the hosts and she smiles at Prince Dark Sky. Lord/Lady Lost hates her because this beautiful Lady was so elegant and compose
Lost: Husband may I know who this beautiful lady is she seems to know you so well (jealous because Prince DarkSky smiles back at that pretty Lady)
Lady Cloud: forgive me for my late introduction I am Lady Cloud…DarkSky and I officially engaged when we were just a baby like Little Rain
Lost (angry): Officially engage? How can that be my husband never mention you to me
Lady Cloud: DarkSky! You never tell her about me I mean us?
Lost (angry): DarkSky! Did you hide something from me?
D.Sky: she is the first lady I have met before you…she was supposed to be my fiance but fate change I happen to falls for you after she left me to her beautiful sleep
Lost smiles to show to Lady Cloud that Dark Sky favours her…
Wakatennai: Mom do you think Lady Cloud will like and accept me? She is so gorgeous
Nebulous: give a try she is the most gentle spirit after all…if she doesn’t like you she will not throw any harsh word on you
They all were enjoying on the banquet, sometimes later Waketennai was looking for Lady Cloud he notices she was not there so he went out to look for her and to try his luck, he saw her in the Garden he was happy he thought he walks to talk to her. But he stops as he saw she was not alone but Dark Sky was with her.
Wakatennai: why are they alone? (to himself) don’t tell me they are still seeing each other behind LadyLost back (He hide to listen to what they were talking)
LadyCloud: how did you two meet?
Dark sky: it’s been too long I am afraid I don’t remember how we meet
Lady Cloud: is it so? Then do you love her?
Dark sky: she is my wife don’t hurt her…I am the only one who knows you better than anyone
Lady Cloud: ……..I don’t like her. Sky why did you chose her as your wife what did you see in her?
Dark sky: I don’t know
Lady Cloud: Looks like you don’t love her very much…you look confused.
Dark Sky: she doesn’t like or love me… she is here because of her child Rain.
Lady Cloud: can I come back to you?
Dark Sky: I’m sorry! I made a promise to myself I will never fall in love ever again
Lady Cloud: I am sorry I sleep for too long…you must be very lonely without me
Dark sky: yes you are very dear to me…you always protect me from those crazy people who fight over me (the moon, stars, the sun, winds –cyclone and the wind, snow) they keep saying they want to protect me from Lightning and his friends but they always end up hurting me.
Lady Cloud extends her hand to touch Sky beautiful face but sky turns around to avoid her
D.Sky: I will never allow anyone to touch me not even my wife…
Lady Cloud: why not even your wife?….did you really hate her that much that you are not willing to let her touch you…then what about your young one?
Dark sky: I will give it my love to the fullest and Lady Lost will too…even though she hates me she can’t hate her own child just because I am the father.
Lady Cloud: how can LadyLost not like you…you are the most beautiful being
Dark sky: I am just beautiful but not as strong as Berg &Light…
Wakatennai watches them: Dark Sky is so beautiful when he is not angry…to me DarkSky he is the most beautiful being…Berg is beautiful but still DarkSky wins when compares to beauty but to Power Berg wins…if it was for me I choose beauty…hehe if only DarkSky gives me a chance…I bet he will never get tired of me…oh that will be so nice…the youngest wins DarkSky. While dreaming he was interrupted
DarkSky: Why are you smiling like a fool? (Sky sees him hiding and smiling alone)
Wakatennai: (Blush) oh Prince Sky! I’m sorry I didn’t mean to eavesdrop you I was just happening to walk around and happens to hear you talk but you don’t have to care for me…
DarkSky: what’s that you are holding?
Wakatennai: Ah this! This is a pendant I meant to give this…. (He meant to say to baby Rain)
DarkSky: to me? I will accept it since it’s so different and unique.
Lady Cloud: it’s beautiful, can you give me one too?
Wakatennai: Umm… I am sorry but if you want I can get you next time which is more suitable for a Lady like you

Lady Cloud (smiles gently at him & Sky too): sure! You are very nice
Wakennai keeps looking at dazzling DarkSky from the corner of his eyes…he can’t stop smiling in his heart to see Darksky beautiful smile so close for the first time…he knows Sky never smile every day he frowns as if he always in deep pain.
Lady Cloud: wow! I can hear music…
DarkSky: I am not in a mood of music (he walks out without looking at Wakatennai)
Lady Cloud: he is not angry at you…
Wakattenai: but he looks like he doesn’t like my present
Lady Cloud: he always likes that you don’t have to worry come let us sit somewhere to listen to these songs
Nebulous come to check on her son and she was happy to see him beside Lady Cloud talking and laughing
Nebulous: for the first time someone treats my son equally as everyone. Thank you, Lady Cloud
Water: yep she is so different…she always kind to everyone.
Waketnnai: Lady Cloud looks like Sky it’s a very hard one to get.
Lady Cloud: yes he is…since we were children he never allows anyone to touch him not even me…but later he allows me to treat his wounds which Lord Lightning accidentally hurt him
Wakatennai: Can you tell me about Prince DarkSky…he looks so lonely and sad
Lady Cloud: haha why do you want to know about him from me why don’t you ask his brother, you always meet and play together with Lord Lightning
Wakatennai: nobody treats me kindly like you did…they won’t waste their time to chat with me
Lady Cloud: I don’t know much either of Sky…he never shares his story with me he is the same as his brother but to what I know and seems they have broken family they didn’t get satisfactory love from their parents, not like us…
Wakatennai: what about baby Rain?
Lady Cloud: I am afraid Rain will lack love too…Lost don’t love Sky.
Wakatennai: looks like a Sky family coldness and unfriendly will repeat…
Lady Cloud: about that Pendant did you really meant it for Prince Dark Sky?
Wakatennai: No…I meant it for babyRain…but it’s an honour for me since he likes it


credit to the artist
credit to the artist ~ Lady Cloud

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I am novice both in story writing & grammar my first language is not English so forgive me if tenses or grammar is not correct HOPE YOU LIKE

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