Status:- Completed

Chapter 1 to 22 final

Plot:- Lord Rain falls in love. He does  everything to prove his love, this is story of gods, deities, humans in a World of Makedonia who lives in Planet called ” Mutdur”, a story of Makedonia, Addicate, Gagantic, Tic etc., but these deities  and men of this planet “Mutdur” often visit Planet Earth, they learn so many things from humans (Earth) so Makedonian & Gagantic MEN wants to be like humans (Planet Earth) Sorry for my bad description but I can guarantee you the story is good.

  The pictures I am using are random and the credit goes to the artists who drew it, & I don’t own any of it:-

I am an amateur so forgive my mistakes and enjoy ~ CHAPTER 1 

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Lady Lost carry the baby Rain in her arms to visit the baby of a father in the dungeon. Lightning was happy and excites to see his wife and his child.
Lost: Have you been well?
Lightning: (smile gently) dad has been kind to me lately (carry his child and put a kiss on it) beautiful Rain… how is Love? (hug Lost)
Lost: Our baby Love is beautiful, gentle, kind and full of beautiful mysterious in his eyes…I have decided that I will call both my children boys
Lightning: let them chose what they want to be (Kissed her)
At that moment BlueSky comes in.
BlueSky: HOW DARE YOU STEPS INTO MY BOUNDARY? (Pull Lost away from her son’s arm with her spell and throw her with force)
Lightning: Mother please spares her don’t kill her I BEG YOU… I will give the thunderbolt sword to…
BlueSky: You are not my son…DarkSky is my only Child (took the little rain away from her son’s arm with her strong power).
Lost: what are you going to do with him? (Scare and worry)
BlueSky: (sinister smile) what do you think? (Murderous eyes filled her cold deep blue eyes)
Lightning: Please don’t harm him…I promise I will give up all my rights and Blesses which I received from my younger brother Dark sky.
BlueSky: YOU WILL give up ALL YOUR RIGHTs? To save your child?
Lightning: Yes
Bluesky: (cold smile) I WILL SPARE HIM ONLY IF YOU are not a Father to him…Rain is my precious name I long to give that name to my grandchild from my precious Darksky…Are you willing to give up on your child to spare him?
Lost: what are you talking about? Lightning is his father (BlueSky shut her mouth with her magic)
Bluesky: think carefully Lightning if you want me to spare them…my advice for you… give up your rights and the baby if you want to spare them…I will allow Lady Lost to be the mother of the Child but my son Dark sky will be the father. This is the only way you can save THEM BOTH
Lord-Lightning after listening to her threatening he agreed to her wishes to save his loved ones
Lightning: (deep breath) Okay. I will give up all my rights (looked at his child and wife)
Bluesky: now handed me the thunderbolt sword!
He makes it appeared and handed it to her.
Lost: (angry) I can’t accept this Lightning!…you can’t hand us to them!
Bluesky: if you really love your man and his child you have to do as we (blue sky & Lightning) said or I kill Lightning and the baby.
Lost: what do you want me to do? (Stiff voice)
Bluesky: if you want to be close to your child then marry my son DarkSky
Lost: Lightning is your son too
Bluesky: I have disowned him…he is nobody child
Lost: what you will do with him?
Bluesky: I will spare his life if you do as I say
Lost: I can never love Darksky
Bluesky: that’s fine with him as long as my son is happy to have you as his wife and a mother to his child (Rain)
Lost: DarkSky would never be happy…
Bluesky:- you know nothing about him…he is just like me…he doesn’t need your love all he needs is power and people to serve him…and that means you have to serve him too, in short, you to become his slave.
Lost: SLAVE! Huh! (Burned with anger)
Bluesky: Yes…and you can never let Rain know who the biological father was… DarkSky will be known as the father of Rain to the world (Divine world)…you can save and free Lightning and Rain if you agreed.
Lost: curse you! ….okay I will do as you say now give me my child!
Bluesky: No…(Look at rain) he will be in a royal family (Divine being of Makedonia) or a lowly one (Divine being) that is up to Sky to decide.
Lightning: will you keep your words?
BlueSky: I will not harm you or them as long as you (Lightning and Lost) keep the secret and you (Light) distant from them especially if Sky chooses him (look at the baby in her arms)
Now BlueSky let Lord Lightning free since they have come to and agreements…Lost followed Blue Sky in their family garden and heard a familiar icy cold voice of her son Darksky
Dark sky: Greeting Royal Mother! Hmm! What a hateful Baby you are carrying (he didn’t look at Lost)
Bluesky: huh! Hateful you said? You are mistaken, my son…take a good look at this child he/she had a strong hands (able to yield the thunder sword) this will be the perfect heir for you…no outsider knows about the baby yet…this child will bring your good names and reputation back (everyone know sky can’t hold the sword without the help of his father or brother)…they will see how strong you are through him.
Dark sky: how will this child brings back my good reputation everyone knows I don’t have the power to hold the sword! (frustrated)
Bluesky: listen to me my child…make him/her your child, we will be more powerful than your father and Lightning who knows maybe even than Willhermberg! You will be able to hold the sword if you make him your child…his power will flow to you. Lightning has disowned him you are the father now this child has not yet known whom to love to make him yours, he has the power greater than you can imagine…

Dark sky: YES! You are BRILLIANT MOTHER! he can make me strong and gain the power to hold the sword…but how can I get his/ her power flows to me?
Bluesky: that’s easy all you need to do is raise this child with love and he/she will love you…
Dark sky: this young child needs pure love just like you love me (Bluesky)…Can I give him/her that?
Bluesky: you need to do your best so you will gain power… you can change your mind later when you get what you need
Dark sky: Does this means father didn’t love me like he did to Lightning? that’s the reason I didn’t get his divine power even though we are a twin and Lightning too didn’t get THE BEAUTY OF YOU’RE because you selfishly love only me?
Bluesky: I have never loved your father I married him because of his power so how can you expect me to love his favourite child…he killed Lord Water the man I love…Thunder force me to be his wife…
Dark sky: you want to hurt father through us… (Sad) if father happens to love us equally, then you would do the same to me like you treat brother Lightning?
Bluesky: ………………….since you were born I choose you (to herself -* I have chosen you because you look like me, I thought your father will love you more than Lightning since you have my looks, my beauty in you…I have never dreamed of caring for you)
Dark sky: did you regret chosen me instead of Lightning? If you have chosen Lightning now you are able to revenge dad…Lightning is opposite to me he is much stronger than me… (Lonely looks)
Bluesky: ………………( to herself*I am glad that I chose you I can’t easily manipulate & make Lightning obey me like you did, I am glad & thankful that you are the only person that love me dearly. I know deep in your heart you know I treated you like a puppet…)
Dark sky: Mom was good at naming me…I am truly Dark…even though I know what I am doing is wrong I still enjoy doing it as long as mom was happy and proud of me…(smile) I will always be by your side
Bluesky she puts the baby down next to her): ……………….(to herself “ I don’t deserve your love…why does it feel like this”*sad*)
Dark sky: mother! I really love you and I love father too…but if you really want to take your revenge on the man who killed your beloved I will always be by your side till my last breath, I have already given my heart to you since I was a child…I will kill myself if you ask me if that can hurt the man who kills your heart.
Bluesky: (Smile &cupped his face) I know you love me more than anyone & I love you as well…to me, you are my light in my darkest hour (can’t stand her husband thunder’s happiness).
Dark sky: Now mother tells me what must I DO?
Bluesky: Take this baby and mother as yours. We need to raise the baby full of love to get our goal (Smile)
Dark sky: (turn and look at Lost) she will never agree to this
Bluesky: she has no choice…she needs to protect her special important people (Light &Rain)
Dark sky: so this is the reason you are here (cold) are you willing to be my wife?
Lost: do I really have a choice? If I said No…
Bluesky: Rain will suffer…
Lost: it won’t hurt to be yours…now handed me, my child,
Dark sky: I see you don’t have a Lightning bracelet in you…
Lost: now I will need yours…I can’t believe all the powerful & beautiful men are my husbands…Snow, Nebulous, and the rest will hate me more when they learn that I get the untouchable haughty beauty being of Makedonia.
Dark sky: I too can’t believe that this day you will now become mine.
Lost: Him! I am not truly yours, I belong to others men as well
Dark sky: watch your mouth…or you might hurt the one you love (anger filled his eyes as he looks at little Rain)
Lost give her hand so that Darksky will put their vows.
Lost: I didn’t expect you will give me such a beautiful, unique bracelet (fragile & easily to break)
Dark sky: if you care for your child’s life treasure it like your child…if you lose it then your child…
Lost: okay I get it…you really are clever & smart in threatening people…you really a horrible God…now I must be very cautious with it and I have to remember not to break it.
BlueSky wants to share her happiness with the rest of the divines being and to the world (Makedonia)…the sky becomes so clear and peaceful…in the human world (Makedonia) people can sense the peaceful day they can feel the gentle breeze caused by nature.
Adonais (look up): what a beautiful day when the sky is clear.
Wakattenai: Yes it is because a new life was added to nature…  (look up) sky is so beautiful now Makedonia will become more beautiful, a baby rain was born in the Skies’ family.

Adonais: so the reason we had rain because skies’ family had added one more soul to nature.
Wakattenai: I heard mom said he/she is the most beautiful baby

Adonais: Wakatenai so you mean that baby is more beautiful and handsome than you

Wakatenai: Everyone praises the beauty of it… I think now I will get someone to fall for me (happy) starting today I will practice becoming perfect in everything to impress that little Rain.

Adonais: why do you have to work hard? At present, you are the youngest and naturally, rain will fall for you others are too old for him/her
Wakatenai: father, you don’t get it…even though he is the youngest they will all wait for their chance to get close to him/her and to make him/her fall on them…they will look at him differently from me, he is Sky’s heir and I am just a demy…and moreover he/she has the most beautiful parents in the Divine world. I mean in our World.
Adonais: so that explains your reason for wanting to work hard…I just hope your mother won’t be your competitors too.
Wakatenai: I hope so…father will you give me that pendant (from human world earth) you are wearing
Adonais: I am glad to give it to you (he take it off and handed it to him)
Waketenai : I want to present it to the baby, my gift will be unique and different from the rest…I am sure when rain grows up he will want to know who gave him this beautiful pendant and he will want to meet me and who knows he might even like and love me (smile happily) now I will go to look at the baby with my own eye and present him this.
Adonais: did you come to visit me just for this?
Wakatenai: Yes…I am here for this pendant…I like it for so long… (Turn and look at Adonais) thank you for this Father!
Adonais: I’m honoured if Rain wears it…
Waketenai: If only Skies’ allowed it…they are the haughty and cold beings. (Wakatenai disappears to return back to his world)


>>>> Note:- they used bracelet instead of a ring in wedding ceremony this is the custom of Makedonia and this bracelet  which is magical it will break when the giver dies or  stop loving his or her lover sometimes the pearls change colours and breaks<<<<<<<

>>>> Makedonian Deities can be both Male or female, it depends on their feelings of what they want to be. They will decide on their gender when they have lovers. the one who is stronger will become a male and the weaker one will be female. The weaker one will have to become a mother.<<<<<<

I will edit it again later if this does not make sense for more explanation and details. I am novice both in story writing & grammar my first language is not English so forgive me if tenses or grammar is not correct HOPE YOU LIKE

Thanks For Reading it >//W//<


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